The Dames have moved their blog to WordPress and since it was mostly my idea to move, I’m working on setting the whole thing up–with some valuable input from Christy and Maggie!

I’ve found the only thing I can’t do, but wish I could, is post an entry from the old blog and have the date on that entry match the date it was originally posted.  So…while I try to figure out if there is some way to do that, I’m going to copy and paste a few of the posts from the old blog so it won’t look so lonesome on here.

This one was posted by Maggie Bishop on Feb. 10, 2009:

The first scene, the title, the villian & motive came to me as a gift package.  That was wonderful and a cause for celebration.  Now, I find that I can’t keep the method of murder.  I wanted the victim to be injected while a group of people gathered around congratulating him with hugs and pats on the back.  No matter how I play act it out, the guy is going to yell “ouch” and call attention to the murderer.

That opening scene played in my mind for months while I went to book signings and spent time on marketing my last book, Perfect for Framing, released November 2008.  The scene’s dialogue sounded in my brain.  The moist summer mountain air coated my skin.  Anticipation of writing kept me happy during all those events.

The winter months are my writing months where I don’t schedule anything, not even dental appointments.  My hand written first draft flowed from the pen.  My morning chores were postponed until I could write down the latest inspiration.

Then something terrible happened.  A little voice said that it wouldn’t work.  The murderer would be stopped before the mystery began.  The initial inspiration was fractured.  I’ll face it tomorrow but tonight I’ll mourn.