First, I’d like to thank Maggie for starting this group and offering to let me join in.  There are three of us at this point, Maggie, Christy Tillery French, and myself, Caitlyn Hunter.  Maggie and I live in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina and Christy lives in the foothills of the Smokies in Tennessee.

My husband and I just bought a house which we share with two dogs; a black Lab mix named Des and a beagle mix named Fletcher (for my great uncle).  We also have a cat–a fat one!–named Bessie (for my great aunt).  I’ll probably talk a lot about Bessie and Fletch, both the animals and the humans because my sister (who just happens to be Christy, see above) and I are working on a book based on Aunt Bessie’s very interesting life growing up here in the mountains of North Carolina.

Most of the time, I write romance, but I’ve also written several children’s books, a couple of young adult, and quite a lot of poetry–all of which are currently gathering cyber-dust on my computer.  My first published book was a romantic suspense, then came a sweet fantasy romance and finally, a sensual paranormal romance, the first in a series of four based on an ancient Cherokee legend.

I’m part Cherokee.  Actually, Christy and I are both what’s referred to as a Twinkie, someone who has Cherokee blood but has no documentation to prove it.  All we have are the stories our great-aunt Bessie used to tell us. 

And…that’s me in a nutshell.  I’m new to this blog-sharing thing and don’t want to take up too much space so I’ll wait until a future post to include the links to my personal blog, my website, and probably the buy links to my books.  Just call me the newbie-on-the-block who’s reluctant to push her luck, especially on Friday the 13th.

Oh, that’s another thing about me, I’m superstitious.  Chalk it up to being a diehard, avid, sometimes rabid baseball fan.  And on this unluckiest of unlucky days, you just never know what’s going to happen!  In fact, I hesitated to even post anything today and as for working on one of my WIPs…um, well, no, not even going to go there.

But that’s just me.  Do you have anything you’re not doing today?