Where Angels Fear by Sunny Frazier

(Christy Bristol Astrology Mysteries)

ISBN 978-1-892343-57-4, Oak Tree Press, March 2009

Psychic-astrologist Christy Bristol sometimes gets the details wrong in her “eyelid movies” but she leads the reader through fog and U-turns while following red matchbook clues looking for a missing man. She links his disappearance to three men who died from apparent heart attacks and agrees with one detective, a newcomer from New York, who thinks they’ve been murdered in the small California town. Christy’s job as a clerk in the sheriff’s department helps and hurts her investigation, especially when Christy and her best friend Lennie explore the world of leather and sex clubs. Sunny Frazier’s distinctive voice in Where Angels Fear echoes with humor and rings true with procedural details. This mystery begs to be read through to the end in one sitting. Highly recommended.