Miracle of miracles!  It snowed here yesterday!  We actually have about six inches on the ground–the most I’ve seen since my husband and I moved from Maine–and surprisingly enough, since I’m something of a snow-lover, I’m more than ready for it to melt and be gone because this year I’m anxious for spring to arrive.

Oh well, it’ll get here soon enough, I guess, and while I’m waiting, I can take myself off to spring on Eternity Mountain.  I’m working on revising the second book in my Eternal Shadows series, Storm Shadows, which takes place in lovely, wondrous, warm spring!

While I’m waiting for warmer weather, I thought I would put up an excerpt from Snow Shadows, the first book in the series.  This excerpt is right after the hero, Matt, rescues the heroine, Ellen, who’d gotten herself lost in a blizzard then fainted when she thought she saw a bear.

Matt held Ellen suspended over the tub, hesitating before he put her down, questioning his plan.  Should he try this?  Or would it be better to warm her gradually with his body heat?  Hell, he didn’t know.  He’d never had to bring a human back from the edge of hypothermia before and just because he thought the best way would be to submerge her into a tub of warm water, that didn’t mean a thing.

He thought of contacting Jon and asking him then shook his head.  If Jon found out what had happened—what Matt had allowed to happen—to this woman, he’d probably morph into an eagle, fly all the way from Asheville in this awful snowstorm and peck Matt’s eyes out—or worse.

The woman snuggled into his chest, seeking his warmth, and he cradled her closer.  Maybe sharing his body heat with her would be better and safer.  With a sigh, he turned away from the tub and walked back into the living area of the cabin to lay her down on Jon’s sofa.

“Don’t go anywhere, city-girl.”  Pulling the afghan from the back of the sofa, he tucked it around her then went in search of more blankets.  In the bedroom he stripped the down comforter and a quilt from the bed then, noticing the cold fireplace, he dropped the items and took a few minutes to kindle a fire.  He really didn’t want to bring her to the bed—way too much temptation—but if he closed the door, the small bedroom would warm up faster than the living room.

Resigned to his fate, he went back to get his charge and carried her to the bedroom.  He laid her down, covered her with the heavy quilt and comforter then stripped off his clothes and climbed beneath the covers with her.

She turned in his arms and cuddled against him like a cub seeking its mother’s warmth.  He wrapped his arms around her, settling her close to his side.

When she sighed, he moaned.  Wouldn’t you know she was a perfect fit?