1.  Tell us about your latest book.  NewPic

My next out will be THE DEVIL IN MERRIVALE November, 2009 from Zumaya Publications. The first of the Merrivale cozy series (with a new one coming out each year).

2.  Can you share a little bit about your current WIP?

I’m looking forward to DEAD ON ARRIVAL scheduled HC, the first of a new series from Five Star Publishing.

 3.  Where do you find inspiration for your writing?

Everyday life, the great books I enjoy by other writers and all that’s going on in our country and the world today. Life, love, people and our hopes, dreams and struggles.

 4.  What’s a typical writing day like for you?

There’s the ‘necessary’ breakfast, what the ‘house’ demands – it’s not self-cleaning 🙂 a good supply of coffee and privacy (well relative privacy if there is such a thing) and I can work without interruptions.

 5.  Tell us about your Merrivale series.

The Merrivale series is a real slice of small town life and has ‘gifted’ citizens mixed in the popultion to add excitement. Zumaya bought the series and has the first three plus the latest, now being edited and will schedule a new Merrivale each year. They will be on Fictionwise and Kindle as e-books too.

 6.  How did the idea for the hero and heroine, Cas and Connie Larkin, come to you?

I grew up in Memphis, love the south and the people, the matchmakers, the local problems. Adding the ‘gifted’ characters was a fun thing too.

 7.  Authors must promote. Tell us a little bit about how you promote and what has worked best for you.

I’m about an eyelash above computer illiterate, and no expert on promotions either. The thing that’s worked best for me is word of mouth; networking; the fun and exchanges of meeting other readers and writers. Plus the local libraries are very supportive. They have all my books and are waiting for the next ARC as I write 🙂

 8.  I too have a love/hate relationship with my computer and often wish I could just toss it out the window and have done with it.  On your website, you say you’ve “invented some really soul-satisfying cyber cuss words” which you use when the frustration gets to be too much.  Care to share any of them with us?

One of the names I call my computer is “you thirty pounds of Smart Metal!”  I’m always threatening it with a “Charm School for Computers” – I’m sure it would flunk every course!

 9.  Who or what has been the biggest influence in your writing career and why?

The local writing group I first joined. I’ve been a member since 1993 and they’re a great, talented, helpful group. I’m a member of SinC Internet and a few others but home is closest in more ways than one.

10.  What part of the craft of writing has improved since your first book?

I still have to proof – proof- and I’m better about recognizing my own short-comings. I’m bad about run-on sentences. And it’s hard to get out of first person if I’ve been working on a reading script.

11.  What is your favorite southern travel spot?

I live in Arkansas, not far from lots of neat places: Little Rock, Hot Springs, Memphis, New Orleans.

12.  Tell us about your pets–we love animals.

We love them too. We have Baby Kitty (who’s old now and must have a masters in relaxation; there’s a new barely grown now Persian/Calico who growls like Long John Silver, bangs Baby Kitty on the head if we don’t watch, and SHE BITES! We think she’s part dawg(?); then our precious tiny Chihuahua who thinks she’s a watch dog and has a long list of stuff to bark at and protect us from as well. We love them all.

For more information about Jackie Griffey, her books, and to check out the new covers for her Merrivale series (when she gets them!), covers for her upcoming books and covers for her published books, go to www.jackiegriffey.com or Google: Jackie Griffey’s Books.

Also, check out her blog at http://jjgbreaktimewithjackie.blogspot.com/