Did you ever think of your own history in terms of the shoes you’ve chosen? I decided to have fun with the idea and came up with this unusual memoir.

1951, age 2, San Antonio, Texas, barefoot; white buckle, smooth soled shoes with white ankle socks; black lace-up shoes with white ankle socks. (Hair kept long.)

1955, age 6, Hemmingford Abbotts, England, lace-up shoes for Scottish dance lessons in first grade; rubber boots; black lace-up shoes with white ankle socks (wore skirts).

1956, age 7, Ramersdorf, Germany, black lace-up shoes with white socks.

1958, age 9, Sedalia, Missouri, barefoot for Judo and swimming lessons; tap and ballet shoes; white buckle shoes with white socks.

Zories (flip flops)1962, age 13, Tokyo, Japan, barefoot; zories (flip flops); cheerleading shoes black tennis with white laces; English riding boots for horse back riding lessons.RidingBoots

1963, age 14, Tokyo, Japan, learned to walk in heels at Patricia Charm school.

1964, age 15, Goldsboro, North Carolina, barefoot; flip flops; cheerleading tennis shoes.

1966, age 17, Burns Flat, Oklahoma, barefoot; kitten heels at Junior/Senior dance.

1968, age 18, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC, flip flops; brown slip-ons (changed from skirts to jeans at Slay Dorm).

1970, age 21, Goldsboro, NC, low heels. (Ran out of college funds; worked in suits– back to skirts)

1973, age 24, Jacksonville, NC, low heels; boots “these boots are made for walking”

1974, age 25, back at ECU, Greenville, NC, flip flops; barefoot (jeans); jazz shoes for class.

1979, age 30, Clemson, South Carolina, 2″ heels (business suits and short hair for first time); golf shoesGolfShoes

1980, age 31, Spartanburg, South Carolina, hiking boots (for five day backpacking trip on Appalachian Trail)

1986, age 37, York, Pennsylvania, riding boots (Honeymoon at Dude Ranch), heels and flats (still in suits for work).

1994, age 45, Boone, North Carolina, barefoot; ski boots (Ski patrol at Sugar Mountain); hiking boots

2000, age 51, Boone, NC, tennis shoes (work as Census taker), flip flops (earned first cruise)

2009, age 60, Boone, NC, barefoot (author working at computer); kitten heels (to writer group meetings); hiking boots; high heels (on cruise); flip flops.

That was a fun visit to my past. What is your history in shoes?