by Caitlyn Hunter
L&L Dreamspell
ISBN: 9781603180382
Trade paperback, 192 pages, $15.95
Genre: Paranormal Romance

In early-day America, Mathias, Marc, Luke, and Jon are Cherokee cousins snowshadowspbwho have been blood brothers since the age of eight. As young warriors, they defy their clan’s rules, which results in the shamans placing a curse on the four, confining them to the area around Eternity Mountain and commanding they protect the animals they each have been given the ability to morph into, as well as care for the environment. Matt, Marc and Luke choose to remain on Eternity Mountain, but Jon lives in Asheville, where he is a veterinarian. All men have telepathic and psychic abilities, and Jon is a healer.

In present day, Jon’s divorced assistant Ellen continues to be harassed by her ex-husband. Noting Ellen’s stress, Jon sends her to his cabin on Eternity Mountain, hoping this respite will help her to relax. Jon telepathically requests his three brothers keep watch over Ellen during her stay there. Matt saves Ellen, who is lost and injured, during a snowstorm, and their mutual attraction cannot be denied. The two quickly fall into a heated romance, the likes of which neither has experienced before. Matt is shocked to realize he loves Ellen and wants her for his wife, but the fact that he will outlive her keeps him from speaking these thoughts. Ellen, on the other hand, thinks of herself as unattractive and something of a nut case. She feels she does not deserve a man such as Matt and, although she knows she is in love with him, resigns herself to the fact that their relationship is, at most, temporary.

Unbeknownst to both, danger and death lie in their path, but the fates intervene with a gift that can bring Ellen and Matt together and end his curse. However, a fatal pact stands in the way.

This sensual paranormal, the first in the Eternal Shadows series, will have fans clamoring for more. Matt, Marc, Luke and Jon are intriguing characters, and Hunter excels at developing a fascinating story wrapped around Cherokee history and legend. With superb visualizations, sizzling romance, gut-wrenching suspense, along with outstanding characterization, narrative and dialogue, this is one book that will attract many readers across all genres. Count this one a must-have, must-read. 

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