Author Betty Dravis and celebrity interviewer and poet Chase Von have together penned an inspiring collection of interviews with people who not only dare to dream but strive to make their dreams happen, ranging from mega movie star/director/ producer Clint Eastwood to politico Ted Kennedy along with a plethora of actors, dreamreachersactresses, poets, artists, singers, dancers, musicians, photographers and more. One of this reviewer’s favorites: the interview with Debra D. Griffin, author and photographer, who lost her battle with cancer. Debra’s inspiring words: “Smile and keep a lot of smiling faces around you. Keep busy; take this time to do all your favorite things. Sing and make a joyful noise.” Very poignant words from a gifted woman.

One common denominator that stands out with this collection of interviews: the belief that life is a gift. These talented people understand and appreciate they are each unique unto themselves and blessed with life, which inspires them to reach for their dreams, some of whom have made it, others who are well on their way.

Dream Reachers is an intriguing read which will motivate those readers who until now might not have taken that first step toward their dream to reach out and grab for it as well as those working toward their dream to keep going. All readers will enjoy the stories behind the interviews and the powerful message each interview delivers.

The authors generously donate a portion of the profits from the sale of this book to the Breast Cancer Care Research Center.

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