Driving to work this morning, I glanced over at a house recently renovated and noticed a pair of gray boxers caught between the window glass and the window blinds. What the… was my first thought, followed by my own rationalizations for why the boxers were in the window. We all do it, writers and nonwriters alike, playing out little scenarios in our minds. mensboxers

First scenario, and as a romance writer, what else would come to mind? A couple in the throes of passion, she yanks off his boxers, throws them behind her and they somehow sail through the air and land between the window and blinds. Although, I have to say, I can’t quite come up with the how. After, all, most blinds are secured close to the top of the window jamb and there’s usually very little space between the blinds and the drywall framing the window, which would make the feat near impossible. Hmmm.

 Or… a couple again, although not so romantic at this point. She hates these gray boxers. He’s had them forever, they’re frayed and well-used. But they’re comfortable and he refuses to throw them away. She hides them, knowing he’ll look high and low for them, hoping he’ll eventually forget them, at which time, she can dispose of them in a more proper way.

Or… they were a gift from his former girlfriend and she just can’t stand the thought that he’s wearing them. After all, if he truly loved her, he’d throw them out, right? It shouldn’t matter that they’re so damn comfortable. So, she hides them with the same motive as above.

Or… the couple has a horrible fight and she throws all his clothes out the window and the boxers become entangled in the blinds.

Or … a young mother, using her husband’s old, frayed gray boxers as a cloth to dust the window blinds hears her baby or child or husband bawling for her in an urgent manner and leaves the cloth in situ to hurry off to tend to her family member, forgetting that’s where the dust cloth is.

Okay, I started it. Any takers?