Or better yet, put it on your head and wear it proudly because September is Fall Hat Month! 

Seriously, it is.  According to http://www.imgag.com/product/full/ap/3032721/, Fall Hat Month (September), came about because it’s a time when men and women are encouraged to put aside their straw hats and begin wearing felt or fabric hats.

WeddinghatsmOf couse since hats are currently out of fashion–unless you’re going to the Kentucky Derby or a baseball game–it’s a month celebration that’s now passe, but I’d love to see it come back because I love hats, absolutely love them!  I always have and I suspect, I always will.  Several years after my wedding, I wanted to do something with my bouquet, which I had dried and stored in its florist box.  My first thought was a wreath but then I was at a crafts fair and saw…hats, decorated with dried flowers around the brims!  Oh boy, I guess you know what I did.  Yep, that’s it, over there to the left.

 hatsmI remember when I was way younger than I am now, my mom and dad always wore hats when they went out.  I even have a couple of my mom’s hanging on the wall in my office–the white feather one on the right is one of hers and the other one, which isn’t included in the picture, is a fake fur cloche style.  The other three belonged to my husband’s grandmother who sent them to me before she died–along with the boxes.  Which is another thing to love about hats–those great boxes!   Hatboxessm

Judging from the ones I have, fake fur and feathers were very popular back in the 50’s, or maybe it’s just my mom and my husband’s grandmom loved that look.

Whatever, it works for me too!  I always suspected I was born in the wrong time and my love of hats pretty much proves it.  Well, that and the fact that I love movies from the 1930’s and 40’s.  Remember all those women with their drop-dead gorgeous hats?  Not to mention, those fabulous dresses with the shoulder pads–yes, I admit, I love shoulder pads, I always thought they looked so classy and stylish.  And the shoes?  I’m not a woman who goes crazy when it comes to shoes, but if I’d been alive back in the 40’s, I probably would’ve never had any money because I would’ve spent it all on shoes…or fancy dresses…or hats!

Seriously, I wish the fashion designers would circle back around and make hats fashionable again.  They did it for shoulder pads and even the shoes from the 40’s, so why not hats?

RedSoxhatssmTill then, I guess I’ll just have to be satisfied with wearing the only hats that are fashionable these days, baseball caps–the two to your left are my faves!–while I dream of living in a time when women wouldn’t even think of going out in public without the proper chapeau!  Or I could take those hats down off the wall, put them on my head and wear them anyway, ignoring the snickers, questioning looks, and/or pointing fingers I’m sure to get.

Who knows?  Maybe I’ll make an old fad new again!