It’s the first day of fall  and after a solid week of rain, we’re finally getting some sunny weather here in the mountains of North Carolina.  I almost didn’t recognize it when I saw that strange light streaming in through my office window but when I lookedout, I saw it was, indeed, the sun!  Supposed to start raining again tomorrow, but hey, I’ll take this welcome change in the weather while I have it.  

Change isn’t only in the weather, it’s in my mind too.  I finally broke through the writer’s block that’s had me in its grip for the last few weeks.  Yay!  Hopefully, it won’t come back anytime soon and I’ll be able to get some work done on my current WIP before another block sets in.

Since change seemed to be in the air today, I decided to carry it through on the Dames of Dialogue blog too.  I spent some time this afternoon adding links on the Interview Schedule page.  You can now click on the author’s name and go right to their interview.  Don’t know if anybody will use it, but in the blog course I took back during the summer, one of the tips was to include links to your posts on the different pages of your blog so…there you go.  Next up, Friday Favorites!  But maybe I should wait on that, I don’t want to OD on all these changes!

So for now, from the Dames of Dialogue to you: