All authors, myself included, spend hours choosing just the right words.  My Thesaurus and my dictionary are within easy reach of my computer and believe me, I’m constantly pulling one or the other of them out and looking for a definition or a synonym for a word.  I’ve even been known to read the dictionary for enjoyment–seriously, there are so many words out there that I’ve never heard and probably will never use but I like knowing them.

Anyway, I’ve been seeing a lot of blogs this past week about the proper word to define an author who isn’t yet published.  Apparently, some writers object to the term “unpublished” and want people to start referring to them as “pre-published” instead.

Hmm…all I can say is I see nothing wrong with unpublished if that’s where you are in your writing career.  It’s a simple statement of fact and I don’t think it needs to be prettied up.  Pre-published, to me, sounds pretentious and just a little defensive, but if that’s how you want to describe yourself, fine, have at it.

I always liked “aspiring author” myself.   Seems to me the important thing isn’t whether you’re pre-published, unpublished, waiting-to-be-published, unpublished-with-high-hopes-of-being-published, on-the-brink-of-being-published… or whatever–there’s that word again!–as long as you’re writing and doing your best to get your work out there.

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