Or perhaps I should call it my guilty pleasureWhatever.  I hope you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me but here it is…I love a cliche.  Yep, that’s right.  I’m a writer and even though I know cliches are something I should avoid like the plague, I still love them.

So, even though cliches are akin to the kiss of death where writing is concerned, I use them every so often in my manuscripts and if I could get away with it, I’d probably use them on every single page.  I try to restrain myself except…

in my novella, Unwilling Angel, which is about a best-selling author, Ted “Mac” McNabb, who dies and goes to Heaven.  After he goes through Judgement, he’s told he’ll have to complete five missions to atone for his earthly sins before he will be admitted to his own Personal Heaven.  Each of these missions will be guided by one of the Archangels and each of them will concern a  person who will play a part in stopping a worldwide disaster in the distant future.

So, Mac is an Apprentice Angel and he’s not too happy about it.  To make matters worse, he develops a tendency to spout cliches at the drop of a hatIt goes without saying that his new inclination to speak in what he considers wornout, overused phrases makes him madder than a wet hen and meaner than a striped snake at times.

Needless to say, given my love of cliches, I had more fun than a barrelful of monkeys writing this book.  When I wrote the second book in the series, Unruly Angel (it’s finished but I haven’t decided what to do with it yet), I took it in a slightly different direction by making it more of a romance with the tried and truey happily-ever-after ending, which made me as happy as a duck in water.  I haven’t started the third one yet, but I know what it’s going to be about, and I have no doubt when I get started on it, I’ll be happier than a pig in mud, or to use a southern cliche since I live in the south, happy as a dead pig in the sunshine.

So, there you have it, my deep, dark secret shame, a love of cliches and a powerful hankering to use them freely in the books I write.  Oh well, I guess that’s wishful thinking but who knows, if I keep my fingers crossed, one day the winds might change directions and cliches might become the new black for authors.  Meanwhile, I’ll keep my head in the clouds and dream of a time when I’m free as a bird to use as many of my beloved cliches as I want.

And now for a little blatant self promotion:  Unwilling Angel is available in ebook on Fictionwise and for the Amazon Kindle.  It’s a heartwarming story with a Christmas theme and at under three dollars would make a great Christmas gift.  Also, next month, I’ll be conducting a character interview with Mac, my reluctant Apprentice Angel, and I might even pull in the victim, er, subject of his first mission, Ellen Bradshaw, to answer a question or two.  Heck, I might even pull in Gabriel, or Grumpy Gabe as Mac calls him, the Archangel who sends him to help Ellen.

Favorite FridaysOkay, that’s it for this week’s version of Friday Favorites.  I’m outa here but not before I say it again…I love a cliche and so cliches and Cliche Day (November 3rd) get a Dames of Dialogue kiss of approval!