…because her book, Chasing Secrets, is a finalist in the EPIC awards in the Mystery, Suspense, and/or Adventure Romance category!  Way to go, Christy!

To toast this awesome news here’s my review of her book:

CHASING SECRETS by Christy Tillery French

I became a fan of Christy Tillery French when I read her first book, Chasing Horses.  I loved that one and the two that followed, Wayne’s Dead and Chasing Demons, and I especially love her Bodyguard series.  Whenever I pick up one of her books, whether it’s one of her series books or one of her stand-alone titles, I know I’m in for one heck of a good read.

With her latest, Chasing Secrets, she’s returned to her “Chasing” title theme and the romantic suspense thriller she does so well.  And this time, she’s topped everything that came before, leaving this fan hungrier than ever for more of the same.

Rowan Bronson is a woman on the run, an ATF agent who has uncovered secrets about a lascivious televangelist and a vengeful crime lord.  She’d like nothing better than to turn those secrets over to the proper authorities, but there’s a mole in her organization and she doesn’t know who it is.  She’s fighting to stay alive and the only thing she can count on from one minute to the next is her Weimariner, Zeus.  When she and her faithful dog escape from the scene of a murder by stealing a detective’s gun and car, detective Garrett Somersby joins in the chase.  He’s determined to catch her, if only to spare himself from the ridicule he knows he’ll get from his fellow cops.

Luckily, Garrett has a few tricks up his sleeve and he’s the first one to track her down.  When he hears her story, he offers his help.  Rowan reluctantly accepts, but only on her terms.  Working together, they evade the villains at every turn and while they’re at it, they fall in love.

Ms. French weaves a richly satisfying romance in with nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat suspense and plenty of plot twists that keep the reader turning the pages until the very end.

Keep your eye out for the secondary characters in this one.  Ms. French has a flair for creating characters readers cheer for and with each book gives us at least one we’d like to see more of.  My pick in this one is Jeb, an appealing Viet Nam vet, who just happens to get entangled in the chase toward the end of the book.  Jeb’s glory days are behind him but he proves he’s still got what it takes.

With Chasing Secrets, Christy Tillery French has outdone herself.  Filled with breathtaking action, thrilling chases, snappy dialogue and her trademark humor, not to mention her usual likable characters—even the villains in this one are fun!—she keeps the reader riveted with every page.  This is another one for my keeper shelf and one I’m sure I’ll pull out to read again and again.

Chasing Secrets is available on Amazon, B&N, Amazon Kindle, Fictionwise, and other online book sellers or you can order it at your local brick and mortar bookstore.

Congratulations, Christy, on another well-deserved award!