1. Nancy, how did you become an animal communicator? Was there a certain moment when you realized you had this ability or was it something you worked at?

In 1993, one of my husband’s patients, Because of Love, helped me discover my life’s purpose. Although Love only lived four months, this special filly’s lessons live on every day in my work.

I was watching an animal communicator teach a workshop at a friend’s farm. The communicator had “talked” with Love the day before and what the filly told her resonated with me. While watching a workshop participant communicate with a horse, I experienced my epiphany – this could be learned! I knew I was supposed to communicate with animals! Once I committed to this path, animals came from all directions to help me uncover abilities I never knew I possessed.

My intense desire to talk to animals motivated me to pursue my goal. I contacted a clairvoyant counselor in New York, who I’d met nine months earlier. Thus began, our weekly sessions in the city. My greatest challenge was learning to quiet my mind, which is crucial to telepathic communication. I diligently practiced meditation to reawaken my right brain, which had been neglected from years of academics. By using both hemispheres of the brain, we truly realize our full potential as human beings.

I was blessed with fabulous animal teachers and incredible experiences that guided me along my learning path quite rapidly. When something is involved with our soul’s purpose, things are facilitated. It required dedication and perseverance, but mostly my unwavering desire to finally be able to talk with animals. 

2. When did you start communicating with animals?

Shortly after I began working with the clairvoyant counselor, I had my first conscious telepathic communication. The police called about a deer in someone’s yard with a fawn partially born. They were calling my husband, the horse vet, for help. We rushed over, but the fawn was dead.    

The doe was covered with a blanket and stayed very calm while my husband removed the fawn. He gave her an antibiotic injection and tetanus vaccination. She never moved a muscle. She knew we were helping her.

A discussion ensued about what to do with her. One officer had a friend that kept deer in a pen. I wanted her to remain free. My husband suggested we give her time to return to the woods. We would check back in an hour. The officer wanted to call his friend, but agreed to wait.

Before leaving I lifted the blanket, so I could see her. Her huge, beautiful brown eyes reflected such sadness and gratitude. It was an amazing exchange – soul to soul. It was the most rewarding experience. It was priceless….

We came back, but she and the blanket were gone. I was so worried that the officer had taken her. He said he hadn’t, but I didn’t believe him. Where was the blanket?

I discussed the situation with my psychic teacher. She said, “Ask the doe.” I looked stunned, since I’d only recently started my studies. I closed my eyes, “asked” the doe and heard, “I ran into the woods, and the blanket fell off after a mile.” I was so happy and proud. I can do this!

Three years earlier, I had experienced my first telepathic communication, although I was totally unaware of it. Luckily, my dog knew about my hidden ability.

Shortly after I was married I got my first Yellow Lab, Gentle Ben. For the next 13-plus years Ben worked on our farm with me. He had an uncanny ability to tell sick horses from healthy ones. Ben helped with every foaling. As soon as I’d let him, Ben would be in the stall cleaning the foal. Every mare allowed him access, which was astonishing.

When he was 13 1/2 years old Ben got sick. It was digestive and didn’t seem that serious. I slept downstairs with him, so I could be close if he needed help. After two days of intense care I thought he was improving. The next morning he stood over his breakfast dish, looked at me and slumped to the floor. “I can’t do this anymore.”

I turned cold with the realization that he was dying. I told my husband through uncontrollable tears, “I think I’m being selfish. It’s time for Ben to go Home.” Our dear friend and small animal vet quickly came to the farm. Gentle Ben’s wish was granted. I was crushed.

At the time I thought I’d had a knowing; that my imagination had created the words I needed to hear. Three years later I realized they were Ben’s words not mine. I was an animal communicator whether I was aware of it or not. Ben was showing me this with his last lesson for me.

I have been communicating with animals all of my life even though I had no awareness of it. The fantasies I thought I was creating with my imagination were actual conversations between me and many different animals. In the perfect timing, the Universe sent Love to me to say, “Wake up! It’s time to get to work.” I was 42 years old at the time and felt so thankful to have discovered what my purpose involved. I’m grateful every day that I was ready to listen to her.

3.  How do you communicate with animals – telepathically, through kinesics, or…?

I communicate by telepathy. I hear and I feel. My sense of feeling is as acute as seeing. If I feel more information is needed in order to help an animal and its person, I can channel what I call “insights and guidance” from spiritual beings that help me with the healing work I do for the animals.

I am an empathetic healer, so I have the ability to feel what an animal is feeling much like a medical intuitive. I feel what they are experiencing, emotionally and physically. It can be a headache, nausea, liver pain or fear, anger, etc. I can usually differentiate between skeletal, muscular, or neurological pain. I think my pharmacy education helps me in some respect as well as 27 years of nursing sick and dying horses.

4. What valuable lessons have you learned from animals?

 Wow! There are so many; enough that my next book is the first in a series of books about my animal experiences. Here are a few major lessons:

Not fearing death is probably the biggest one and will be answered in your question #8.

To live in the present moment is a lesson of every species, domestic or wild. Humans have lost the ability to stay present. We’re so focused on our past and future that we miss our lives, which only happen right Now. Working with horses taught me to stay present to avoid being injured. Animals are creatures of the moment. They really have no concept of time. They will remember events from the past if they were traumatic enough. Animals know nothing of the future.

Dogs are master teachers of unconditional love, which is another lesson humans have yet to master, myself included. My Labs remind me when I’ve been at the computer too long. They tell me, “Enough! Get down here and play with us.” After a few minutes on the floor with them, they retreat and let me get back to my work. Everything is a game to them. They remind me to unlock my inner child and have fun.

Each animal that comes to me brings with it something that I need to learn or remember. Their gifts are needed by all humans, which is why I’m choosing to write about them. I’ve recently discovered that my soul’s purpose isn’t just about being an animal communicator, but it also involves being a human communicator. I’m supposed to share through my gift for writing what I’ve been privileged to learn from the animals. Humanity dearly needs their lessons.

5.  Are certain species of animals (such as dogs or horses) easier to communicate with than other species?

I think domestics are more willing to communicate with me. They’ve chosen to live in close proximity to people. I’ve had a few abused animals that wouldn’t talk initially, but I can usually coerce them to talk with me. They think if they stay silent and “hide” I’ll go away, but I can feel the connection and keep talking till I get a response. I have had a couple that only talked after I’d done some healing work for them. 

I’ve talked with a few wild ones. I’ve gotten many messages from hawks, a couple from owls, some deer, etc. A few years ago, I spent a couple of hours with a herd of mustangs at the Wild Horse Sanctuary in Redding, California. I had several interesting conversations with them. The experience is retold in my book Letting Go.

Years ago, I swam with a pod of spinner dolphins off Oahu. It was so spiritual for me that I didn’t communicate per se. I was so overwhelmed by my acceptance within the pod of 40+ spinners that I didn’t want to break such a spiritual experience with conversation; even telepathic conversation. It was a phenomenal dream come true.

6. You offer your services to pet owners who want to communicate better with their own animals. Where can those interested find you?

People can find everything about me, my services, and my book, Letting Go, on my Website, http://www.NancyKaiserAnimalCommunicator.com. There are testimonials, readers’ reviews, links to previous radio interviews & published articles and the first chapter of Letting Go is available to read. They can order personalized, print copies of Letting Go or find links to download as an ebook if they prefer to read digitally. I can be contacted at nancy@nancykaiseranimalcommunicator.com

7. Most of us have had animals that in some way influenced or impacted our lives, emotionally as well as mentally and physically. Was there any one (or more) special animal in your life and how were you affected?

Again, I could go on for pages with an answer to this one. I have been blessed with so many exceptional teachers. Given what I do, I come in contact with hundreds of special souls. Those that have chosen to live with me are obviously the most significant.

I am privileged to currently live with a soul that is in his forth incarnation with me. He is my 3-year-old Yellow Lab, Hana. He first entered my life as my first Yellow Lab, Gentle Ben, who I mentioned earlier. Next, he returned as Rainbow, a kitten I found at the same farm that Love, the filly who taught me that I could communicate, came from. In 01, he reappeared in a very special teacher, my colt Randy, who I tragically put down in 04. Randy’s sad story is captured in the pages of Letting Go.

To know that a soul has chosen to spend so many incarnations with you is truly beyond words. We have been through so much together and in three different species. We, obviously, have a unique bond that continually brings him back to me. I tease him that I’m either a pretty bad teacher or really fun to live with. I like to think it’s the latter.

In 86, the Universe gifted me with one of my true Master Teachers, a beautiful Thoroughbred filly, who we named Squiggles due to the marking on her face. Squiggles stayed for 17 years and taught me more than any other being. She almost died three times and taught us innumerable lessons each time.

I wasn’t the only one that recognized how exceptional she was. Friends and clients, who’d been to our farm and met our horses, always asked about Squiggles. Everyone remembered Squiggles. She had such a presence about her.

Squiggles gave me three beautiful colts, Dash, Randy and Stormy. Each foaling was fraught with problems with both the mare and the foals. With each problem came more lessons. Through the struggles, I learned that Squiggles had come into this lifetime to break the cycle of never having any offspring survive.

Through her willingness and strength, my husband’s veterinary expertise and my communication and healing skills, all three foals lived, which allowed Squiggles to achieve her soul’s purpose. To assist another being in achieving its soul’s purpose is deeply gratifying. I am honored, humbled and blessed to have been chosen by Squiggles to help her accomplish her goal. She was truly Squiggles, the Special.

8. You talk a great deal about how animals can teach us not to fear death. Can you expand on that a bit?

Gladly. Prior to my learning to communicate with animals, I didn’t really have an opinion regarding death or reincarnation. I never thought that much about it. I wasn’t raised in a religious or even spiritual family. My parents didn’t believe in God, so religion had no part in my upbringing, which was actually beneficial to my awakening to my communication and healing work.

The number one thing that confounds animals most about humans is our inability to let go. Their lessons about death and reincarnation have eliminated any questions I may have had about dying.

Animals don’t understand our anguish as they approach the end of their journey with us. They look at death as the beginning of a new cycle, merely a change of form. For them it’s a time of joy; something to look forward to with happiness, not tears and grief.

While connected with horses that my husband was euthanizing, I’d feel when the soul left the body. Our language is too inadequate to describe what I sensed as each transitioned. Pure joy, total freedom and boundless exhilaration are the best I can come up with; yet, they don’t come close to the sensations.

Even though I’ve counseled hundreds of animals as they’ve transitioned, I’ve never been able to experience those glorious feeling when my own animals go Home. I am simply too grief-stricken. Despite the wisdom I’ve gained from them regarding death, my pain clouds their joy.

Thanks to the animals I’ve learned that death is nothing more than a change of form. We merely shed the physical body and return to the energy of Spirit that we came from; nothing more and certainly nothing to be fearful of. We become the beautiful orb of energy that I once saw during a Sweat Lodge Ceremony.

9. You also are a columnist for two e-zines, and I am an avid follower. Can you provide the urls to each?

Well, thank you for following my writing. It’s helpful to receive comments and feedback from readers. It guides me in choosing topics to write about. I write a weekly column, Animal Insights, on Thursdays for Wendy Garrett’s blog, “Petsense,” which can be found at http://petsense.blogspot.com/.

Recently, I was thrilled to be invited to be a regular contributor to a wonderful, new magazine called “Dogs…Naturally!” The first issue is available as a complementary download at http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/. Plans are for it to be available in print by spring. My first appearance will be in the next issue in March.

I haven’t announced this next news yet, but I’ll be joining “The Infinite Field Magazine” as well. February’s issue will contain my article, Because of Love, which tells the story of how I discovered my communication abilities. TIFM is a print magazine as well as an e-zine at http://theinfinitefieldmagazine.com/.

10.  You provide healing services for humans and animals. Can you list those and share a little about each?

Ninety percent of what I do is with animals, but after some clients see the positive changes in their pets they ask if I can do the same thing for them. After I got comfortable with communicating, the Universe sent animals who taught me that I possessed more than simply abilities in telepathy. I work with several healing modalities that allow me to offer my clients solutions to the problems that their animal friends are dealing with.

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a truly unique form of healing occurring at the soul level. With the SRT process, I work in agreement with the client’s soul to identify the emotional pro­grams running at the cellular level. Many of these are past life influ­ences. The soul then begins a spiritual educa­tion process to recognize the pur­pose of these emotional programs, release the negative emotions, and replace them with harmonious en­ergy. It is a powerful process that was developed for humans, but works just as effectively with animals. I’ve used SRT with great success eliminating thunderstorm and fireworks fears in many animals. The results are simply quite amazing.

While SRT deals with past life issues, Spiritual Brain Repatterning (SBR) focuses on the present life. SBR reviews an animal’s or person’s present-life (womb to age 5) cellular programming, which identifies the major negative-statements embraced at the cellular level which have created discordant emotional themes in one’s life. Positive reinforcing counter-statements are defined, and then programmed-in at the cellular level resulting in the release of those discordant emotional themes giving us the freedom to move forward in a whole new manner. The resultant effect is that core attitudes towards life noticeably change.

Sometimes I don’t find the answers to animals’ issues through mere communication. In such cases, I have the ability to connect to a much higher source of Universal Knowledge to access needed information sur­rounding each chal­lenge facing an animal and its person. This information is channeled as an automatic writing.

I work with various types of vibrational healing when it’s appropriate. Flower essences and gem elixirs work to bring the body and subtle energy bodies back into alignment. This allows the needed flow of life force energy through the electrical and circulatory systems resulting in perfect health. I connect with the individual’s soul and ask which of my 150+ flower essences and gem elixirs are required for healing. These are very specific to the challenge(s) that the animal or person is facing.

Another form of vibrational healing I use is color therapy. Color therapy uses the same principle of healing: returning the vibrational pattern within the body to a state of perfect balance. When balance is returned individuals realize much improved health, both emotionally and physically. Using the same concept, I connect with the animal or person and “ask” for the appropriate colors needed to heal specific issues. I then apply the colors using long-distance healing techniques.

Last but definitely not least, I may be guided to obtain healing using my skills as a modern-day shaman. Being guided to the appropriate “world,” I’m given suitable healing for the client. I follow the instructions of my otherworld contact, and apply the healing to the individual, either in person or long-distance.

When I first began this type of journeying, my pharmacist upbringing was truly challenged. Several of my own horses taught me the true power of this form of healing. Both my vet husband and I were astounded by the complete and immediate physical healing that was achieved in several of my horses, who’d created oft-times fatal “dis-eases.”

While qualifying as a form of vibrational healing, the journey is unique for each client. The world visited, the teacher/healer I’m brought to, and the specific items gifted for the healing are different each time. I’ve learned through the process of this powerful form of healing that the only real requirement is belief!

11. Nancy, you are a published author, columnist, animal communicator, and healer. Which field do you feel you get the most benefit from and do you have a preference for any one field?

Gosh, I got tired reading all that. No wonder I never have enough time to get the next book started. It’s happening soon though.

Writing is fairly new to me. I didn’t grow up dreaming to be a writer and only discovered my talent for it about five years ago. I enjoy expressing myself through my writing and sharing with my readers the fabulous life experiences I’ve been privileged to lead. Writing allowed me to heal from my many painful losses, so in that respect, it has been tremendously beneficial to me.

My life has been centered on animals from the getgo. Animals have always been there for me no matter what. I wouldn’t be who I am today without the many animals that have shared their lives with me and those who’ve sought me out to be their voices. Helping animals live happily within the human world is a way to pay back the love and support I’ve received from them over the last 58 years.

As all healers know, when we work with our clients, we are healed as well. Before I do any SRT clearings, I have to be cleared first. Before I test a client for remedies, I have to take whatever remedies I need first. So, I benefit enormously from the healing work I do for others.

My goal has always been to help people and animals enhance their relationships through better understanding. My communication and healing work allows me to accomplish that. I’m also committed to helping bridge the rift that has developed between all animal species and humans. People need to understand the importance of animals to our lives. I truly believe animals are our brothers and sisters, and we need to respect and treat them as such.

I believe it will be through my writing that I’ll have the most influence on this “big picture” goal. I’ve learned over the past two years, since Letting Go was published, how much farther my reach is through my writing. By sharing all I’ve learned from the animals in an upcoming series of books, I hope to accomplish another of my soul’s purposes.  

12.  And I can’t leave this interview without touching upon your book: Letting Go, An Ordinary Woman’s Extraordinary Journey of Healing and Transformation. This is a powerful book and I’m sure your feedback from readers is prolific and gratifying. Have you received any one response from a reader that stands out? Also, where can readers find the book?

Thanks again for your kind words. Each time I hear from a reader how my words have helped, my heart warms and I smile. I wrote Letting Go to understand the most difficult period of my life and to heal myself. I published Letting Go to help others. If I could help one person recognize their life lessons more quickly, thereby shortening their own traumatic journey then I’d be satisfied. Based on the responses back from my readers, I’ve helped more than one person, and I am humbled by that. I can’t choose just one, so here are a few comments from my gracious readers:

The most inspirational book I’ve read since The Power of Now! I found this book to be so eloquently written and inspirational that I had a hard time putting it down. I could not believe all the heart breaks one person could take and still come through it all with flying colors. I am awestruck by Nancy’s communica­tion skills and challenge anyone who reads this book not to agree with me. Letting Go is also so much easier to read and comprehend than other inspirational books… her writing makes you feel so at ease, like you are feeling her pain and learning these lessons right by her side. I congratulate Nancy for finding her calling, committing to it and bringing so much happiness and serenity to people and animals in need. It probably made a huge impact on her recovering from such sadness. Kudos Nancy!

I found Nancy’s story compelling and meaningful and she captured my attention from the start. Vividly written in the heat of swirling emotions, her writing reflects the turmoil she is experiencing in her life after a stunning betrayal and turn of events. Through it, she reveals a Truth for anyone who reads this book – that from the most traumatic and heart wrenching moments in life can come healing and repair but it takes extremely hard internal work, brutal honesty about one’s self (“how did I/my psyche or soul contribute to this situation?”), the fortitude to not run away from challenges, and an openness to receiving insight from unexpected – and maybe unseen – sources. Nancy has done all that, and reading her book, I found that I could experience her metamorphosis from a traumatized, agitated, and deeply saddened girl into a peaceful, joyful, and calm adult. It’s a good read!

I found this book the most empowering story I have ever read. For anyone that is struggling with trying to get out from under, this is a gift. Nancy has a way of being able to put feelings on the written page so that you can identify and use them to help you along the way. Her story may not be your story, but the insight gained from her struggles will definitely give you many “light bulb moments.”

Personalized, print copies of Letting Go can be ordered securely through my Website; http://www.NancyKaiserAnimalCommunicator.com. Non-personalized, print copies can be ordered via BarnesandNoble.com, Amazon.com and numerous other online booksellers.

Letting Go is available as an ebook from Smashwords.com where the buyer receives nine types of files. Go to: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/2738. It is also available at Amazon’s Kindle Store. Go to: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002NGO550

As I said earlier, I live for feedback and comments from readers and clients whether positive or negative. Thankfully, I don’t get much negative feedback. Please send any comments or questions to nancy@nancykaiseranimalcommunicator.com.          

First, I want to thank Christy Tillery French for her insightful questions. I don’t think she missed anything. Secondly, thank you to “Dames of Dialogue” for this opportunity to reach out to your readers and share about my work, my writing and the generous animals that I’ve lived with and lent my voice to.

Nancy A. Kaiser lives in the healing Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina surrounded by her family of dogs and a horse. She is the author of Letting Go: An Ordinary Woman’s Extraordinary Journey of Healing & Transformation, about her recovery from trauma with the help of animals and nature. Nancy operates Just Ask Communications, a practice devoted to healing the human-animal bond through enhanced communication and understanding. Nancy offers animal communication and healing consults via phone, in-person and on Skype. Visit her at: www.NancyKaiserAnimalCommunicator.com