What’s in a Genre – Why Romance is the Most Successful Genre on the Market Today

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Or, as is the case this year, Valentine’s Weekend. What is it about this small holiday that makes people so crazy? Whether your obsession is what to get or do for the love in your life, how to use this holiday to save or rekindle a waning love, or if you are single, how to survive around all the overly-mushy couples, this one day can make normally sane people resemble something out of an Invasion of the Body Snatchers movie. This past weekend had the world focusing on love.  For the most part in a good way; but for some of the single people or those in unhappy relationships, Valentine’s Day can be a real downer. What better way to put some love back in your life than with a steamy romance novel?  You get all the fun and positives from the opposite sex and none of the drawbacks. What’s not to love?

The Kiss, copyrighted

When we watch the news, read the paper, read online articles & blogs, we are often bombarded with tales of despair, hardship, poverty, pain, war, devastation – not to mention gossip about divorces, fights, abuses, betrayal, revenge, etc.  Is it any wonder people are looking for an escape?  Men are visual creatures, so more often than not their escapism is watching or playing sports, or let’s face it, watching porn. I know, to them our bodice-rippers (as I affectionately like to call them) are just as pornographic. The difference is called a plot.  We’re women, we need a story to go along with our sexual exploitation. For some, depending on their background and upbringing, they don’t even want to read about the scintillating exploits of the couples, they want the nurturing and the love. They want the warm fuzzies.

That’s the great thing about the romance genre; there is something for everyone. Not only do the characters find love, but in some books you may find action and adventure, history, murder plots, espionage, paranormal or out-of-this-realm experiences, scientific breakthroughs or family drama (who can’t relate to that?). I believe it is because of the diversity and our human need for love that we are drawn to stories. Not only do they give us a chance to step into someone else’s life, but often we are  able to identify with a character or at least some aspect of their personality. Ultimately, I believe we are drawn to romances because there is almost always a happy ending, unlike what we sometimes face in life.

There are romance readers who proudly carry their bodice rippers, there are those who are closet readers, there are those that don’t understand what all the obsession is about but are secretly dying with curiosity to see what has us so enthralled (yes, that’s directed at you men).  Finally, the romance genre encourages passion, and who couldn’t use a little more of that in their lives?

So the next time you need a pick-me-up or an escape, proudly walk into that romance section and let the adventures begin!

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