Bo Hoefinger is a 1’10”, 63-pound dog who claims to be a “mutt on the outside” but “a purebred on the inside.” Bo takes the reader on a delightful journey as he relays his life, beginning as a shelter dog who finds his forever home through a “revenge adoption”. We meet Bo’s feline sister Moose who suffers from constipation, canine sister Copper who passes gas when she walks, and Bo’s owners, a naïve young couple who don’t know what they’re in for when they adopt Bo. This dog blogger’s antidotes about his family and furry friends are heartwarming and filled with humor. Sprinkled throughout the book are Bo’s lists, including his favorite non-food smells (we can all guess what the first one will be), ten things he’s had in his mouth, and  states he’s peed in. From the preface to the interview at the end, this dog biography is zany and so laugh-out-loud funny, the reader will be reluctant to put the book aside. Bad to the Bone is sure to be a favorite among animal lovers and those who enjoy a fun read or simply want (or need) a good laugh.

 Important to note is that the book is dedicated to rescue and shelter workers and a portion of the proceeds is donated to help homeless dogs. Bravo!

 Christy Tillery French