Author Alex Ong incorporates the disciplines he learned in martial arts into his guide to naturally losing weight, improving health, having more energy, boosting confidence and reducing pain. He begins by relaying the dismaying statistics about America’s poor health, moving on to the worst foods and drinks Americans consume and how they negatively affect our bodies, physically and mentally. He stresses the difference between organic and processed foods and the damage processed foods can cause. He provides a Letter of Commitment for readers to sign and read twice a day. He discusses the power of positive thought; mental, physical and financial burdens of eating unhealthy; the role stress plays in our lives and ways to combat it; the importance of getting enough sleep and drinking enough water; and provides simple breathing and physical exercises to do. His color belt strategies (white, green, purple, red, and black) are simple and easy to follow as the reader progresses from eating mostly junk food to eating light and healthy.

The program Ong has devised is by far the best this reviewer has read simply because it’s basic, pragmatic, and very easy to follow. No superfluous data or advice is given, providing a guide book packed with essential information readers can use as they go about their daily lives. This is one book that should be in every home.

 Christy Tillery French