Doesn’t matter whether it’s freezing outside or hot as hades, they always have their car windows rolled down so their dog can stick his head out.

Have dog hair all over their clothes but either don’t notice or don’t care.

Faces glisten from dried saliva of doggie kisses but either don’t notice or don’t care.

Carpet or place rugs over hardwood floors so their dog won’t slide all over the room.

Allow the dog to have the majority of the couch while they scrunch up in a corner.

Sleep on a narrow section of the bed while the dog takes up the rest, and if the dog roots them out of bed, sleep on the floor or the couch because they don’t want to disturb their dog by moving him.

Their dog eats better than they do.

Doggie toys litter the living room.

Buy kiddie pools each year so their dog can cool off in the summer.

 Two kinds of dog lovers with this one: either talk to their dog in baby talk or adult speak, as if the dog completely understands everything they say (I suspect they usually do).

 Sincerely believe dogs are furry angels sent here to guide us lowly humans.