J. H. Sweet …
What a treat …
Writing about fairies,
she can’t be beat.

Book one was pure delight;
Book two is “out of sight.”
Book three is a kid’s dream,
Book four will make them beam.

But wait till you see what’s in store;
of fairy books, she has plenty more.

Each of this author’s books stands alone as far as story-line, and I discovered something new about fairies and fairy lore in each one. She’s a fine writer, so good at her craft that the fairies practically fly off the pages, straight into your heart. Interesting story-lines, contemporary children, colorful characters in an exciting, entertaining format.

I have this entire series, including the first few that were published by another publisher…which are collector’s items now. I’m always pleased to find the latest “fairies” flying around in my mailbox after ordering the latest release from Amazon.

I’m saving these special books for great-great-granddaughter Melissa, including this latest, Snapdragon and the Odyssey of Élan (Fairy Chronicles). Highly recommended. Grab ’em while you can.

Reviewed by: Betty Dravis, July 25, 2010
Author of: “Dream Reachers” (co-author Chase Von)and other books