Odin, Margaret West's dogOdin, named after the Greek god of war, is a Huskamute. A cross between a husky and Alaskan Malamute.  When I first saw his big, blue angelic eyes looking at me I melted to mush and knew he was mine for life. I took him home and placed him on his newly bought mat and the angel inside him fled, leaving behind a demon from hell!! To save our home from mass destruction; we had to cage him when we went to bed or ventured out. At those times he proceeded to howl like a banshee for hours on end! He ate the wall, my kitchen lino, leather sofa, feet, slippers, you name it. Nothing was sacred from Odin the destroyer of all things good!  Odin, food?

When Odin reached three months we noticed he didn’t want to eat. We might as well have taken out shares in Pet world, as we seemed to be forever in there buying different types of food. All of which Odin licked with disinterest or just walked away. He preferred to play with his toys, rather than eat.

For the next five months we tried, spoon feeding him, hand feeding him, anything to get him to eat. People said leave his food down, he’ll eat when he’s hungry…4 days passed and Odin never touched his bowl. He lived on a few treats, raw hide bones and the odd ham sandwich. He became skinny, had constant diarrhoea and I became frantic with each passing day. I tried human food, steak, chicken. Cooked potatoes and pork chunks as instructed by the vet…the list was endless…But Odin still refused to eat a meal. Then calamity struck…Odin broke his toes running in the snow. Add pic 4

Housebound for 6 weeks he grew thin, his bones wouldn’t mend, he grew tired and depressed. The vet wanted to inject him with something to make him hungry, but that can’t be good for a sick pup, surely? So in desperation I called in a dog trainer, who had Huskamutes of her own. You know the saying, a little bit of knowledge goes a long way? Well, what she told me left gaping like a fish out of water. Odin was starving himself because instinct told him the food I was offering, (Good dog food, etc) wasn’t good for his body. And this goes for all dogs, so pay attention now!.

Odin playingCOOKED dog food contains minimal nutrition. Look on the cans and you will see cereal, additives (that means brains, feathers, crushed nastiness) Have you ever seen a dog stalk a field of wheat? No, it’s not in their food chain listing. Neither is rice or any grain, it’s all undigestible. In the wild they’ll eat RAW food. That means chicken carcasses, bones, raw beef or fish. EVERYTHING they need is in that food. Contrary to belief, dogs CAN eat bones as long as they are uncooked. Chicken wings, root vegetables to stimulate their digestion, liver, heart…all uncooked…are ideal diets for ALL dogs. The first day I put him down shredded parsnip, carrot and Spinach, mixed with tuna (raw) Odin ate like I’d just given him caviar. Treats became baked liver, broken into pieces. (Dog Biscuits contain wheat etc) Dinner was beef chunks, tripe, chicken, (with the odd treat of cottage cheese, which he loves.)The diarrhoea which plagued him for months, stopped completely..instantly.

Nowadays he is calmer, as there is no more sugar/cereal in his diet. He is less grouchy, his coat shines and although he is still a destroyer occasionally, he is in optimal health.  Odin in snow

All because I had no idea what he was trying to tell me. Dogs eat dog food, right?? NO!!…most dogs do, but I guarantee they’ll have bouts of diarrhoea, stomach problems etc in their lifetime. Try this diet; let me know how it goes. margaretwest@hotmail.com I know it will change your dog’s life completely.

Odin and I thank you for having us on your blog today. You can find me and Odin here

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Spirit Intervention is a comedy romance. When you die you’re supposed to stay gone, right? But not in the case of  Patricia. She refuses to stay out of her daughter’s life even when she dies. Sally can hear her mother’s voice, but she can’t see her spirit. At first she welcomes her return, but as the month’s progress she starts to feel increasingly peeved by her mother’s constant interference in her life. When she tells a few white lies on a dating application form, Patricia sets out to prove that lies are not a foundation for a healthy relationship. She sabotages a relationship between Sally and Emilio to prove her point, not realising her interference has caused a catastrophic chain reaction in the spirit world. The children allocated to Emilio and Sally can no longer be born. It is now down to the spirit of Emilio’s grandmother to put things right. But has Patricia caused too much damage for her to mend?