1. Margaret West, author of Spirit InterventionI understand that you have a book hot off the press.  Tell us about it.

Spirit Intervention by Margaret WestWell, actually I have two. I know, I’m greedy lol but they are with two separate publishers and the publication dates coincided. Let me tell you about Spirit Intervention From Eternal press. But not in a blurby way. LOL I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’d rather read an impression from the author, rather than a standard blurb. Anyway, back on topic. Spirit Intervention is about the physical world and spirit world colliding. BUT, let me tell you, the story is fiction, but the concept behind the book, is quite real. Being a working medium, I have inside knowledge!!!! So a lot of the spirit v mortal interaction does happen. It’s a comedy, with an underlying message, that it’s not always right to interfere with others decisions.

In the book Patricia is a mother who refuses to stay out of her daughter’s life even when she dies. Sally can hear her mother, but she can’t see her spirit. At first she welcomes her return, but as the month’s progress she starts to feel increasingly peeved by her mother’s constant interference in her life. When she tells a few white lies on a dating application form, Patricia sets out to prove that lies are not a foundation for a healthy relationship.

She sabotages a relationship between Sally and Emilio to prove her point, not realising her interference has caused a catastrophic chain reaction in the spirit world. The children allocated to Emilio and Sally can no longer be born. It is now down to the spirit of Emilio’s grandmother to put things right. But has Patricia caused too much damage for her to mend? The thing us, there are spiritual laws for a reason. You’ll have to read the book to see what happens.

Why do you write?

Now that’s a loaded question. Why do I?  I suppose it’s because I have so many ideas and thoughts rattling around inside my head, if I didn’t write where on earth would they all go?

How did you get involved with crystals?

Being a Psychic development tutor it involves understanding the power of crystals and how they work for us and the planet. That really inspired me to look deeper and become a crystal therapist myself. You’ve all seen/heard about the crystal caves that have been discovered in Mexico recently, http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2007/04/photogalleries/giant-crystals-cave/ Such a wondrous display of nature and an example of how powerful crystals are.

What drew you to the paranormal?

My grandmother, mother were all mediums. I could see spirit people, from a very young age. I became a Parapsychologist aged about 30, because I am a person who needs to know the bare bone facts about things. I incorporate all my spiritual understanding and knowledge into my books

How did you celebrate your first published book?

Well, I didn’t really. Even when the book came out and I held it in my hand, I still think I was a little gobsmacked by the whole thing.

What’s the best marketing advice you have to offer?

Don’t be put off by anything and don’t let time lapse in between promoting your books. Be everywhere on the net. It’s not hard to get blog places on author’s sites. Tweet, facebook and approach all the book stores in your area. Be prepared to have to do endless rounds of promotions, tramping the streets looking for stores to take you (if you’re not lucky enough to have an agent) BUT NEVER, I repeat NEVER let the ball stop rolling. You are your best marketing tool. Be open, be friendly and readers will graduate to you.

Margaret West's office What does your writing space look like?

I am lucky to have an office in my home. I have taken a bare bones picture of my work desk, and yes, its a mess lol  Enjoy!!

Tell us about where you live — we love to travel.

I’m from the UK. A typical  London girl, but I moved to the countryside of Kent to escape the madness. It’s quiet here. Cows and sheep meander in the fields and the people are so much more relaxed and friendly. I live half an hour from a beach and in the summer I go there with my laptop and mad hound, Odin. It’s perfect and I don’t miss London a bit.

Ted and VirginiaHow did you meet your husband — we love a romance.

Wow, which one? Seriously, I’ve been married three times. lol Okay, I’ll stick with hubby number three. It’s been sixteen years, so I can assume that I’ve found the right one this time. I was a single mum with two kids trying to eek out a meagre living. I worked in a shop by day and late afternoon, I’d collect my kids and go to a mechanics garage to clean. I have to tell you it was not one of my best jobs, but needs be and all that. Ted worked there as a mechanic and he would clean the men’s toilets for me as he told me he hated to see me having to do it. Two years passed before we got together. He’s do most of the horrible bits of the cleaning lol before I got there. Maybe that is why we are so right together now. We had a friendship before a relationship. Ted told me he loved me from the first time he saw me. Bless. But he was in a relationship. When he separated from his girlfriend, we spent more time together and one day he stayed overnight and never left. He was/is an amazing dad to my kids and they worship him. (I’ve enclosed a pic of him and my daughter taken at xmas.) I keep asking him when is he going home lol. But his feet are well and truly under my table..thank god!

Milo, one of Margaret's dogs Tell us about your pets — we love animals.

2009 was hard for me. I had a Japanese Akita called Milo, who was nine and a mad Pomeranian, called Chester who was ten.  Milo was 13 stone and Chester weighed in at 3 pounds lol But, boy did he rule the roost. He and Milo shared everything. Including me. Chester would sit at my feet in the office, with Milo snoring on the landing. Then the unthinkable happened. Milo, whilst having an operation, died on the table. Two weeks before Christmas. Suffice to say, Christmas was cancelled. Three months later Chester became desperately sick with kidney failure. He died in my arms. I think he just couldn’t bear it without Milo and gave up.

The house was so quiet. It became empty. Animals create a certain energy in the home. It makes you feel happy when you step in the door. No more chaotic mornings of barking and stroking. (I thought you might like to see them. Here is a pic)Chester

I couldn’t replace my boys, yet I felt so lonely. So Ted and I got Odin. The destroyer of all things good lol Odin is a huskamute. He is mad, rips up anything in sight, flicks my hand off my computer mouse when he’s had enough of sitting down stairs alone. Howls like a banshee when he is bored and takes me for a drag around the park. He has brought happiness back to a home that was quite full of sorrow. I have included a pic of him too.

What’s next in your writing life?

Well, a whole new direction for me. I’m going to write a Chicklit. I have already got a title and the idea has been tumbling around my head for months. I’m just editing another romance and when that’s done, my new project will begin.

So where can people find you?Odin, current dog

Well, my blog is very interactive and I’m always giving away freebies to new followers and the best comments.  Here are all my links.





Thanks for having me here today. It’s been nice chatting.