I’ve been thinking a lot about book covers lately. Since Canterbury House is converting two of my print books into E-Books—1106 Grand Boulevard and The Toonies Invade Silicon Valley, I not only had to have two new covers, I also needed a new trailer. Luckily for me, Kelly Komm, the inventive designer who did such an excellent video for Dream Reachers, was free to do another one for my E-Books. Please check it out at http://youtu.be/u-H8yXFnGyQ

I’m very pleased with the trailer and the new E-Book covers that Publisher Wendy Dingwall commissioned her awesome designer Tracy Arendt to create. Regarding the cover for 1106 Grand Boulevard, the house on the cover is my childhood home in Ohio and the man behind the wheel of the car is my late father, John Barger. He was age 90 when the photo was taken and passed away several years later. Variations of those photos are on the original print version of the book and on this new E-Book, so you must know that both these covers are very dear to me. Grand is a special book because it’s an epic romantic thriller that tells the tale of my beautiful older sister’s lifelong search for true love…through seven marriages and many adventures.

There’s a story behind each of my covers, as I’m sure there are with other covers. That’s what adds to the drama and makes life and the publishing industry such fascinating fun.

To purchase 1106 Grand Boulevard, check this link: http://tinyurl.com/6ankhwl

1106 Grand Boulevard has just been released and Toonies will soon follow. I’m setting a goal of 30,000 sales for Grand and with your help I’ll reach my goal and more. Then next time we’ll set the bar higher. I hope I can count on all my loyal friends and fans to plaster the link to Grand’s Amazon sales page all over the Net and around the world. http://tinyurl.com/6ankhwl  We are in this boat together and I could do none of it without you. Thanks. 🙂

But getting back to book covers, in general, I’ve always been attracted to great book covers and feel that an aesthetic cover is a key factor in drawing readers to a particular book. That said, the cover isn’t the ultimate deciding factor for me when purchasing a book: I always read a blurb about the content first and make my choice from the content of the book.

I still enjoy hearing from readers and authors about their favorite covers, so decided to ask a few people the question: What was the last book whose cover or jacket influenced your decision to read or buy it? Please read and enjoy.

JACKIE KRUDOP, founder of the popular internet website “Pacino Worldwide”: “The last book that influenced me was not by cover appearance, but rather by words of a press release! I purchased the very thin, quickly read The Humbling by Phillip Roth because I had read where the actor Al Pacino had bought the rights to the story with future plans of creating a film from it. Purchasing this was not a problem, as I love intrigue and suspense of a great storyline. A very grey, plain and simple cover, the book turned out to be an excellent read! That’s all I’ll say. As for Al? Yes! He’d be an excellent lead character in a movie based on this book. In fact, if you know that when you read it, it almost reads as if it were meant for him!”

CHRISTINE NOLFI, author of Treasure Me: “The last book I bought based on its cover was 2030 by Albert Brooks (purchased three weeks ago). The title was set in futuristic spectacles… I was also drawn in by the plot of elderly Baby Boomers taking too many resources needed by younger generations. As a fifty-two-year-old Boomer, I worry about this whenever I look at my four children, and consider the world they’ve inherited.”

SUSAN ALCOTT JARDINE, author of The Channel, Stories from L.A.: “Last year while in our now-departed Barnes and Noble store, I was searching for a book to purchase with a gift card we had received. I searched the aisles and looked at all the featured publisher books arranged on the tables. One particular book kept drawing me back to look at the back jacket and read about the book, but it was the cover that kept drawing me back. The book is A Dog’s Purpose and the cover was so simply and beautifully rendered, I couldn’t resist. A picture is worth one thousand words.”

RAMONA CARDENAS, hairdresser at Happily Retired, “Hello, Ms. Dravis… The last book I read was Falling Leaves by Adeline Yen Mah. On its cover is a photo of five children, all blurred out except for Adeline. It’s the memoir of an unwanted Chinese daughter… The look on her face… The sense of her sadness… I felt a connection to her pain and had no idea that I would be reading my own story.”

JENNIFER YOUNG, poet: “Well, I’m partial to both Dream Reachers books written by Betty Dravis and Chase Von. LOL. But honestly, I adored Chase’s second book, Your Chance to Hear the Last Panther Speak. It’s not only an original title, but the panthers on the cover are awesome. It stated it was poetry, but the cover and title were so strong I knew something intense was inside.”

BLACKSTONE EDGE: “Of course, I was very influenced by the cover of Susan Alcott Jardine’s book The Channel: Stories from L.A. because Susan did such a marvelous job of choosing the images she wanted us to work with from a stock library that embodied the collection of short stories. It was in working with her chosen images to make them coalesce as one single, eye-catching image that we were driven to create a cover that draws the eye and, hopefully, the pocketbook. Always honored to be supportive of Susan’s talents, of which there are many. Best of luck with your book’s opening. I’ll have some exciting news of my own to announce in the near future… So stay tuned!”

DANIEL L. CARTER, author of The Unwanted trilogy: “The last book that I purchased where the cover had a large part in the decision was The Superlative Stream by Kerry Nietz. The color and imagery caught my eye. The way that the artist put the cover together made it look mysterious. It’s truly a great cover.”

JESSICA GILBERT, founder of Talent Spotlight Magazine: “Oh, Betty, it has been awhile since I purchased one based on the cover. The last one I bought based on a catchy cover that I saw at the store is called The 30-Day Heartbreak Cure by Catherine Hickland. Catchy title and cover… Fantastic read, too, and got great reviews as well.

CAROL DENBOW, author of six books, says, Sullivan’s Secret by Robin Murphy just came out and I loved the cover, so I ordered it. Think you might like it too. I read it in one sitting!”

 All seven versions of Betty Dravis’s books are pictured below. www.bettydravis.com

All seven versions of Betty Dravis's books.