Welcome to Dames of Dialogue, Fola.

1.         Tell us about your book, The Seed.

It’s about a journey through the ages, like an ancient tree remembering its lost seed through time. It’s a different book, as all readers said after reading it. Even an editorial house replied, “Upon reviewing your manuscript, we found the book to be so unusual & unconventionally styled, the evaluation process didn’t fit inside the normal standards since your book is something very different than the norm”.

2.         I would most certainly take that as a compliment, Fola. I’m sure its uniqueness will appeal to readers. How did the idea for this book come to you?

Whenever an idea hits my head, I try to capture it on paper. That’s how it all began, idea after idea; I began linking them. I thought these philosophies are colorless and hard to read, so I began forming historical stories around these philosophies painting historical colors in the reader’s head, like Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece & the Roman Empire. But the main Idea “The Seed” came to me when I was driving my car. I traveled from one farthest end of a branch till I reached “The Seed”.

3.         Definitely sounds interesting. I love the cover – it really catches the eye. Any upcoming release(s)?

A short storybook will be out soon; mostly fantasy & fiction, it may include some poems too. I also began writing down some ideas of a new Fantasy novel but this one will take some time.

4.  Tell us about your journey to publication.

Well, the publishing industry is changing. It is very hard to get your book published by one of the top publishers if you are not a well-known author. Since it  took me seven years to complete this book, I had no time to wait another 10 years to be accepted by a top publisher (if it did!), So I went with the self-publishing road, which I believe is the future of publishing.

5.         From what I understand, some authors with the major publishers are going this route. J.A. Konrath is very vocal about this. What inspires you as a writer?

Everything inspires me, I was once inspired by broken glass, another time by garbage! A corrupted man can speak foolish words and yet I get inspired.  Sometimes inspiration hits me like lightnening, without even thinking, seeing or hearing anything. That’s the most precious inspiration.

6.         Do you have a specific writing regimen?

Sometimes I do, but it always gets scrambled, I am trying follow a new one now, waking up at 7 o’clock in the morning to write for two or three hours.

 7.  Do you write from an outline or are you what is considered a “pantser”?

Both! I began as a pantser, then formed an outline, then forgot all about it, and returned as a pantser, then again created an outline!

8.         What do you think works best for you re; promoting your work?

Social media, especially social networks for books like Goodreads, and also email lists.

9.         I agree with you. The internet has opened up a whole new world in regards to promoting. What do you love the most about writing? What do you dislike the most about writing?

Writing is Freedom, freedom of creation with no boundaries. The thing I dislike the most is the editing process.

10. Who are your favorite authors?

Well, I never read a book till today, but I read a lot of quotes and my favorite author is Khalil Gibran

11. He is definitely one of my favorites. I quote him at the beginning of each book in my Bodyguard series. I believe you’re our first guest from Egypt. Tell us about your part of the world.

Egypt is a beautiful country, currently witnessing what people call history. As most citizens of the earth, most Egyptians are brainwashed through media & religion. One of the main philosophies behind “The Seed”, is washing the brainwash, through awareness & self knowledge.

12. “Washing the brainwash”. I like that. What’s your favorite saying?

Live Live, It means being present!

Thank you, Fola, for joining us at Dames of Dialogue.