Vacations offer a plethora of emotions and opportunities. The greatest enjoyment for me is the preparation. Deciding on a destination and researching activities in the area, temperature, clothes to take, etc., creates a generous dose of expectations and excitement. The fun is only interrupted by making sure my Maltese is taken care of. Since he doesn’t see himself as a dog, and perhaps I don’t either, a lot of tension swirls around me to find a place for him that won’t leave him traumatized. No easy task. Once this is taken care of, onward and upward.

I have to admit the pre-boarding anxiety dampens my spirit a bit, but, hey, what can we do? Once that concern is behind me, I’m on my way to a grand adventure.

As the much anticipated relaxation looms ahead. I have to add that since my husband flies a lot and is involved in the aircraft business, as soon as his backside settles in, he checks out airplane sounds that he’s acutely aware of and passes the information to me. Stress creeps in a little here because he has informed me that something doesn’t sound right. ‘Something?’ By the time I pressure him for answers, he’s sound asleep, and I do mean sound. Chasing perilous thoughts away, I let out a deep breath determined to enjoy my newfound leisure which includes being away from my computer, my constant companion. Admission – I brought my small computer with me. I just couldn’t leave it at home. I’m addicted, okay?

Now, to the ‘something else.’ Vacations provide great writing fodder. My trip to Egypt provided ample material for my recent release, Valley of Obsessions. I have been a student of ancient Egypt for many years and my dream to go to this country and explore historical sites finally materialized. Even though my visit to Egypt was some years before I wrote Valley of Obsessions, my memories stayed, strongly aided, of course, by numerous photographs and a husband who has remarkable recall. When I wrote the book, I pulled the majority of the characters from our trip and experiences. I tried to adhere to the actual events as closely as possible. The psychic phenomenon at the beginning of the book took place exactly as written. It was somewhat unnerving, but now I’m glad it happened. Many of the people we met on our trip became friends and their friendships were renewed over and over throughout this book. Of course, there were villains and they were also revisited.

The ‘something else’ of my special vacation opened the door to an extraordinary valley filled with countless obsessions.