I’m happy to announce that my latest e-book, Star Struck: Interviews with Dirty Harry and Other Hollywood Icons, will be launched in a few days.  This is my sixth book, and I can’t wait to share the inside stories of how I met and interviewed a number of famous legends, including Clint Eastwood, the late Senator Ted Kennedy and four others.

Since these stories were published before in Dream Reachers, an inspirational “print” book containing thirty-seven in-depth interviews by me and my co-author Chase Von, I decided to “e-incarnate” them, thus making them available to the growing number of e-book readers. That’s how Star Struck: Interviews with Dirty Harry and Other Hollywood Icons came to be. And since it’s a short book, I set the price at 99 cents so more people could delight in my treasured memories.

As for the book’s description, a celebrated author described it well in this excerpt from her Amazon review:

Dravis’s own accounts of some of her more colorful interviews… They include Bad Hair Day, a charming story about the day she met Clint Eastwood; A Treasured Moment in Time, which is about meeting Senator Ted Kennedy; Lobster Anyone?, an interview with Jane Russell; and recollections of the days she met San Francisco Mayor Joe Alioto, actress Ann Sothern and country singer Tanya Tucker… I recommend this book to all aspiring journalists for tips on conducting successful interviews. Well done…” – Michele Van Ort Cozzens, Arizona, author of Irish Twins and other best-selling novels

Another descriptive review: “Betty Dravis has lived quite an amazing life. Here she shares some of her most exciting interviews with famous legends, including Clint Eastwood, Jane Russell, Ted Kennedy and Tanya Tucker. As always, Ms Dravis’s interviews have a warmth, charm and delightful quirkiness that draw you in, fill you with enjoyment, and leave you wanting more. Ms. Dravis always adds that special personal touch that leaves the reader with a true sense of who these icons really are as people, not just as idols.” – Karen McCord Zabalaoui, Texas, Amazon Top Reviewer

Now for the BIG SURPRISE: You will never guess who I snagged to write the Foreword!

I asked a good friend who is the role model for all e-book authors to write the Foreword for me and was stunned when he accepted. I was so happy I just had to share it with a few close friends, but held my breath in case the news leaked out. I so-ooo wanted to surprise you, dear readers, with the fact that the renowned John Locke wrote the Foreword for Star Struck!

In case there is anyone on the planet who doesn’t know John Locke, he’s the first self-published author to sell a million books on Kindle and at one point had four books in the Amazon Top Ten simultaneously. Here is what The Wall Street Journal had to say about him:

“John Locke, the 60-year-old Louisville businessman turned part-time thriller writer, has now sold more than 1 million Kindle e-books, joining the ranks of such best-selling authors as James Patterson, Michael Connelly and Stieg Larsson.” – Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg

Now isn’t that exciting? Did I surprise you?

New York Times Best-selling Author John Locke

Although, absolutely delighted that John agreed to write my Foreword, I had another surprise when I read what he wrote about me. I had no idea he knew so much about me and I feel so honored. He’s a clever man whose sense of humor and outspokenness, I learned, match my own. But after all, he lives in Kentucky, the birthplace of my parents and ancestors, so we do have a lot in common. With the large family of Bargers and Crawfords I still have in The Blue Grass State, it wouldn’t surprise me if we were kissing cousins. 🙂

Here’s a snippet from what he wrote; a teaser to whet your appetite to read the entire Foreword:

“This collection is special for another reason. It offers you a glimpse into the mind and character of the author herself. Make no mistake, Betty’s a charmer! High-spirited and full of energy, she’s a treasure, far as I’m concerned, and her wit, charm, and self-deprecating humor is evident in these unique and personal stories.” – John Locke, author of Saving Rachel and other Donovan Creed novels

Well, I’ve spent my life bragging about my interview and meeting with Clint Eastwood (not to mention Ted Kennedy and others) and now I can spend the rest of it bragging about John Locke. Two handsome, talented, dedicated men who touched my life in vastly different ways: One at the sunrise of my writing career, the other at the sunset. I’m a lucky woman…

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Endnote: My publisher, Wendy Dingwall of Canterbury House Publishing informs me that Star Struck: Interviews with Dirty Harry and Other Hollywood Icons will be posted on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online sites in “twenty-four to forty-eight hours”…if SmashWords keeps on schedule. SmashWords has the irritating habit of posting it on their site before it’s available for purchase, but I’ll post an announcement the very day it goes on sale. You can count on that! 🙂 While waiting, I will appreciate it if all who read this can go to this link and push the like button:


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