Author Betty Dravis

Have you ever seen a Christmas angel? Well, I count myself blessed because I not only see them, I’m honored to work with them on a daily basis. You see, I believe authors are the real angels of the world because they know how to give the perfect gift: the gift of reading, a gift that not only educates people, but also enables them to  travel outside their own surroundings and have the most exciting, inspiring adventures imaginable.

Where else can you travel to other worlds, both real and imaginary, without leaving the comfort of your home? Or you can read while traveling by car, bus, boat, train or any other modern conveyance. A new, fascinating adventure is only a book away…

Authors work hard to make these reading adventures possible for you, anywhere from eight months to several years. In fact, author C. Robert Lee worked over twenty years to perfect his Circles of Destiny trilogy, with Imajin Books releasing the first in the series, The Other Face of God, last month. And many other writers throughout the years have done the same. Writing takes a lot of discipline, hard work, dedication and perseverance.

With that in mind, I compiled an eclectic mix of Christmas stories to entertain you and your children during this delightful new Christmas Season of 2011. Books that will also make excellent Christmas gifts. To learn more about the authors and where to purchase their books, click the links beneath the photos.

Author Barbara Briggs Ward Offers Two Adult Christmas Books

Coming Mid-December: Author Carolyn Arnold Presents Justified,

the Second in Her Madison Knight Series

What Would Christmas be Without The Christmas Story

A Little Golden Book from 2000, by Jane Werner Watson & Eloise Wilkin

Dr. Niamh Clune’s Awesome Book Orange Petals in a Storm –

Grand Finale Occurs on Christmas Eve!

Edie Hand and Jeffrey Addison Offer a Heart-warming Christmas Tale:

A Christmas Ride: The Miracle of Lights

A Christmas Gift Changes Lives in Peggy Clement’s

Tale of Shifting Sand

Julia Taylor Ebel’s Mama’s Wreaths is Free Verse Strung

Together Like Cranberries on a Christmas Tree

In Karen Pokras Toczydlowski’s Middle-Grade Novel

Nate Rocks the World, Nate helps Santa and saves Christmas

My Latest Book is Not a Christmas Book, but Get it for Your Sweetie

and You Won’t Need Mistletoe to Get That Kiss

Everyone Likes to Read About Clint Eastwood & Hollywood Icons