CC Tillery

CC Tillery

Perhaps some of our readers have noticed a new name showing up at the top of our page. Yes, that’s right, we have a new Dame…er, or maybe she’s actually the result of two of the original Dames who have split personalities that came together to form a new Dame; CC Tillery. CC is actually half Christy Tillery French (on the right) and half Caitlyn Hunter (whose real name is Cyndi Tillery Hodges is on the left) who wrote a book together about their great-aunt Bessie’s life growing up in the mountains of western North Carolina.

CC Tillery (see what they did there? Their first initials and their maiden name combined to give this new author a name. Slick, huh?) Anyway, Christy, as you already know writes suspense and thrillers and Cyndi (Caitlyn) writes mostly paranormal romance with some contemporary thrown in on the side. Whistling Woman, the book they wrote about their great aunt, is a whole ‘nother thing entirely (as they say in the South). About as far from suspense, thriller, or paranormal romance as you can get, although it does have a little bit of romance. It’s southern literature, women’s literature, a coming of age story, and historical faction (part fact, part fiction). It includes many of the family stories they heard from their dad and their great aunt when they were growing up and it also has bits of Cherokee folklore and medicine, not to mention quite a bit of historical data about the town of Hot Springs, NC and the surrounding area.

So why the new name? Why not just go with their real names on the cover of this book that comes from both of their hearts? Well, it’s because they’re both stubborn dames and while Christy wanted Cyndi’s name to come first on the cover, Cyndi wanted Christy’s name to come first. So, in an effort to avoid having their first argument since they were teenagers and realized that having each other for a sister was not such a bad thing, they decided to go with a pseudonym. They decided to use their first initials (since thir first names both start with C, there’s no way anyone would know who was actually first) and used their maiden name, Tillery. And that’s how CC Tillery was born.

So, there you have it, Cyndi Tillery Hodges and Christy Tillery French writing together and producing what they both consider the finest writing of their career.

Whistling WomanWant to know more about Whistling Woman? Check out the Whistling Woman blog where you’ll find some tidbits about the writing process of the book, a table of contents (Southerners Speak Music…), the dedication, acknowledgement page, and the back cover blurb. Not to mention the buy link for Whistling Woman on Kindle and how they came up with the title. And check back here next Friday when CC will be sharing the first chapter!