Deborah, I note you have the gifts of Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsentience (clear feeling), Clairvoyance (clear seeing), and Psychometry (reading the energy attached to objects and photos). I’m fascinated by this. Can you explain each one?

I believe they are all intertwined, for the most part.  For most, clairaudience would be best described as channeling. It’s not like hearing “voices in your head,” but rather, it’s more like hearing the voice of intuition.  When I’m giving psychic readings, I feel the energy in and around my client and then I get a sense of “know” and the words just flow through me. When I’m writing, I open myself up to hear and accept whatever comes to me.  That would lead me right into clairsentience, which is best known as empathy.  Being an empathy, when I’m giving readings or performing energy healings on my clients, I “feel” them – I sense where their pain or vulnerabilities by feeling it within me or on the part of my body they feel it in. Clairvoyance I would best explain as like seeing a memory. You can’t see it with your own eyes, but you see it in your mind’s eye. With psychometry, although the definition indicates that it means “reading the energy attached to objects and photos,” it’s more like feeling the energy and interpreting what you feel.  All objects have vibrations or energy attached to them.

That’s all so interesting. When did you first realize you possessed these gifts and how long have you been giving psychic readings?

I have been this way all of my life, so I would take an educated guess and say the age of four or five.  I always felt and sensed energy around me and was frightened to death of what I felt as I could not see anything, but I felt it was there.  I’ve been giving psychic readings for about twenty years.

That must have been terrifying at a young age, but it’s such a beautiful gift. Can you share your most interesting psychic experience?

I’ve had many, however, this one in particular was hair raising.  I was at a woman’s home where she was having a get-together with a few friends.  I had met everyone, including her, for the first time that day.  She was a very spiritual woman. During the day, she had everyone gather and sit in a room in her home.  She placed a large photograph encased in glass on a table off to the side with a chair in front of. She asked for each person, separately, to sit in front of the picture, close their eyes, feel the picture with their fingertips and speak out loud of anything they “received” from the picture.  I went last. I did what she asked.  Sitting next to me was a mother and her grown son. All of a sudden, I felt extreme anger, resentment, upset and hatred and then began telling the son of the woman off. I hollered things at him like “how dare you” and “you are disgusting.”  I don’t remember everything, but remember then abruptly stopping and telling him I was sorry, I don’t know why I did that.  I was the only one who had that experience with the picture.  The woman who owned the home took my hand and brought me into another room where she told me the picture was that of Mary Magdalene from the Bible.  She smiled at me and told me to relax and explained to me that the reason I did that is because what I was feeling and the reason I told him off so badly was because the son of the woman raped his mother.

That’s chilling and was upsetting for you, I’m sure. You also perform Shamanic House Clearings and have assisted investigations of missing persons cases. Can you tell us a bit about these skills?

For house clearings, I first speak to the client to identify the problems they are experiencing.  Most problems I’ve encountered from my clients are paranormal related (hearing voices, seeing spirits or orbs, objects physically moving in the home) as well as an overall feeling of negativity and heaviness.  For most clearings, I use White Sage, Cedar and either Sweetgrass or Lavender. I have specific prayers I use for each ceremonial herb as I clear each and every room of the home.  For missing person’s cases, I use psychometry to feel the vibrations of and interpret the energy associated with either a picture of the missing person or items belonging to the missing individual.

Again, I’m fascinated by all this and appreciate you sharing this with us. Tell us about your radio show.

I originally began D’s Roundtable Radio show with my wonderful co-host, Dr. Fran Orenstein where we interviewed many different authors and experts relating to their particular subject.  Each show was tailored toward our guest.  Since the ending of the segments, I have reformatted the show to concentrate on life, faith, clairvoyance and current events.  I plan on offering free on-air psychic readings again in the near future on the show as well.

You can bet I’ll tune in. Tell us about your latest work.

 My latest book, “Timeless Quotes” is an inspirational quote book.  It’s short, easy everyday reading for a daily dose of smiles and gentle reminders on how beautiful life is, even within moments that don’t appear to be so bright.

I think we all need gentle reminders every once in awhile. I know a recent long-term bout with illness taught me to appreciate my life and those around me. As an esteemed author and poet, do you find your psychic talent beneficial or a hindrance?

I actually find my psychic ability to be beneficial in terms of writing. It’s like setting my mind to a blank channel, putting my fingers on the keyboard and let my fingers do the writing.  Most of the time, my writing is automatic and it is wonderful.

I love it when that happens. What’s next on your agenda in the literary world?

I am currently working on a self-help book, “Hardboiled Egg” alongside another metaphysical novel entitled, “Divination.”  “Hardboiled Egg” is based upon the theory that no matter what the situation is in your life, no matter what circumstance you are facing and no matter what life has caused you to become, there is nothing you cannot overcome or forgive when you realize that every part of your life’s journey is summed up in two simple words – hardboiled egg.  There are a myriad of circumstances presented in the book where you will learn how to change your perceptions for easier and healthier living.  “Divination” is another channeled novel – a metaphysical journey through worlds beyond our reach and the world within our grasp.

Both are intriguing concepts. I look forward to reading them. Who or what inspires you most?

I have grown to realize that the one person who inspires me most in this life is my son.  He is my continuous source of courage, strength and motivation. He is the reason I strive to become a better person every day.  And, of course, my clients inspire me on a daily basis. There is no greater feeling in the world than when after giving someone an energy healing or a psychic reading, they call you or pay you a visit to let you know how their life has changed for the better. It’s an absolute amazing feeling to be able to be a source of healing or inspiration for another.

Absolutely. If you could spend a day with one person, alive or dead, who would that be and why?

If I could have one day like that, I would like to spend that day with my father. He was a good man and I miss him dearly.

Tell us about your neck of the woods.

My neck of the woods is a busy town, crowded streets and a lot of hustle and bustle. I cannot say I enjoy driving around amongst the crowded streets; however, when I’m home, it is my little sanctuary.


Do you have pets? If so, what kind?

I do have pets.  I have a dog and a cat.  They’re my favorite girls.


Two of my favorite animals. I can’t imagine my life without a dog or cat to share it with.

Thanks, Deborah, for an intriguing interview. For more information about Deborah: