Author L. J. Garland



Welcome to our delightful guest, L. J. Garland, who loves adventure and writes about it.

1.    When did you first decide that you would be a writer?

Wow…come to think of it, I never really decided to become a writer. It was a long, surreptitious process that I soon found myself obsessing over. I’ve always written—journals, school assignments, short stories, etc. But I guess I never had that epiphany that a lot of authors have. I’ve always loved writing. Crafting stories has become kinda obsessive/compulsive, but we won’t talk about that right now.

2.     I notice that the themes in your novels are exciting and adventurous.  How did you come to write in your particular genre?

I’m a tomboy all the way! Yep. I’ve always climbed trees, bounded through the woods behind my childhood home, and lived adventures when playing as a kid. When I grew up, I found my more girlie side, but discovered that I didn’t have to give anything up in the process. In fact, my DH loves that I can wear a dress and heels while firing assault rifles or carry my kid’s sippy cup in my jacket pocket while shooting compound bows or lighting fireworks. And since I have three boys, I guess it all worked out just right in the end! LOL

3.    Your childhood sounds wonderful!  I can definitely see how your adventures led to these stories.  Who or what inspired your particular writing journey?

Hmm…my seventh grade teacher told me I should be a writer. But really, even though I continued penning stories over the years, it wasn’t until I met my husband that the bug really bit. I came home and said, “Honey, I want to write a book.” He was like, “Okay.” But I’ll tell you, there’s nothing so intense as sitting by, gnawing your nails, while the man you love reads what you wrote. Course later he told me that he’d been just as nervous. Before he ever read the first word, he wondered how he would tell me if it sucked. LOL

4.    Oh, I think having those close to us read our work is very nerve-shattering.  Are you currently working on another book?  If so, what can you tell us about it?

Actually, I’m working on several other stories. One is a SFR short story about a guy who is falsely accused of murder. Another is Paranormal Romance about a woman who has to die before she discovers her true love. And one I’m co-authoring with the very talented Debbie Gould. It’s a Paranormal Romance series about a girl who learns she has a family she never knew existed and the implications that follow. All of these are action-packed romances with stuff blowing up and the hero and heroine in one perilous situation or another. And yes…I love torturing my characters. LOL

5.    Since your writing is full of adventures, I imagine that your reading might be as well.  What books are currently on your nightstand?

Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time
Stephen King’s Dark Tower Series
Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein Series
Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooters Series

6.    Can you tell us about some of your favorite childhood books?

Nancy Drew. Yeah, goes back to the intrepid tomboy. She always rooted out the truth and had awesome adventures.

7.    Who are your top five favorite authors, and why?

Stephen King – because he didn’t write horror just for the sake of writing horror, there was a deep, psychological aspect that caused the blood to run cold.

Dean Koontz – because his style of writing drew me. The way he wove his earlier stories was unusual, never in a straight line, which left me wondering how these diverse characters would ever collide.

Suzanne Brockmann – for her high-action stories and her hero’s perspective.

Robert Jordan – for his epic stories.

Thomas Harris – psychologically terrifying.

8.    Good choices and great reasons for them!  What can you share about your writing day?  Do you have a special writing space and certain rituals?

Between kids and house and editing for epubs, it’s more like my writing minutes. LOL However, all those ‘distractions’ allow for my subconscious to work out plot issues and also gives me time to write and rewrite the next chapter in my head before I sit down to the computer. Most times I have a really good idea where the scene is going and a good bit of the characters’ dialog as well. Somehow it works….


9.    Marketing is often a challenge for authors.  What works for you?

Word of mouth, interviews, blogs, reviews, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

10.    I’d love to hear about where you live.  How does your home setting inspire your writing?

I live in Rocket City, USA! What better place to inspire sci-fi romances? As for my home setting…well, I have three rambunctious boys, who continually surprise me with how common, everyday objects can become weapons. McGyver ain’t got nuthin’ on them! LOL (And yes, I did just date myself, didn’t I?) But my motto is: From Chaos comes Clarity. –That happens mostly at night. When I’m asleep.


11.    Do you have any pets?  We love animals.

Three cats who love to sit on me while I work. An awesome guinea pig, loaded with personality. That squeaky rodent loves to interact with the family and begs for a good head scratching. Also, a tank full of fish. Not much on the interaction side, but wonderful to watch for relaxation.