Welcome to Kate Fuentes, whose exciting YA fantasy series brings something for everyone.

1.    From the description on your website, I am intrigued by the storyline and characters in your Elements series.  What can you share about how and why you created these stories?

I have two young boys at home and both share an affinity for supernatural characters. My oldest son asked me to write a story for them to read together at night. The pressure was on… I knew I needed to create a storyline filled with adventure and overflowing with mysticism to keep and hold the attention of a 12 & 8 year old. But as time went on and the short story turned into a novel, I decided to ‘up the ante’ and publish the work as a demonstration to follow your dreams, which meant I was also writing for a group of readers older than my two sons and younger than myself. This was an added enticement to write for readers falling under the ‘young adult’ age bracket and I soon added a touch of romance into the mix… viola!

2.    In your second book, Veil of Darkness, a tragic event threatens the characters.  What can you share about this event, and how you arrived at the elements of the story:  characters, plot, and themes?

Veil of Darkness follows the experiences of Talon after losing his mother and twin brother to another realm. The beginning chapters reflect the feelings of depression and guilt he is enduring while at the same time determined to find a way to save his family from the wickedness holding them captive. I started the book out a little dark and dreary so the reader could understand the anguish one feels when separated from those closest to them. Soon, you see Talon coming into his own realization that his power of fire can be quite useful if balanced by peace. I incorporated different worlds and realms in the second book as well and will take readers on a fantastical ride through various dimensions. I like to include surprise occurrences and catch the reader ‘off guard’ from what they think will happen. I enjoy the twists and turns in a story and try to combine that aspect as much as possible to keep the readers hooked.

In my upcoming release, Kingdom of Aqueous (book 3), readers will be introduced to yet another realm filled with amazing creatures and whimsical lands. Of course, I have not forgotten to add the elements of evil that is ever present in the dark shadows.

3.    Since you have chosen to write a young adult fantasy series, my next question is:  Who or what inspired you and led to this particular writing journey?

I have loved Greek Mythology since I was seven or eight and I think pulling from the passion I felt when reading the legendary stories sparked an interest in myself to write my own fantasy saga.

4.    You mention that you are working on several projects currently, and I’m intrigued when you describe also helping the “underprivileged, forgotten, and oppressed” in a global reach department.  Can you elaborate on this challenge?

The challenge for me is finding the time to manage each project. I do have a full time job where I work with organizations, volunteers, and partners to help those across our world who are in need. I also write fiction in my spare time after I have cooked dinner, taken the kids to practice, folded the laundry, walked the dogs, helped with homework and talked to my husband about his day. It’s a daily juggle, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I am also preparing to travel to South Africa for the opportunity to work in an orphanage for two weeks. My team and I will be completing several manual labor projects in dire need of repair and I have been asked to conduct a journaling course and a nutritional class for the children. I have asked some of my fellow authors to donate their signed swag for an auction in April to raise funds and awareness for the HIV/AIDS orphanage of Soshanguve, South Africa. If your readers are interested in bidding at the auction and helping to raise funds for the orphans, please visit http://siredscribblings.blogspot.com/ in April for a chance to get some SERIOUS swag!

5.    As a writer, I am sure you must be an avid reader.  What books are currently on your nightstand?

Indeed, I love to read! I’m currently reading The Childe by CA Kunz, and I just finished Beautiful Creatures by Garcia and Stohl. I have several books on my Kindle bookshelf either read or an ongoing list of too be read… I enjoy a multitude of genres including; Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal, SciFi, Historical Romance, and Women’s Lit. Occasionally I throw in a Horror or Murder Mystery to change things up.

6.    Can you tell us about some of your favorite childhood books?

As I mentioned before, I thoroughly enjoy anything  relating to Greek Mythology but I can remember reading books such as Ferdinand, Anne of Green Gables, Swiss Family Robinson, and Black Beauty…just to name a few.

7.    Who are your top five favorite authors, and why?

Hmmmm! That’s a tough question and one I cannot thoroughly answer because it would be exhausting naming everyone. My reading habits strictly revolve around my particular mood. Sometimes I’m on a paranormal kick, while other days I want a great romance to sweep me off my tired feet. I’m a sucker for books in a series and stay loyal to authors I’ve read in the past.

8.    I love certain writers because of their prose.  Can you think of a favorite line from one of the books you love?

Pride and Prejudice: “Neither duty, nor honor, nor gratitude have any possible claim on me.”

This particular line came from the main character Elizabeth to Lady Catherine. I love this line because she puts the snooty old woman in her place and lets her know she hasn’t any merit in Elizabeth’s life or choice of who she should love, regardless of her stature. It shows strength and courage all wrapped up into one meaningful sentence.

9.    What can you share about your writing day?  Do you have a special writing space and certain rituals?

I have two days I completely dedicate to writing and the other days of the week sometimes afford me a few hours during the wee morning to write what I can before my eyes refuse to stay open any longer. I don’t have any particular rituals for my writing time, but I do write in a specific area. I always have a notepad by my bed, inside my bag, and in my car just in case I have a random idea for the storyline pop in my head.

10.    I’d love to hear about where you live.  How does your home setting inspire your writing?

For some, my home environment would be everything except inspirational. I can think of a few words such as noisy, chaotic, busy, spontaneous, and needy. If it’s not my children causing noise, it’s the two dogs. Chaos seems to follow me around like lint, but even more so as soon as my backend hits the chair to write. Busy must be contagious to our family because we can never seem to shake it between our regular work and school hours, extracurricular activities, or extended family events. Spontaneity might seem romantic to others, but to a type A personality it can be a nightmare. And lastly, I will close with the almighty description of needy. I live in a house full of men, needy is an understatement!

11.    Do you have any pets?  We love animals.

We have two dogs right now, but we will be adding a third to our family soon. We just picked out an adorable puppy to incorporate into our crazy family life…. another boy of course, what was I thinking?

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