Thanks for joining us today, Lori. Tell us about your latest book.

Thanks for asking.  My newest book, releasing March 20, 2012, is a children’s book dealing with pet death.  Yes, I know, it’s an unusual and difficult subject.  The title is “Hannah the Hedgehog Goes to Heaven” and it’s a flip book (the flip side title is “Lily Loses Her Best Friend”) where one side is written from the perspective of the little girl whose pet is dying and one side is written from the perspective of the pet itself.  Regrettably, two of my kitty babies passed away in 2011 – Aja was 17 and Casper was 15 and my grief over losing them was the inspiration for this book.  Hannah the Hedgehog is Lily’s best friend. But Hannah hasn’t been feeling well lately. Lily has to accept that it may be time for Hannah to die, but she’s grateful for the time she got to spend with Hannah. Hannah was sad to leave her friend, but looking down from heaven, she knows Lily will be okay too! This is a children’s book to help little ones deal with the grief that comes from losing a family pet.

Flip book – what a great idea and an important subject for all of us, young and old. When my Weimaraner Boo Radley died, I felt as if my own child had died. I still grieve him although it’s been seven years. What’s next?

With two Christian Living (nonfiction) books and two children’s books published, I want to write something in a completely different genre and am working on a book involving a female serial killer.  Because all of my prior books have been based on real life events, my husband is a little worried…

LOL. My book Wayne’s Dead is about a serial killer and I felt as if I were visiting the dark side every time I wrote this character. Lori, you’re an award-winning author – congrats! Of the awards you’ve received, which means the most to you?

Thank you.  I still can’t believe anything I’ve written would earn an award, but my favorite is the Gold Award for MISSING ANDY in 2010 because it is a book I wrote as a way to deal with my grief after my former husband passed away and people going through grief have told me that it has really helped them.

So glad to know it’s helped others, Lori. I imagine it was a very hard book to write but perhaps cathartic. From Zero to Christian in Just 35 Years is described as “not your typical Christian book because Moore has not lived your typical life.” I find this intriguing. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

Sure.  I’ve lived a very colorful life.  In fact, my life headline would read, “Former Stripper Becomes College Professor and Christian Author.”  Having grown up in a dysfunctional family with no discussions of faith or religion, I had never set foot inside of a church or heard of Jesus Christ until I was 35 years old.  My life changed the day that friends invited me to attend a service with them and I was baptized and accepted Christ on October 8, 2000.  Just 8 years earlier I’d been taking my clothes off and dancing for men for money, and after becoming a Christian, I went to college, earned three graduate degrees, and my life is 180 degrees different.

You’ve had an amazing journey, Lori. Your books are also Christian-based, which I understand is a very hot market right now. Did you choose this field because it’s so popular or is there a more personal reason you publish in the Christian genre?

I don’t really consider what I did as real writing because all I did was write about myself and what I know.  I didn’t choose the genre – it chose me.

Really like that answer. Do you have a specific writing regimen? If so, tell us about it.

No, I’m spontaneous and usually have the entire book in my head, from start to finish, when I sit down to type it out.

The entire book? Wow. I usually have the ending and that’s where I start and backtrack. What do you find works best for you in regards to promoting your work?

Social media has changed how products are marketed, but it’s amazing how a virtual medium can still promote relationships between authors and their readers.

Yes, I agree. I’ve met so many fans and readers this way. It’s a remarkable way to promote. I note you love to travel and have visited all 50 states in the US as well as 30 other countries. What was your favorite place to visit and why?

Oh, I love so many places and long to visit so many more.  In the United States, I am particular fond of the entire state of Alaska, the city of Lake Tahoe in Nevada, and the city of Scottsdale in Arizona.  In terms of other countries, I loved Kenya and I think Estonia was just so different from anything I’d ever seen before.

Never visited any of those but they sound beautiful. What are you reading right now?

My husband gave me a Kindle Fire for Christmas and I’ve been downloading free classic e-books that I never had time to read when I was younger.  I’ve been captivated by Oliver Twist, Little Women, and Jane Eyre.  Right now I’m reading Great Expectations.

I have the Kindle but not the Kindle Fire. Don’t know what I’d do without my Kindle, though! Preference: ebook or dead-tree book and why? And do you think ebooks are the future?

I’m adjusting to reading books for pleasure in e-book form, but I still prefer a physical textbook or reference book.  Yes, I do see e-books replacing physical books and even elementary school students using electronic tablets instead of books in the future.

I prefer to read fiction in ebook form but, like you, a dead-tree reference book works better for me, simply because I light to highlight and tag places of reference. Your website states you have 1-1/2 cats which makes me smile. I’m curious – what happened to the other half?

We have little Grady who we adopted from the Humane Society who is now six years old and the ½ cat is a beautiful large black stray female cat that started visiting us a year ago and now stays inside with us about ½ the time.

We had an orange tabby that showed up in our garage one day and simply walked into our house as if he had always been there. He stayed with us until he died 14 years later. I still miss him. Tell us about your part of the country.

I have lived most of my life in Louisville, KY, home of the Kentucky Derby, birthplace of Muhammad Ali, and home of the Louisville Slugger baseball bat museum.  We have beautiful green hills, gorgeous horses, and neutral accents that are neither northern, Midwestern or southern.  We are the border between north and south when it comes to ordering “sweet tea” as you can’t get it north of here and it’s expected that you’ll order it south of here.

Love sweet tea! I have a good friend who used to live in Louisville who talks about how beautiful it is.

Thank you for being our guest today, Lori. For more information about Lori and her books: