Darlene, I read the blurbs for your books Embattled and Empowered and am intrigued by each one. Can you tell us a little about each?

Beings from “out there somewhere” take over a woman’s life (Embattled). There’s one little problem though. Yves, the being assigned to clean up the mess on Earth is a rookie so of course he makes huge mistakes and breaks a whole lot of rules. The whole muddle ends up in a one woman, one man, one supreme being love triangle.

I planned to write one book, but the characters and story took over and grew to four books. In Empowered our heroine is convinced that she is invincible. The visions she experienced as a child told her so. But where will her beliefs lead? And what will Yves do to win her love?

They sound very unique and interesting. I’ve placed them on my TBR list. What’s next?

Book three, Embraced, will be out soon. Our heroine is hearing clickings in the fillings of her teeth that she thinks are signals from outer space. What is Yves up to now?

The fourth is a work in progress and will bring a “happily ever after” to the love triangle—I think.

“I think” – I know exactly what you mean. What’s your favorite genre to read and who are your favorite authors?

I don’t read by genre. I love any books that are well written and engaging. I was once asked to list my ten favorite books.http://emandyves.wordpress.com/2012/04/15/books-and-more-books/ I could have listed a hundred. I like many authors—Kathy Page, Amar Lakhous, Ellis Peters, Dorothy Gilmore, Elizabeth Cadell … http://emandyves.com/etcetera.html

Like you, I could list many books that are my favorites. Do you plan to write in a completely different genre than sci-fi in the future and, if so, which one?

I know my books are seen as sci-fi because of the other worldly element, but I see them more as human stories with a twist of sci-fi magic. I haven’t thought much beyond finishing this series, so I can’t say what direction my writing might take, but I do believe it will be quite different.

More and more authors are crossing genres these days and I really like that. Tell us about your writing regimen, if you have one.

I start my day with a workout – writing involves too much sitting. Then I do emails, twitter, Facebook and critique and edit my partner’s work. Once all of that is done, I feel that my mind is free to write. I start with going over my files that my partner has critiqued. Then I move on to the next bit.  Sometimes I find that I have to leave my work alone for a stretch. Then, when ideas for the story start to pop into my head, I know it’s time to get back at it.

I’ve found it helps to take a break at times and wait for my muse to kick me into action. What do you like most about writing? What do you dislike most?

I love creating the story and I love the rewrites and edits. That’s where I get to refine the work.

I, too, love the rewrites and edits. What inspires you?

Good question. The story telling itself, comments from my critiquing partner, brainwaves that pop into my head unexpectedly.

Are you a pantser or outliner?

Now, with some experience, I know that an outline is a big help, even if it’s very rough and changes as I go.

I note from your website that you lived in Mali. First, is that you on the camel? And second, tell us about that experience.

Yes, that’s me on the camel riding to the pyramids in Egypt. Seemed like the right thing to do. Living in Mali was a bit of “time travel” in the sense that people live with so little and precious few of the modern conveniences we have. There is a certain magical and mystical quality to Africa (I’ve traveled a bit on that continent) that stems, I think, from our shared heritage as humans.

It’s hard to imagine going without our modern conveniences and I’m sure is harder for those that don’t have them. You like to spend your winters in Mexico. (I laughed when I read your blog about the 2’ lizard in your kitchen.) Where do you stay in Mexico and what do you find so appealing about this area?

That lizard story was only funny after I got him out!!! My daughter lived in Mexico for six years, is married to a Mexican and our granddaughter is half Mexican so that’s a major part of the appeal. As well, we have many good friends there and we love being at the beach. We are north of Puerto Vallarta and have one of the best body boarding spots.

Sounds wonderful.  What’s your favorite saying?

“As my mother used to say, …” followed by one of her sayings which she also prefaced with “As my mother used to say, …” when I was a kid. She claimed they sounded much better in their original Flemish as they rhymed.

Love that! We love animals. Do you have pets? If so, tell us about them, please.

We share a dog with our daughter – Sally, The Flying Nun, of blog story fame. http://emandyves.wordpress.com/2011/04/17/the-flying-nun/She’s the dog my daughter rescued from the street in Mexico.

She’s a hero for saving a life. Thanks for joining us today, Darlene. For more information about Darlene and her works: http://emandyves.wordpress.com, www.emandyves.com,  https://www.amazon.com/author/darlenejones