PB&DP Does It For Me! by Caitlyn Hunter

Caitlyn Hunter, authorThe grossest food I like to eat? Well, it’s not gross to me, obviously, but I know other people probably think so. See the cartoon down below? It’s wrong! I know lots of people love their pb&j, and as evidenced by the cute little picture, think peanut butter and jelly are best friends and will be together forever.

best friends, peanut butter & jelly

Not in my world! Since I write mainly paranormal romance, in my world it’s all about soul mates and while pb&j may be BFFs, pb&dp are soul mates who find each other, fight to stay together, and in the end, live happily ever after.

What’s pb&dp, you ask? Peanut butter and dill pickles. Yum! Especially if you put them together on toasted whole wheat bread with a side of potato chips. Double yum! Trust me, there’s nothing better!

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Green Eggs are Fine by Maggie Bishop

Maggie's Green Eggs, step 1Doctor Oz has green shakes.

Doctor Seuss has green eggs and ham.

Mine beats both of those – green eggs – and lots of them.

In a skillet use a couple of handfuls of frozen greens or half a can of cooked greens, collard, turnip, spinach, mustard or mixed – makes no difference.   If you use frozen, add a little stock or water to the and cook over medium heat for a couple of minutes until most of the “frozen” is thawed.

Maggie's Green Eggs, step 2Push greens to sides and make a ring to free up the middle.  Crack open two eggs and plop into the liquid in the center of the ring.  Cook until half done then flip the eggs and finish.  If egg yoke breaks, do an emergency scramble with a shorter cook time.

Pour into a bowl and eat with a spoon so as to catch most of the liquid. Serve with unbuttered toast to sop up the last in the bowl.  All this is for one person.  I believe in a big breakfast.Maggie's Green Eggs, the end

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Pinto Beans and Mayonnaise – yum! by Christy Tillery French

Christy Tillery French, authorI idolized my grandfather growing up and didn’t find out until I was an adult that he wasn’t my biological grandfather. But he treated my mother and her children as if they were his very own. His name was Charlie and he was a tall, thin man with dark hair and a nose so big it seemed to dominate his features. One of those men who had a face with character if you know what I mean.  He rolled his own cigarettes and made sporadic trips to the cellar where he hid his whiskey so my grandmother wouldn’t know. He loved to play Rook and could best anyone and I remember lots of fun hours playing that game with him trying my darndest to win just one game. My grandmother was a good Southern cook and this showed in her stout frame but Grandpa stayed thin all his life even though he ate plenty of her good food. One of his favorites was mixing mayonnaise with pinto beans. I don’t dare show a picture here because to be honest it kind of looks like something the cat threw up. He fed this to me as a small child and I think I initially ate it more to please him than anything else. But to this day I still eat pinto beans this way. Delicious! You ought to try it if you can get past the way it looks.

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Liver and Onions look gross, taste delicious  – by Betty Dravis

Nope! This is one dish that we all agree is NOT gross in any way! Applebee’s renowned chocolate decadence.

When the Dames planned to write something about the grossest food that we liked as individuals, I immediately thought of liver and onions because it looks grosser-than-gross before it’s cooked. Most meats do, come to think of it, but none look as rubbery and slimy as this.

Big turn-off in the “looks” department! But not as horrible to me as oysters, rattlesnake meat or fish served with the eyes intact, staring up at me! Now that is big-time horror-movie gross! Yucky, barf-making gross!

I remember liver and onions from my Ohio childhood. My mother wasn’t the type to force her seven children to eat something we thought repulsive, so when my older siblings refused to eat her liver and onions, cooked Southern style, I refused also. Truthfully, I wasn’t prone to follow in my siblings’ footsteps, so might have tried it if I had not seen it in the pan before it was cooked!

One day when the “big’uns” weren’t home and Mom was preparing dinner, she asked me to try a bite of liver and onions. Dangling a bit on the end of a fork, she said, “Doll-face, I know from other foods you like that you’ll like my liver and onions. Give it a try and if you don’t like it, you can spit it out. It’s really good for you.”

I never could resist my loving mom, and the rest is history: I loved it and have been enjoying it ever since. Can’t beat the chewy texture and the unique flavor!

My children didn’t like it either, but I loved it well enough to prepare it occasionally as they grew up. Now when I go to my daughter’s for Thanksgiving, she always saves the turkey liver for me, while she eats the heart—another gross food I dislike intensely. Horrible texture…

(Writing this reminds me of a question for which I never sought the answer: In the packet of giblets stuffed inside chickens and turkeys, there’s another “ugly” thing called a gizzard! My question: what is a gizzard? Anyone know? Sounds gross to me!)

If you’d like a great recipe for Southern Liver and Onions, check this website. I prefer calf liver because of its tenderness and flavor. Yummy!



Pomegranates No More by Laurel-Rain Snow

Laurel-Rain Snow When I was a kid, I lived on a big farm, with many orchards.  Surrounding the house was what my parents called The Family Orchard, with all kinds of fruits.  My favorite was a pomegranate tree, and I loved grabbing the fruit and eating it right there, with the juice dripping down my arms and onto my feet, which were bare.

Imagine how gross:  dirty feet with layers of pomegranate fruit juice.

I cannot stand eating pomegranates these days, as I recall the feeling of dirty feet, crusted and layered.  Although I do love pomegranate martinis.


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What about you?  What’s the grossest food you like?