1. Cleo's Oak, novel by Pearle Munn Bishop

    Cleo’s Oak, novel by Pearle Munn Bishop

     Tell us about your book.

CLEO’S OAK is a novel of Cleo, a psychic midwife from the eighteen hundreds, channels her life story through Willow, a contemporary egotistical sixteen year old girl. http://dld.bz/CleosOakKindle

Cleo’s Oak Paperback http://dld.bz/CleosOakPaperback


2.       When you’re writing, who is in control, you or the characters?

The characters.  I just hold the pen.

3.       How long have you been writing? 

wood carver as depicted in Pearle Munn Bishop's first story

wood carver as depicted in Pearle Munn Bishop’s first story

I wrote my first story when I was ten.  It was about two trees in Italy —  a wood carver carved it into a pair of American Indians.

4.       Where do you find inspiration for your writing?

Spirits want their stories told.  Dreams, memories, family stories, gossip, books, friends.

5.       If you could talk for thirty minutes with any persons, living or dead, who would it be?

My mother and grandmother.

6.       What is your strongest and weakest area in the creative process?

Writing is easy; rewriting is work.

7.       How do you classify yourself as a writer?

Fiction, although the spirits that really write their stories may not think so.

8.       Were books an important part of your household when you were growing up?

Yes, yes, yes.  They were everywhere.

9.       Any teachers or others who influenced you?

Butterfly influence in novel by Pearle Munn Bishop, "Cleo's Oak"

Butterfly influence in novel by Pearle Munn Bishop, “Cleo’s Oak”

My high school English teacher, Miss Isabell Cromartie and my math teacher, Mr. F. Jay Bates, as well as fairies, elves, butterflies, Brownies, Druids and the spirit of the oak tree were a part of my early childhood.

10.   Are you in a writing group?

Yes, Cleo’s story would not have been told if it had not been for High Country Writers of Boone, NC.  The members tell me things like plain chicken manure is too hot for fertilizing pepper plants.  They laugh at the jokes in the story and hate or love my characters as though my story was based on truth.

11.   Why do you write?

Cleo and my writers’ group forced my hand.

12.    Who should read CLEO’S OAK? 

Anyone who has ever had a Grandmother.

“Cleo’s Oak” will be released Spring 2013.