Have you ever gone somewhere – park, coffee shop, subway – and just people watched? Picking people and coming up with a back story for them that most likely, unless you’re psychic, will not even be close to who that person really is. Ever think that’s what happens with the people you actually “know” too? In books, movies and television you get to know the characters gradually. You enjoy learning more about them as the work goes on. Sometimes you know the characters’ secrets. Sometimes you don’t. They’re the ones they won’t tell anyone else, not unless it moves the story forward. In real life secrets have nothing to do good story telling and everything to do with someone only revealing things about themselves that they want people to know. Over time some secrets aren’t needed anymore. Like it’s no secret now that I had a crush on Craig Richardson in high school. But he might not know that still. 🙂 Would I be devastated if he found out? No. I couldn’t care less. But some secrets are kept to the grave.


I’ve read news stories where a wife finds out her husband hired underage hookers and didn’t find out until the police came to arrest him. On his computer they found all sorts of pictures that he really shouldn’t have. She thought she knew her husband. I bet if asked she would have said her husband would never do anything like that. But how do you really know? After all people only let you see a glimpse of themselves. A piece of them they want the world to see. We hide all those other pieces of ourselves. Maybe we think our loved ones won’t love us anymore if they find out who we really are.


I had a boyfriend when I was in my twenties who I knew was hiding something from me. Of course I didn’t know right away. But as I got to know him, got to know his behaviour, his mannerisms, I knew when something changed. And it all started with him getting a pager. This was in the early 90s. No one had a pager back then unless they were a doctor or a drug dealer. Most couples fight about money or infidelity (or possible infidelity). We fought about him having a pager. No matter what time of day or night he would return the page then we would have to go to a parking lot somewhere to meet someone. Usually his sister’s boyfriend (who also had a pager). After months of asking him what it was for I finally said if he didn’t tell me I would leave him. He confessed that if he told me I would leave him for sure. As a writer of suspense fiction I pictured dead bodies hidden all over the city. Or shady drug deals. It turns out he was selling credit card numbers. Not as bad as I’d feared but still criminal. Back then I was still unsure of myself in a lot of ways so I stayed with him rationalizing that at least he wasn’t selling drugs or killing people.


You know your family and your friends probably better than anyone else you know. But how well do you really know them?


Reflections by Cindy Carroll

Reflections by Cindy Carroll

Reflections:  When a cursed inn replaces her friends with evil reflections a woman fights to get the genuine articles back before the doubles kill her.

A road trip goes wrong for a group of friends trying to help one of them get over a break up. They find an inn where the mirrors are cursed. They realize they don’t know each other as well as they thought they did.

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