Lala Corriere, author

Lala Corriere, author

Naming a fictional character is easy for me. Naming a child or a pet? Daunting!



We recently adopted a dog. Very exciting. And burdensome. The Name Game begins. Onerous, at best.

To make matters worse, there seem to be some rules. A real man won’t name his sporting dog Precious. In fact, a more obscure rule dictates that a one-syllable name is best for the hunting canine. Likewise, one shouldn’t name a Siamese cat Butch. Go back to Precious. Precious is good. You shouldn’t name a Chihuahua Pierre, and most definitely, stay away from naming a Great Dane Fluffy.

I conducted my search for the perfect name, taking a history lesson from my past.

Big mistake.

As a child, our first family pet was a Pug. I don’t know who named him, but his name was Pug. We lost Pug and adopted another Pug. We named him Pug.


Scrolling back over my adult years, our first pet had another original name. My husband and I were eager to surprise our children with a kitten on Christmas Eve. This proved to be a difficult feat. Finally, we came upon the one lonely cat remaining in a cage. Her eyes were runny, and she coughed and sneezed. We brought her home, anyway. We spent far more money in healing her than on her adoption fee. That novel name? Christmas. 

Christmas has long since left us, along with Rudy. He was a gift for Valentine’s Day, as in Rudolph Valentino. Sidney—named after my mentor of several years, Sidney Sheldon, has also departed.

BB Fire

BB Fire

The name Bibelot, French for bauble, suits our white-longhaired Ragdoll who thinks she is a princess. We often call her BB; short for Bibelot Bianca.

The two dogs came next.

Finnigan is a 5 ½ pound Teacup Yorkie rescue dog. That said, we don’t know his original name. The rescue organization named him Finnigan and we liked it. It’s a funny word to say. It’s a name that makes people smile. We sometimes call him Finnie, for short.

A month ago the stork came again to the Corriere home. Finnigan’s Yorkie sister is 3 ½ pounds and fully grown. Oh dear! She makes Finnigan looks like a Mastiff who should have been named Brutus. Or Bruno. Or anything brutal and big.

Our new little baby girl is named Phoebe. The Name Game dilemma was solved, with no rhyme or reason.

Except, that rhyming is a problem we hadn’t considered. We didn’t realize it until we started calling out our pets’ names. It’s kind of like Santa’s Dancer and Prancer, and Blitzen and Vixen.

Come, BB! I mean Finnie! I mean Phoebe!

It’s kind of like we should have taken a hint from George Foreman, and named all of our wee ones George.

OK. I was honest with you. Your turn. What was YOUR most lame name for a pet? And your favorite?


EVIL CRIES by Lala Corriere

EVIL CRIES by Lala Corriere

Recently, Lala Corriere’s third suspense novel, Evil Cries, was released as an eBook and will soon be available in trade paperback. Other titles include Widow’s Row and CoverBoys & Curses. Kiss and Kill has a release date of late fall, 2013. Visit website