Robin Tidwell, author

Robin Tidwell, author

Back in 2012 when the idea for my book series popped into my head—thanks to some late-night salsa and chips that triggered a bizarre dream—the more I researched and thought and planned and figured, the more I began to really wonder “what if?”

That’s what started my journey into our newest big project: self-sufficiency.

In spite of several so-called projects over the years, a cleaning service, an old-time photography business, even a bookstore, this new one is big. Huge. I’m wondering if we can actually do this, you know?

We bought a farm.

It’s 35 acres, out in the middle of nowhere. With WiFi, of course. Perfect, right? I think so . . .

See, while writing my books, I really got into baking our bread, canning, increasing my gardening, and cooking almost everything from scratch. I’d been doing some of this for a long time, but I stepped up my game—this year’s garden, for example, will be a full acre between our current home and the farm. That’s enough to feed the three of us for the whole year.

We stock supplies, we tromp around in the woods, we either knew how or learned how to do things like track, construct shelters, survive, shoot, and build things. I even bought some yarn and knitting needles and printed out instructions. Sadly, that’s as far as I’ve gotten at this point.

So, yeah, you could call us preppers. Or crazy. Some people do that.

But that’s okay. I can live with “crazy.”

Why do we do this? Well, it’s kinda fun to do all that pioneer-type stuff. And too, things are nuts around here lately—I live in St. Louis. Traffic is awful, all the piddly little municipal regulations are enough to drive me to drink, and crime seems to have increased a lot. I really just want to be out in the woods, away from it all.

So, over the next year (still have one kid in high school), we’ll be renovating a fairly new small house, bulldozing an older wreck of a house, finishing out a barn, and getting the farm in generally good shape to live and work there. And spending a lot of money . . .

How did we get to this point? Well, you know how, when you read a book, you sometimes absorb or take on some of the characteristics of the protagonist? Oh, wait. Maybe that’s just me? Anyway, I do this—and it was much stronger when I was writing a book . . .

Thanks to Girl Scouts, I already had a lot of knowledge and some skills, so I started building on those. I also began to stock supplies, a few sale items here and there. I dragged out the old dehydrator and dried fruits and vegetables, and froze and canned more.

I’m not a fanatic, I even eat junk food or fast food sometimes. And no, I’m not preparing for a zombie apocalypse, but what if the power goes out? Or a water main breaks? Or a tornado rips through the area? If you can get to the store, there might not be much to choose from and besides, you’ll have to fight the crowds. Why not be ready and stay put, at home, with everything you need?

Robin’s latest book in the REDUCED SERIES, REPEAT, is due out this month (slight delay as she kept playing in the garden instead of writing), and you can read more about her and her self-sufficiency project at Prep Monday, one of her weekly blog posts.