ME May, author

ME May, author

To my fellow writers: please don’t be the lone wolf in a tough world. I know that many of us are introverted artists, myself included. We would love nothing more than to have that cabin in the woods or solitary beach house where we could do nothing but write. Then, with no trouble at all, we simply send our wonderful prose to a publisher who is anxiously awaiting our newest submission. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work the way it does in the movies.


One of the greatest discoveries I’ve made as an author is that I do not have to bear the rough road to publishing alone. I don’t have to take the hit of a rejection letter without the support of those who understand what I am going through. There are people who not only encourage me and share their experiences, but who provide the opportunity for me to learn how to be a better writer.


Who are these super heroes of prose you ask? They are your genres writers’ associations. That’s correct. There are organizations that support writers in your particular genre.


In my case, I am a mystery author. When I finally decided to write that first novel, I had no idea where to start. I didn’t know anyone in the publishing business. I didn’t know what was required in order to contact publishers. Did I need an agent? How would I get one of those?


One day, I decided to do an internet search and came across an organization called Sisters in Crime. This organization was the brainchild of Sara Paretsky whom you may know as the author of a popular series which features Private Investigator, V. I. Warshawski. Sara felt women mystery writers weren’t taken seriously, so she thought there should be an organization to support them. Of course, unlike the names implies, members are male as well as female.


When I joined this group in 2008, my first meeting for the local chapter in the Chicago area was their annual writers’ workshop. I learned so much in that one day that it inspired me to keep moving forward and to never give up. At regular chapter meetings, we have special guests and experts in the fields of publicity, law enforcement, private investigation, crime scene clean up, and more.


At this time, I have the honor of being Chicagoland’s Vice President and Program Chair. I am also a member of the Speed City Chapter in Indianapolis, which is my hometown and the site where my Circle City Mystery Series takes place. With the generosity of a grant for the National organization, the combined efforts of these two chapters, and assistance from the Iowa chapter, they were able to participate at the 2015 Printers Row Lit Fest in Chicago. There they spread the word about the Sisters in Crime organization and introduce some of their Midwest authors to readers.


As an active member of the Mystery Writers of America, I have found another excellent organization of which to be a part. They too support members in their efforts to write the best novel possible through workshops, meetings with experts, and the occasional fun  and fabulous networking party. The Midwest Chapter was also a great presence at Printers Row Lit Fest this year providing speakers for Lit Fest panels as well as featuring authors in the Mystery Writers of America tent. They conducted fun contests with excellent Edgar Allan Poe prizes and held a flash fiction contest, which was won by a 16-year-old “future Edgar nominee.” The national organization also has writers’ workshops called MWA University, which takes place in various parts of the country. This is a great opportunity for writers—published or not—to hone their skills.


The camaraderie I have found in these two groups is inspiring and irreplaceable. That is the point of my blog today. It is so much easier to bear the disappointments when people who understand what you are going through surround you. It is also more joyous when you can share your successes with them.


I strongly suggest you find your “pack.” Don’t be the lone wolf, because often they “starve.” Being around writers from your genre is so stimulating that it is well worth being a part of it.


If you are a mystery writer, you can find out more about Sisters in Crime at and Mystery Writers of America at . If you write in another genre, you can find a list of organizations on a website called Writers Relief at .


You contact me with any questions regarding today’s blog, or find out more about my novels and me through my website at Thank you and Happy Writing!


Purged by ME May

Purged by ME May

Michele (M.E.) May attended Indiana University in Kokomo, Indiana, studying Social and Behavioral Sciences. Her interest in the psychology of humans sparked the curiosity to ask why they commit such heinous acts upon one another. Other interests in such areas as criminology and forensics have moved her to put her vast imagination to work writing crime fiction that is as accurate as possible. In doing so, she depicts societal struggles that pit those who understand humanity with those who are lost in a strange and dangerous world of their own making. 

In creating the Circle City Mystery Series, she brings to life fictional characters who work diligently to bring justice to victims of crime in the city of Indianapolis. Michele also hopes her readers will witness through her eyes, the wonderful city she calls her hometown. Learn more about Michele at

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