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The Dames are mixing it up a little. Due to hectic schedules, we’re simplifying matters from this end. If you are interested in an interview, please check our interview schedule below and pick an open date (interviews are published on Wednesdays) then go to our interview Q&A page and choose 12 to answer. Email Christy at with your preferred date, answers to the 12 questions you chose, and a jpg headshot and book cover(s) and we’ll publish your interview. Thanks!

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2015 Wednesdays

May 6, Amy M. Reade, author, by Christy,

September 16, Jeffrey McQuain, author, by Christy

September 23, Ben Furman, author, by Christy


2014 Wednesdays

January 1, Janet Dawson, author, by , Christy,

January 8, Robert Weibezahl, author, by Caitlyn,

January 15, Kait Carson, author, by Maggie,

January 22, Bill Hopkins, author, by Gayle,

January 29, Karen McCullough, author, by Christy,

February 5, Shannon A. Thompson, author, by Caitlyn, Shannon

February 12, Bette Golden Lamb and JJ Lamb, authors, by Gayle,

February 19, Holli Castillo, author, by Maggie,

February 26, Laurie Boris, author, by Caitlyn,

March 5, Randall Scott Brooks, author, by Christy,

March 12, Caryl McAdoo, author, by Maggie,

April 2, Mary Reed and Eric Mayer, author, by Christy,

May 14, Nicola Furlong, author, by Christy,

June 18, Nancy Lynn Jarvis, author, by Maggie,

July 30, Dylan J. Morgan, author, by Christy,

August 13, Alberta Lampkins, author, by Christy,

September 3, Laurie Boris, author, by Christy,

September 17, Denise Weimer, author, by Christy,




2015 Wednesdays

May 6, Amy M. Reade, author, by Christy,



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Interview Requests

If you are a published author and would like to request an Author Interview, please contact Christy Tillery French

2013 Wednesdays

January 2, Jennifer Dahl, author, by Maggie,

January 9, Dylan J. Morgan, author, by Christy,

January 16, Shaheen Ashraf-Ahmedauthor, by Caitlyn,

January 23, Meb Bryant, author, by Laurel-Rain,

January 30, Pearle Munn Bishop, by Maggie

February 6, Rebecca Dahlke, mystery author, by Maggie,

February 13, Pam Funke, author, by Christy,

February 20, Laurie Boris, author, by Caitlyn,

February 27, Alan S. Blood, author, by Laurel-Rain, /

March 6, Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson, author, by Christy,

March 13, Cinthia Ritchie, author, by Maggie,

March 20, Helen Fielding, author, by Caitlyn,

March 27, Katherine Grey, author, by Christy,

April 3, Colby Marshall, author, by Laurel-Rain,

April 10, Dylan J. Morgan, author, by Christy,

April 17, Why Are these Authors Happy? by Betty

April 24, The Dryland Quartet, by Betty

May 1, Colleen Kelly Mellor, author, by Caitlyn,

May 8, Allen Rizzi, author, by Caitlyn,

May 15, Steve Brown, author by Caitlyn,

May 22, Ruth Francisco, author, by Laurel-Rain,

May 29, Olivia Linden, author, by Christy,

June 5, Victoria Taylor Murray, author, by Christy,

June 12, Joe Perrone Jr., author, by Caitlyn,

June 19, Susan Tekulve, author, by Maggie,

June 26, Mark Rosendorf, author, by Laurel-Rain,

July 3, L.A Starks, author, by Christy,

July 10, Elizabeth Zelvin, author, by Maggie,

July 17, Terry Shames, author, by Christy,

July 24, Phillip DePoy, author, by Caitlyn,

July 31, Shallanna Collins/Denise Weeks, author, by Laurel Rain ,

August 7, Kelsey Day Marlett, author, by Maggie

August 14, Rita Plush, author, by Christy,

August 21, Betty Sullivan LaPierre, author, by Caitlyn,

August 28, PJ Nunn, author, by, Laurel Rain,

September 4, Leanna Sain, author, by Maggie,

September 11, Terry Ambrose, author, by Christy,

September 18, James R. Callan, author, by Caitlyn,

September 25, Darden North, author, by Christy,

October 2, Carol Englehaupt (C.L. Roth), author, by, Maggie,

October 9, Morgan St. James, author, by Christy,

October 16, Helen Smith, author, by Caitlyn,

October 23, Kathleen Delaney, author, by, Laurel Rain,

October 30, Patti Brooks, author, by Maggie,

November 6, Chris Redding, author, by Christy,

November 13, Rabbi Ilene Schneider, Ed.D., author, by Caitlyn,

November 20, Marilyn Meredith, author, by Laurel Rain,

November 27, Lala Corriere, author, by Maggie,

December 4, John R. Lindermuth, author, by Christy,

December 11, Nancy Lynn Jarvis, author, by Caitlyn,

December 18, Judith Copek, author, by Maggie,

December 25, Elaine Orr, author, by Laurel-Rain,

2012 Wednesdays

January 4, Roxanne Smolen, author, by Maggie,

January 11, L. J. Garland, author, by Laurel-Rain Snow,

January 18, Helen Henderson, author, by Christy,

January 25,Tony Piazza, author, by Caitlyn,

February 1,Laurie Boris, author, by Christy,

February 8, Lissa Brown, author, by Maggie,

February 15, Melinda Leigh, author, by Laurel-Rain,

February 22, Pauline Holyoak, author, by Christy,

February 29,Jacqueline Seewald, author, by Caitlyn,

March 7, Meg Justus, author, by Maggie,

March 14, Kate Fuentes, author, by Laurel-Rain,

March 21, Lori A. Moore, author, by, Christy,

March 28, Heidi M. Thomas, author, by Caitlyn,

April 4, T.W. Fendley, author, by Maggie,

April 11, Tina Crone, syfy author, by Maggie,

April 18, Andrew C. Hudson, author, by Laurel-Rain,

April 25, Grace Elliottauthor, by Christy,

May 2, Lila Hopkins, author, by Maggie

May 9, Victoria Marshal, author, by Caitlyn,

May 16, The Dames’ Hometowns

May 23  Karen Spears Zacharias author, by Laurel-Rain,

May 30, Candace Shaw, author, by Christy, 

June 6, Kari Lee Townsend, author, by Maggie,

June 13, Bronwen Evans, author, by Caitlyn,

June 20, Darlene Jones, author, by Christy,

June 27 – Lauren Carr, author, by Laurel-Rain,

July 4,  Dimi Nakov, producer/director, Cannes winner, by Betty Dravis,

July 11, Shewanda Pugh, author, by Maggie,

July 18, Britt Bury, paranormal romance author, by Caitlyn,

July 25, Sally Rowland, Canadian Artist, by Betty

August 1, Amy Metz, author, by Christy,

August 8, Cynn Chadwick, by Maggie,

August 15, Kya Aliana, author, by Christy, www.KyaAliana.Weebly.Com

August 22, Cindy Speer, author, by Caitlyn,

August 29, Carol Kilgore, author, by Laurel-Rain,

September 5, Poly Iyer, mystery author, by Maggie 

September 12, Mia Darien, author, by Christy,

September 19, Gayle Trent, mystery author, by Maggie,

September 26, What’s the Grossest Food I Like? by the Dames

October 3, Matt Walpole, Row by Row Bookshop, by Maggie

October 10, Jody Lebel, author, by Caitlyn,

October 17, D.K. Christi, author, speaker and consultant, by Christy,

October 24, M.E. Kemp, author, by Laurel-Rain,

October 31, Richard Brawer, author, by Christy,

November 7,  Ellis Vidler, romantic suspense author, by Maggie,

November 14, Beverly Connor, author, by Christy,

November 21, Ken Robert Campbell, author, by Maggie,

November 28, Alana Lorens, author, by Caitlyn,

December 5, Loretta Wheeler, author, by, Christy,

December 12, Georganne Spruce, author, by Caitlyn,

December 19, Lillian Brummet, author and publisher, by Laurel-Rain,

December 26, Holiday Traditions by the Dames

2011 Wednesdays

January 5, Joshua “Deous” Gennari, actor/producer, AREA 51 Productions, Betty Dravis,

January 12, Bryant McGill, Founder of Goodwill Peace Treaty, radio host/author, by Betty Dravis,

January 19, Mike Leach, author, by Hugh Howey

January 26, Linda Jencson, cultural anthropologist, by Maggie

February 2, Alma Bowen by Maggie,

February 9  Krisi Keley, by Laurel-Rain

February 16, Mary Flinn by Hugh Howey

February 23, Mila Ramos, paranormal author, by Maggie,

March 2, Linn Halton by Maggie,

March 9, John Lindermuth by Maggie,

March 16 Marja McGraw, by Laurel-Rain,

March 23, Jamie Collins, by Christy,

March 30 Carol Crigger, by Laurel-Rain,

April 6, Linda Phillips, by Maggie,

April 13, Wendy Dingwall by Maggie,

April 20, Tony Brown, by  Maggie,

April 27, Alretha Thomas, by  Laurel-Rain ,

May 4, Margaret West, paranormal author, by Maggie,

May 13, Aubrey Becker, by Laurel-Rain

May 18, Beth Groundwater, by Maggie

May 25, VicToria Freudiger, Publisher, by Maggie,

June 1, Marina Mustafa, by Maggie, children’s book author

June 8, Betty Dravis, by Laurel-Rain,

June 15, Linda Lovely, by Maggie,

June 22, Mike Faricy, by Maggie,

June 29, Lin Stepp, by Caitlyn,

July 6, Laurel-Rain Snow by Caitlyn,

July 13, VicToria Freudiger, author, by Maggie,

July 20, Rhonda Lee Carver, romance, by Maggie,

July 27, Betty Gordon, author, by Christy,

August 3,  Christy Tillery French, author, by Betty Dravis,

August 6 (SATURDAY) Joseph Finder, author, by Betty Dravis

August 10, Kari Lee Townsend, author, by Christy,

August 17, Fola, author, by Christy

August 24, Heather Cashman, author, by Maggie,

August 31, Nancy Means Wright, by Maggie,

September 7, Caitlyn Hunter, by Christy,

September 14, Thom Reese, author, by Caitlyn

September 21, Joyce DeBacco, author, by Caitlyn,

September 28, Mark Rosendorf, author, by Laurel,

October 5, Maggie Bishop, author, by Christy,

October 12, Melanie Marks, author, by Caitlyn ,

October 19, Sally Carpenter, author, by Laurel,

October 26, Randy Rawls, author, by Christy ,

November 2, Sue McGinty, author,  by Caitlyn,

November 9, Nikki Andrews, author, by Christy,

November16, James Dorr, author, by Laurel,

November 30, K.S. Brooks, author, by  Christy,

December 7, Smoky Zeidel, author, by Caitlyn,

December 14, Louise Caiola, author, by Maggie,

December 21,  Deborah Simpson, author, by Christy,

December 28, Lesley Diehl, author, by Laurel-Rain Snow,

2010 Wednesdays

January 6, Carrie King, author, by Christy,

January 13, Joyce Scarbrough, author, by Caitlyn,

January 21, C. Robert Lee, photojournalist and author, by Betty

February 3, schuyler kaufman, Mystery author, by Maggie

Februay 10, Nancy Kaiser, author, columnist, healer, animal communicator, by Christy French,

February 17, Hugh Howey, SF/fantasy, by Maggie Bishop,

February 24, Mark Rosendorf, author, by Caitlyn,

March 3, Wendy Dingwall, Publisher, by Maggie,

March 10, Sunny Frazier, author, by Laurel,

March 17, Anne White, author, by Christy,

March 24, Dorothy Francis, author, by Caitlyn,

March 31, M. E. Kemp, author, by Christy,

April 7,Bo Hoefinger, dog blogger and author, by Christy,

April 14, Katherin Kovin Pacino, actress and entertainment business manager, by Betty,

April 21, Kip Kreiling, author and motivational speaker, by Laurel,

April 28, Lesley Diehl, author, by Caitlyn,

May 5, Sharyn McCrumb, best selling author, by Maggie Bishop,

May 12, Character Interview with Marc Tassel, hero of Storm Shadows by Caitlyn Hunter

May 19, Julie Lomoe, author, by Christy,

May 21 (Friday): Dr. Linda Salvin, psychic, by Betty,

May 26, Linda Rettstatt, author, by Laurel,

June 2, Julia Ebel, biography & childrens books author, by Maggie Bishop,

June 9, Jo Hiestand, author, by Christy,

June 16, D.K. Christi, author, by Caitlyn,

June 23, Loretta Wheeler, author, by Laurel,

June 30, Claire Applewhite, author, by Christy,

July 7, 2010: Cheryl Kaye Tardif, author, by Betty,

July 14, Morgan St. James, author, by Caitlyn,

July 21, Frank Nappi, author, by Betty,

July 28, 2010: Tony Tarantino, actor/director/producer, by Betty,

August 4, Denise Verrico, author, by Laurel,

August 11, K. Michael Crawford, children’s book author/illustrator, by Betty,

August 18 Tracy Krauss, author, by Christy,

August 25, Cindy Sample, author, by Maggie,

September 1, Jackie Krudop, Al Pacino Worldwide, by Betty,

September 8, Jessica Gilbert, artists promotions/magazine founder, by Betty,

September 10 (Friday), Stan C. Countz, Magazine Publisher/TV host, by Betty,

September 22, Lisbeth Thom, author, by Caitlyn,

September 29,  Susan Whitfield,  author,  by Maggie,

October 6, Karen White, author, by Laurel,

October 13, Shelly Fredman, author, by Christy,

October 20, Celia Miles, author, by Caitlyn,

October 27, Sarah Byrd, author by Maggie

November 3, Donnal Akers, non-fiction author, by

November 10,  Michele Cozzens, author, by Laurel,

November 17, Sherwin Buydens, actor/producer/investor, by Betty Dravis,

November 19, Antonia Tosini, major Italian Screenwriter,author, by Betty,

November 24 Lynda Fitzgerald, author, by Laurel-Rain,

December 1, Steve Cushman, author, by Maggie,

December 8, Susan Kennington, actress/producer/Realtor, by Betty Dravis,

December 15, Rob Waterlander, “People Whisperer,” Life Coach, by Betty Dravis,

December 22,  Cathy Pickens -by Laurel-Rain –

December 29, John Manha, entrepreneur, real estate, by Betty Dravis,

2009  Wednesdays

April 1, Pat Brown, Author, by Maggie

April 8, Betty Gordon, Author, by Christy

April 15, Carola Dunn, Author, by Caitlyn

April 22, Valerie Jones, bookseller, Fireside Books , by Maggie

April 29, Amber at Wolf Creek Weirmaraner Rescue by Christy

May 6, Evelyn Horan, Author, by Christy

May 13, Beverly Scott, Author, by Maggie

May 20, Sylvia Dickey Smith,Author, by Christy

May 27, Betty Dravis, Author, by Christy,

June 3, Monya Clayton, Author, by Maggie

June 10, Jackie Griffey, Author, by Caitlyn

June 17, Cindy Cadelo, Author, by Caitlyn,

June 24, Shelley Leiber, Publishing Consultant, by Maggie

July 1, Persia Walker, Author, by Maggie

July 8, Mary Reed and Eric Mayer, Co-Authors, by Caitlyn

July 15, Claire Applewhite, Author, by Christy,

July 22, Judy Geary, Freelance Editor, by Maggie,

July 29, Victoria & Craig Weeden, Manatee advocates, by Maggie

August 5, Vicki Delany, author, by Caitlyn

August 12, Susie Schade-Brewer, author, by Christy

August 19, Chase Von, author, poet, celebrity interviewer, by Betty Dravis

August 26, Denida Zinxhiria, female bodyguard, by Christy

September 2, Nora Percival, Author, by Maggie

September 9, Laurel-Rain Snow, Author, by Caitlyn,

September 16, Holli Castillo, Author, by Caitlyn

September 23, Darden North, MD, Author, by Christy,

October 7, B. J. Foster, Author, by Maggie,

October 12, Special Guest Interview with Jenny McShane, actor/musician,

October 14, Elizabeth Zelvin, Author, by Christy

October 21, Stacy Juba, author, by Laurel,

October 28, Velda Brotherton, author, by Caitlyn,

November 4, Sybil Baker, author, by Maggie,

November 11, Terisa Wilcox, author, by Maggie,

November 18, Denise Dietz, author, by Christy & Caitlyn,

December 2, Margaret Brownley, author, by Christy,

December 9, Ted “Mac” McNabb, Apprentice Angel, character interview, Unwilling Angel by Caitlyn Hunter

December 16, Marissa Autumn, actress/model/singer, interview by Betty Dravis,

December 23, Diana Black, author, by Laurel,

December 30, Mary Cunningham, by Christy,

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Interview Requests

If you are a published author and would like to request an Author Interview , please contact Christy Tillery French