Hi Fellow Author,

The Dames of Dialogue are thrilled to include you on our growing list of authors answering the Dames’ Dozen.  You’ll find the questions below. You should choose twelve to answer, and please feel free to change, ignore or add to the list so long as the final total is twelve.

Your interview has been scheduled for the Wednesday you picked from our “open” schedule. You don’t have to be available the day of the interview, but we’d appreciate it if you would send out notices to your social networking sites on Wednesday and Thursday.  The Dames will post bulletins and blurbs to all the sites we belong to, both individually and as a group.  And please, feel free to link us to your site!  We would also appreciate it if you would check the blog after the interview is posted and respond to any comments you receive.  We hope you will sign up for our regular posts in the “email subscription” box in the upper left corner at https://damesofdialogue.wordpress.com

You’ll need to send the questions and answers, a jpg head shot photo, and one jpg cover photo for the book(s) you want to promote any time between now and the Monday before the scheduled Wednesday posting of the interview. The sooner the better in case my life gets hectic. Be sure to include links to your website, blog(s), Amazon page, and any other sites you wish to promote so we can include them in the blog entry.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help in any way. Keep it chatty and attach other photos related to your answers. Thanks!  Have fun with these.

Christy Tillery French  @ ctfrench252@aol.com

— Tell us one strange and provocative tidbit from your life that nobody has heard before.

–Tell us about your latest book.

–Can you share a little bit about what you’re working on now or what’s coming next?

–What is a typical writing day like for you?

–When you’re writing, who’s in control, you or the characters?

–Who are your favorite authors, the ones you read when you should be doing something else? Why do they appeal to you?

–Promotion is a big—and usually the most hated—part of being a writer. Can you share a little bit about how you promote?

–How long have you been writing?

–Who or what has been the biggest influence in your writing career and why?

–What do you consider the single most satisfying aspect of being a writer?

–Tell us a little bit about where you live.

–Mark Twain said, “Southerners speak music…”  Do you have a favorite southern saying you can share with our readers?

–Who were your favorite authors as a child? Have they influenced your writing career in any way?

–Where do you find inspiration for your writing?

–What are major themes or motifs in your work? Do your readers ever surprise you by seeing something else in your stories than you think you wrote?

–If you could talk for thirty minutes with any author (or person), living or dead, who would it be?

–What is your strongest and/or your weakest area in the creative process?

–How many hours a day do you write, where, any specific circumstances help or hurt your process?

–What are your thoughts on the standard writing advice, “write what you know”?

–How do you classify yourself as a writer? Fiction or non-fiction? Specific genre such as mystery, short story, paranormal or more general such as women’s fiction, Appalachian, etc.

–Besides “writer,” what else are you; what is your “day job”?

–What is your VERB? (This is a big poster at a local mall)? If you had to choose ONE verb that describes you and you behavior or attitude, what would it be?

–Describe your writing process once you sit down to write—or the preliminaries.

–Where do you get your ideas?

–Any family influences? Memoirs in the making?

–Were books an important part of your household when you were growing up?

–Any teachers who influenced you…encouraged you or discouraged?

–Did the classics have any effect on you in your formative years? (Shakespeare? Alice in Wonderland? Gulliver’s Travels?)

–Have you bought an e-reader? What is your overall impression of electronic publishing?

–How do your characters “come” to you? Are they based loosely or closely on people you know?

–Are you in a critique or writing group? If so, how does it work and specifically how do the members help your writing?

–Any good suggestions for overcoming writer’s block?

–Any books on writing you have found most helpful? Or classes you’ve taken?

— Why do you write?