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2015 Mondays

January 5, Carolyn J. Rose, Precipitation-powered Writing , www.deadlyduomysteries.com

January 12, Kathleen Kaska, Do Your Interests, Obsessions, Passions End up in Your Books?, http://www.kathleenkaska.com

February 2, Carolyn J. Rose, I Don’t Know Nothin’  www.deadlyduomysteries.com

March 2, Carolyn J. Rose, Wasting Timewww.deadlyduomysteries.com

April 6, Carolyn J. Rose, 50 Shades of Grunge, www.deadlyduomysteries.com

April 13, Robin Tidwell, Self-Sufficiency Project

May 5, Carolyn J. Rose, The Most Difficult Phase of Writing a Novel, www.deadlyduomysteries.com

June 15, M. E. May, We Need Our Pack by M. E. May, www.memay-mysteries.com

June 22, Carolyn J. Rose, Titles are Tough by Carolyn J. Rose, www.deadlyduomysteries.com

July 20, Carolyn J. Rose, The Wild, the Weird, the Whacko, www.deadlyduomysteries.com

August 24, Carolyn J. Rose, It Was the Best Advice; It Was the Worst Advice, www.deadlyduomysteries.com

2014 Mondays

January 5, Suzi Love, Australian Outback suzilove.com/

February 3, Carolyn J. Rose, How I Got Hooked on Themewww.deadlyduomysteries.com

February 24, C. Hope Clark, Rural Ain’t as Quaint as You Think, www.chopeclark.com

March 17, Mike Nettleton, Close Only Counts in Horseshoes, www.deadlyduomysteries.com

March 31, Carolyn J. Rose, Critic in Your Headwww.deadlyduomysteries.com

April 28, Rita Plush, My father and the Barbara Bush Dress, http://www.ritaplush.com/

May 5, Carolyn J. Rose, The Books I won’t Revisewww.deadlyduomysteries.com

May 26, Rita Plush, Writers’ Groups Make Better Writers, http://www.ritaplush.com/

June 2, Carolyn J. Rose, My Name Has No Flame,     www.deadlyduomysteries.com

June 30, Rita Plush, Giving Lily Her Voicehttp://www.ritaplush.com/

July 7, Carolyn J. Rose, Clothing Your Characters, www.deadlyduomysteries.com

July 28, Rita Plush, Tell Me a Storyhttp://www.ritaplush.com/

August 4, Carolyn J. Rose, The Synopsis from Hell, www.deadlyduomysteries.com

September 1, Carolyn J. Rose, The Power of the Pooch, www.deadlyduomysteries.com

October 6, Carolyn J. Rose, When Will You Retire from Writing?, www.deadlyduomysteries.com

November 3, Carolyn J. Rose, Less Angst, More Action, www.deadlyduomysteries.com

November 17, Colby Marshall, No Book is Safe, www.colbymarshall.com

December 1, Carolyn J. Rose, Lifestyle with a Leaner Look, www.deadlyduomysteries.com

2013 Mondays

January 7, Ashley Memory, Crepe-Making, http://ashley-memory.com/

January 14, Damon Ferrell Marbut, The Management of Things Passing, www.damonferrellmarbut.com

January 21, Dave Bibler, Afghanistan Through My Eyes

January 28, Karen Pullen, Born that Way, http://www.karenpullen.com/

February 11, Linn B. Halton, Feel good factor – lovin’ ithttp://linnbhalton.co.uk

February 18. Lillian Brummet, Adopting Rescue Shelter Animals, http://Brummet.ca

February 25, Jordyn Redwood, Is Brainwashing Possible?http://www.jordynredwood.net/

March 4, Carolyn J. Rose, People Who Inspired Me and Why, www.deadlyduomysteries.com

March 11, Lisa Black, Forensic Science, www.lisablack.com/

March 18, Kari Lee Townsend, Morty Madness from the pov of the catwww.karileetownsend.com

March 25, Cinthia Ritchie,  The Unexpected, www.cinthiaritchie.com

April 1, Susan Santangelo, April Fool’s Wedding, babyboomermysteries.com/

April 8, Judy Alter, Mom and Pop vs The Chains, http://www.judyalter.com

April 15, Connie di Marco (writing as Connie Archer), Witch Balls , http://www.conniearchermysteries.com/

April 22, Sofia Diana Gabel, Just Say No To Fur (Sphynx cats) http://montysphynx.wordpress.com/.

April 29, Dianne Harman, Ideas Are Everywhere, www.dianneharman.com

May 6, Tammy Kaehler, Turning Tradition on its Head, www.tammykaehler.com

May 13, Kate Flora, Blueberries for All, http://www.kateflora.com/

May 20, Susan Tekulve, Appalachian Wedding Cake, http://susantekulve.com/

May 27, C. Hope Clark, Ignoring the Audience, http://www.chopeclark.com/

June 3, Chrystle Fiedler, Aromatherapy, http://www.chrystlefiedler.com/

June 10, Yves Fey, Paris is a Mystery!, http://yvesfey.com/

June 17, Mike Nettleton, Roadside Attractions, http://www.deadlyduomysteries.com/

June 24, Carolyn J. Rose, Why I Hated Exercise Back Then, http://www.deadlyduomysteries.com/

July 1, Kaye George, Coexistence with Animals, http://kayegeorge.com/

July 8, Wendy Dingwall, Scottish Legends, www.canterburyhousepublishing.com/2010/12/wendy-dingwal

July 15, Kristen Elise, An American Imposter in Egypthttp://www.kristenelisephd.com/

July 22, Marla Madison, Bridgehttp://marlamadison.blogspot.com

July 29, Kristen Elise, Dive to a Museumhttp://www.kristenelisephd.com/

August 5, Judy Alter, Art of Piddling, http://www.judyalter.com

August 12, Gayle Trent, Copyright Woes, http://www.gayletrent.com/

August 19, Cindy Carroll, you never truly know someone, http://www.cindycarroll.com/blog/

August 26, Rita Plush, Coco Chanel, http://www.ritaplush.com/

September 2, Michele Drier, Sucker for Animals, http://www.micheledrier.com/

September 9, C.M. Wendelboe, Paying to Love, http://www.spiritroadmysteries.com/

September 16, Lala Corriere, Naming Petswww.lalacorriere.com

September 23, Leslie Diehl, Hidden Themes in Mysteries, www.lesleydiehl.com,

September 30, Carolyn J. Rose, Picky Eaters of the World Unitedeadly duo mysteries  

October 7, Marni Graff, Crime Writers Conference update, www.bridlepathpress.com

October 14, James R. Callan, Uluru and the Red Center , http://www.jamesrcallan.com.

October 21, Duffy Brown, Hobbies and Where They Take us, www.DuffyBrown.com

October 28, Patti Brooks, Horses, www.pattibrooksbooks.com/author.php

November 4, Carol Englehaupt (C.L. Roth), Me and my son serve two muses, www.clroth.com/

November 11, Kathleen Delaney, why do we say that? Meaning behind phrases, kathleendelaney.net/

November 18, Karen Hall, Photographing Flowers, http://www.karenehall.com/

November 25, Damon Ferrell Marbut, Writing about People You Know, http://www.damonferrellmarbut.com/

December 2, Rita Plush, Dorothy Parker, http://www.ritaplush.com

December 9, Joanne Guidoccio, Mermaids,www.joanneguidoccio.com

December 23, Judith Geary, Saturnalia, http://www.judithgeary.com

December 30, Carolyn Rose, Literary Journeys, www.deadlyduomysteries.com

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2012 Mondays

January 2, Robert P. Bennett, The Image of an Authorhttp://www.enablingwords.com/

January9, Norma Huss, Boats, Canals and Locks, Oh My!http://www.normahuss.com/

January 16, Andy Burns, Birds of Preywww.amburns.com

January 23, Velda Brotherton, Gray Wolf Restoration, www.veldabrotherton.com

January 30, Melodie Campbell, Selling out to Hollywoodwww.melodiecampbell.com

February 6, Jean Henry Mead, RV travel by Braille, www.jeanhenrymead.com/

February 13, Eleanor Sullivan, Medical Care in the 19th Centurywww.EleanorSullivan.com

February 20, Andy Burns, Falconrywww.amburns.com

February 27,  Jessica Aspen, Twisting in the Wind,   http://JessicaAspen.com/

March 5, Velda Brotherton, Women Who Won the West www.veldabrotherton.com

March 12, Melodie Campbell, TV Travesty! www.melodiecampbell.com

March 19, Nan Mahon, Shades of Bluewww.nanmahon.com

March 26, Mary Reed,  The Devil’s Nine Questions,   http://home.earthlink.net/~maywrite/

April 2, M. E. Kemp, A Flood of Words,  mekempmysteries.com

April 9, William S. Sheppard, King Phillip’s Warwww.diplomaticmysteries.com

April 16, Lissa Brown,  Everyone Needs a Grandma ,  http://www.lissabrownwrites.com/

April 23, Judy Alter, Cooking, Writing, and Creativity,   http://judy@judyalter.com

April 30, Bronwen Evans, Interview with a Hero, www.bronwenevans.com

May7, Judy Alter, Craftsman Houseshttp://judyalter.com/

May 14, Meg Justus, Early Days of Yellow Stone National Park, http://mmjustus.com

May 28, Carolyn J. Rose, My Dogs in Fact and Fiction, www.deadlyduomysteries.com

June 4, Heidi M. Thomas, Cowgirl is an Attitude, www.heidimthomas.com

June 11, Marni Gaff, England’s Lake District,  www.bridlepathpress.com

June 18, Stan Popovich, MANAGING YOUR PERSISTENT FEARS, ANXIETIES, AND STRESSES & Techniques http://www.managingfear.com/ 

June 25, Stan Popovich, MANAGING THE FEAR AND ANXIETY OF THE UNKNOWN & Hope http://www.managingfear.com/ 

July 2, Susan F. Craft, Cast Iron Camellias: Backcountry South Carolina Women, www.susanfcraft.com,   http://historicalfictionalightintime.blogspot.com/

July 9, Victoria Marshal, Every Girl Needs a Tiara Day http://www.VictoriaMarshal.com

July 23, Nancy Kaiser, In Loving Paws and Hooves, www.NancyKaiserAnimalCommunicator.com 

July 30, Darlene Jones, Thank you, Glen, http://ow.ly/9qn3S

August 6, Jordyn Redwood, Medical Mistakes in Writing, http://www.jordynredwood.net/

August 13, Helen Henderson, What if Nobody Comes?, helenhenderson-author.webs.com

August 20, Danielle Bussone, Want Better Sex? Go Vegan!http://www.vegginoutandabout.com/

August 27, Amy Metz, What is a goosepimpleism?, http://amymetz.com

September 3, Vicki Delany, Summer Updatehttp://www.vickidelany.com/

September 10, Christy Tillery French, free 1st chapter, The Bodyguard and the Snitch, http://christytilleryfrench.com

September 17, Betty Dravis, Win Books — Name the Skeleton Contest

September 24, Lesley Diehl,  Publishing Today, Small presses: Not just small, savvy, http://www.lesleydiehl.com/

October 1, Kate George, The Dog Ate My Flash Drive, http://www.kategeorge.com/

October 8, Terry Shames, What Keeps Me Reading When I Don’t Like the Bookwww.terryshames.com

October 15, Judy Alter, Have you shopped at Walmart lately?http://judyalter.com/

October 22, Susan Whitfield, Funny Side of Menopause, www.susanwhitfieldonline.com

October 29, Betty Dravis, Scary Books for Halloween

November 5, Mike Leach, China Come True

November 12, Christy Tillery French, Where Did the Bra Burners Go?

November 19, Radine Nehring, Research — Adventures and Misadventures, http://www.radinesbooks.com/

November 26, Carolyn J. Rose, Ending My Love Affair with Shoes, www.deadlyduomysteries.com

December 3, Joyce Lavene, Who Wears the Pants?  www.joyceandjimlavene.com/

December 10, Carola Dunn, What Happens When a Serious Subject Grabs a Cozy Authorhttp://caroladunn.weebly.com/

December 17, Lia Davis, Music Soothes the Soul, www.authorliadavis.com

December 24, Norma Guerra-Stueber, Let’s Go Audio with ACX, Norma’s ACX page,   http://dld.bz/maggiebishopamazon

December 31, Lillian Brummet, Living One’s Passion, http://www.brummet.ca/

2011 Mondays

January 3,   Lois WinstonApplique That!,    http://www.loiswinston.com and http://www.anastasiapollack.blogspot.com

January 10,   June Shaw,  Good Food? Let’s Talk Cajunwww.juneshaw.com

January 17,   Carolyn Rose, Distractions: Frustrations or Fuel for Fiction?,  http://www.deadlyduomysteries.com/

January 24,Tina Whittle,  Dealing Death, Devils and Star-Crossed Lovers,   http://www.tinawhittle.com

January 31,   Sheila LoweFollow the Leader – Growing up in a religious cult,  http://www.sheilalowe.com

February 7, Duffy Brown,  Best Friendswww.duffybrown.com

February 14,  Diana Cain, author/songwriter/musician by Betty, http:www.myspace.com/dianacain

February 21, , Mary Montague Sikes, Spring Training’s More Fun!  http://www.marymontaguesikes.com/

February 28,   ME Kemp, Mao’s last blogger,  mekempmysteries.com

March 7,   Mary ReedA Touch of the Trollenberg Terror (fog),  http://home.earthlink.net/~maywrite/

March 14,  Angie Fox, Riding with the Biker Dogs,  http://www.angiefox.com/

March 21,   Helen Dunn FrameCosta Rica Legends Feature Brujas,  http://helendunnframe.com/

March 28, Curt Wendelboe, Firearms Fact or Fiction or How Books and Movies Sqeeze Seven Rounds From a Six-Shooter, SpiritRoadMysteries.com

April 4, Susan FleetWho is Lil Hardin and why does she matter? http://www.susanfleet.com/

April 11, Mike Nettleton, S.N.O.R.T., http://www.deadlyduomysteries.com/

April 18, Margaret WestFood for thought is no substitute for the real thing!  http://www.margaretwest.net/

April 25, Sue Spirit, Travel to Egypt last year

May 2, Carola DunnInterstate 5, Here I Come. Again., http://caroladunn.weebly.com/

May 9, Fran StewartMy 42,000 House Guestswww.franstewart.com

May 16, Kate GeorgeForty Centerpieces? The Story of my decent into decorating madnesshttp://www.kategeorge.com/

May 23, Betty Dravis, 8 Authors Chat about Fav Charactershttp://www.bettydravis.com/

May 30, Lissa Brown, Slowly but Surely, Heading Southhttp://lissajbrown.tripod.com/

June 6, Gale MinchewStressed by Paranormal Phenomena? Help from Gale Minchew, http://www.galeminchew.com/

June 13, Barbara Conelli, Il Bel Paese and Italian Dolce Vita Ritualshttp://www.barbaraconelli.com

June 20, Judy AlterHaggis? Maybe not,  http://www.judyalter.com

June 27, Mike Faricy, Irish funeralhttp://www.mikefaricy.com/

July 4, Laurel-Rain Snow, MY LIFE ON THE EDGE:  THE CRAZY ADVENTURES OF A WRITER/BLOGGERhttp://laurelrainsnowcreations.com/

July 11, Linda Lovely, Stubborn or Stupidhttp://www.lindalovely.com/

July 18, Carolyn J. Rose, Perils of exercise at computerwww.deadlyduomysteries.com

July 25, Loni Emmert, Road Trippinhttp://thewordmistresses.com/

August 1, Tammy KaehlerAdvice You Can’t Live Withoutwww.tammykaehler.com

August 8, Denise Verrico , Creating Memorable Characters, http://www.lldreamspell.com/DeniseVerrico.htm

August 15, Kari Lee Townsend, A How-To For Reading Tea Leaves, http://www.karileetownsend.com

August 22, Christy Tillery French,   The History of Wedding Traditions,   http://christytilleryfrench.com

August 29,  Betty Gordon,  Vacations, Stress?   http://www.bettygordon.com

September 5, Caitlyn Hunter Chat, http://caitlynhunter.com

September 12, Betty Dravis 1st chapter Steve ‘The Woz’ Wozniak Plays Cameo Role in ‘The Toonies Invade Silicon Valley’

September 19, Betty Dravis 1st chapter Come, Meet Billie Jean Sloane, small-town beauty of ‘1106 Grand Boulevard’

September 26, Betty Dravis 1st chapter Actress Jenny McShane, First of 33 Featured in ‘Dream Reachers II’

October 3, Maggie Bishop, 1st chapter of Appalachian Paradise, http://maggiebishop1.tripod.com

October 10, Carolyn J. RoseClose Encounters of the Creepy Kindwww.deadlyduomysteries.com 

October 17, Brian Hoffman, Mystery History of Seattle

October 24, Julia Buckley, Cat and Dog Auditionswww.juliabuckley.com

October 31, Eloise Hill, Paranormal Standard Timewww.eloisehill.net

November 7, Peg Herring, A Tudor Dame is not the Same, http://pegherring.com

November 14, M. E. Kemp, Sister Fidelma – Suffragette,  mekempmysteries.com

November 21, Mike Nettleton, Life-long Vice is Fodderhttp://www.deadlyduomysteries.com/

November 28,Nancy Naigle, Goat Farmwww.nancynaigle.com

December 5, Bonnie Hern Hill, Ghosts of Catalina Islandwww.bonniehhill

December 12, Liz Jasper, Why Barbie Needs a Bad Hair Day,  http://lizjasper.com/

December 19, Betty Dravis,  STAR STRUCK: Interviews with Dirty Harry and Other Hollywood Icons

December 26, A. B.  Emrys, Vera Caspary 20th Century Mystery Writer

2010 Mondays

January 4, Robert Borgman, Writing Non-Fiction

January 11,Wendy Dingwall, Travel & Book Tours, http://www.canterburyhousepublishing.com/

January 18, Bart Bare, History of Political Correctness

January 25, Linda Bulger, WRITING ABOUT YOUR CRAFT: KNITTING IN PRINT, http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/AKR4DH6WLF6GG

February 1, Leslie Brunetsky, Fine Art of Humor, http://www.lesliesrealcountry.com/

February 8, High Country Writers, Critique Checklist  http://highcountrywriters.tripod.com

February 15, Carter Martina, What’s in a genre – Why romance is the most successful genre on the market today  http://cc-chronicles.blogspot.com/

February 22, Anne White, Taking the Plunge, http://www.annewhitemysteries.com/

March 1, Lillian S. Cauldwell, Author’s Damage Control Kit, http://www.internetvoicesradio.com

March 8,   M.E. Kemp, Salem witch trials, http://www.mekempmysteries.com/

March 15, High Country Writers,  How to Be Critiqued, http://highcountrywriters.tripod.com

March 22,  Karen Syed, Writing Responsively, Echelon Press

March 29, Dorothy Francis, The Sidewalks of New York, http://www.dorothyfrancis.com/

April 5, Evelyn Asher, Before Submitting a Manuscript

April 12, Sharyn McCrumb, www.sharynmccrumb.com

April 19, Sunny Frazier, What she’d do differently if she had a chance to start over in writing,  http://www.sunnyfrazier.com/

April 26, Mary Reed, Thoughts on Curry,   http://home.earthlink.net/~maywrite/

May 3, Ric Wasley, When is it time to hang it up on extreme sports?  http://www.wildchildpublishing.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=100&products_id=300

May 10, Jane Tesh, There She Is:  Must Have Tiara, http://www.janetesh.com/

May 17, Leslie Diehl, How to Successfully Pair Beer with Murder,  http://lesleydiehl.com/

May 24, Jane Rubino and Caitlen Rubino-Bradway, Jane Austin a Woman of Letters, http://www.janetility.com

May 31, Roger Hudson, Titillating Ancient Tastebuds – cookery in Ancient Athens with a slight flavour of poison,  http://www.rogerhudson.me.uk/

June 7,  Chris Redding, Bad Boys, http://www.chrisreddingauthor.com

June 14, Julie Lomoe, To Self-Publish or Not,  http://julielomoe.wordpress.com

June 21, Jo Hiestand, http://www.johiestand.com

July 12, Danny Bernstein, www.hikertohiker.com, Hiking the Blue Ridge

July 19, D.K. Christi, http://dkchristi.webs.com/

July 26, Ken Kuhlken, http://www.kenkuhlken.net/, “Falling for Sister Aimee.” Not a word of religion, I promise, just about her character.

August 2, Judith Geary, http://www.judithgeary.com, E-Books Snapshot

August 9,  Bill Shepard, http://www.diplomaticmysteries.com, French Wines for Your Summer Pleasure

August 16,  Nancy Lynn Jarvis, http://www.goodreadmysteries.com/, Realtor turns to murder and chocolate chip cookies

August 23, Vicki Delany, http://www.vickidelany.com, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Tomatoes Tomatoes and More Tomatoes.

August 30, Alina Adams, http://www.AlinaAdams.com

September 6, Diane Gilbert Madsen, www.dianegilbertmadsen.com Ernest Hemingway’s Corona #3 Typewriter

September 13, Lynda Fitzgerald, http://www.fitzgeraldwrites.com/,  Fairy Tales and Nightmares

September 20, Loretta Wheeler, http://www.lorettawheeler.com

September 27, Carolyn Rose, http://www.deadlyduomysteries.com/, Best and Worst Snacks to Eat While Writing

October 4, Cheryl Kaye Tardif, http://www.cherylktardif.com, Virtual Tour

October 11, June Bare, Todd General Store, http://www.toddgeneralstore.com

October 18, Poet and Author Donna M. Solitario, The Honor of Being a Dream Reacher, http://outskirtspress.com/DonnaSolitario

October 25, M. E. Kemp, http://www.mekempmysteries.com, Choosing a Period to Write About

November 1, Vicki Delany, http://www.vickidelany.com, In Pursuit of the Simple Life

November 8, B. J. Foster, Plot

November15, Dorien Grey, The Invisible Ones, http://www.doriengrey.com

November 22, Steve Liskow, Kittens on the Case,  www.steveliskow.com

November 29,  Leslie Diehl, My Muse is an Alligator (Setting), http://lesleydiehl.com/

December 6, Marcia Cham, Grieving Tips for the Crime Writer, http://www.marciamcham.com

December 13, Judy Alter, The Vanishing Front Porch,  http://www.judyalter.com

December 20, Amy Corwin, Sub Rosa, http://www.amycorwin.com

December 27, Sheila Lowe, CSI — What’s handwriting got to do with it? http://www.sheilalowe.com

2009 Mondays

November 16, Judith Geary, AASL:  Adventure in Library Land http://www.judithgeary.com

November 23, Craig Weeden, Speaking of Dialoguehttp://www.muzzlesthemanatee.com/index.html

November 30, Nancy Kaiser, Labrador Lessons http://www.nancykaiseranimalcommunicator.com/

December 14, Liz Zelvin, Addictive Relationships and Hard Choices  http://www.lizzelvin.com

December 21, Ed Roberts, Christmas Poem

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