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Interview by Betty Dravis

Jessica on vacation in Italy

Betty Dravis: Hey, Jessica… It’s great to see you. I’m overwhelmed by the number of entertainers and artists who suggested you for this interview. You’re a promoter of new talent, building fan bases for them, but it looks like you have a big fan base yourself. (laughs) On your various websites you state that you couldn’t live without music in your life. I assume that’s why you love entertainers so much and want to help them succeed.

There’s so much I want to ask you, but where to begin? Hmmmm… How about at the beginning…with your childhood in Canada? What kind of precocious kid were you, Jessica? When did you first start swaying along to music and realize you enjoyed it so much? Were you pushing your little friends off the merry-go-round, encouraging them to sing and dance instead? I bet you did something like that…

Jessica Gilbert: Hi, Betty. Thanks so much for having me here. I feel very honored to be among so many wonderful and talented people. You’re right, music (and the arts) is something I can’t live without, but I never went so far as pushing my childhood friends to perform. (laughs)

I truly love working with artists and being a part of their journey to the top. There is so much great talent out there and being able to assist an artist in even a small way makes me feel good because it’s one step closer to helping them reach their dreams.

Jessica as her fans see her; she's an MT Robison "Street Angel" too.

I was born in Montreal, Canada, but left as a baby for Houston, Texas. I spent my childhood there until the age of ten. I was, generally, a very good and independent child because I was as happy doing things on my own as I was being with other children or adults. As a child I liked creative endeavors too: drawing, painting, coloring, writing and especially puzzles. I had learned the alphabet through the medium of puzzles by the age of two, which apparently was unusual, according to the playgroup “directrice”…much to my Mother’s surprise. I loved the performing arts: took ballet and tap-dance lessons; enjoyed singing to myself and making up songs and recording them as I came up with the words. At about age eight I organized a school play, Return to Oz, in which I was involved in all parts of the production, placing myself in the lead role. (laughs) I was also engaged in fundraising activities for various causes. In fact, at my school I was the first child to initiate a fundraising activity which led to many other student fundraisers.

Betty Dravis: Just as I suspected, Jessica, you were a precocious child. (laughs) And then when you grew up, did you start attending concerts? If so, can you recall your first concert (who you were with, who was performing, etc.)? Please share the emotions the live music aroused.

Jessica Gilbert: Yes, Betty, I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend many concerts! My first concert was Tina Turner in Målaga, Spain at age ten with my parents and sister in the summer outdoors. I can’t say it was the best concert experience because it started really late. It was also hot, buggy and I got tired of standing. However, I still loved seeing her live! Back then I played Tina’s music a lot as she was one of my top favorite artists (still is today), so getting to see her in concert was an exciting experience for me. I was overwhelmed with joy to be there.

Jessica with popular singer Kelly Clarkson


I’m not sure what I’d do without music because not only is it great for entertainment or inspiration, but soothing to the soul. Literally, I go to sleep listening to music, listen to it when I wake up and throughout the day have some music playing. Music gives me an inspiration to think, create, write and relax.

Betty Dravis: Wow, Jessica, that’s a lot of music, but if it inspires you, that’s what matters. I can understand how that works for some people, but do you choose different music to create different moods? For instance, what do you listen to while writing? While relaxing?

Jessica Gilbert: Yes, Betty, the kind of music I listen to depends on what I’m doing, time of day, how I’m feeling, etc. For instance, while writing or painting I like inspirational music. While relaxing or before bedtime I like soft music. I even have a playlist in my iTunes called “Relaxing Mix.”

Betty Dravis: That sounds sensible for a person so attuned to music, as you are. I’m curious about your writing, Jessica. In addition to articles for your new online magazine, what type of writing interests you? We’ll talk about the magazine later.

Jessica Gilbert: I’ve written short stories, and screenwriting has always been an interest of mine. In college I took a film-writing class, so learned the technique for this type of writing. For the class assignment, we had to write a seven-minute script, which turned out to be a success. Subsequently, I thought it would be great to turn it into a feature-length script. I also have an idea for another one inspired by actual events in my life. However, any screenwriting I do will be an extra thing when time permits.

Betty Dravis: I wish you luck with all your projects, Jessica. While on the subject of writing, in your Facebook notes you posted a lengthy list of biographies and autobiographies of famous people. It contains a fascinating array of movie stars from Rita Hayworth and Ray Milland to Jane Fonda. What prompted you to post that?

Jessica Gilbert: Betty, the list of biographies and autobiographies that I posted was on behalf of a friend of mine who has this book collection for sale. So, I wanted to help spread the word about it.

Betty Dravis: He certainly has an interesting collection. Do you aspire to write a book someday? If so, are you interested in fiction or nonfiction?

Jessica Gilbert: Yes, I’d love to write and illustrate a children’s book. Since I like to draw, paint, write…and I love children, I think this kind of book would be a great opportunity to combine all these elements together. Actually, Betty, I have a couple of ideas for children’s books. (smile)

Betty Dravis: Oh, you’d be a natural for children’s picture books, Jessica. I’m here to tell you that they are a joy to write; takes one back to one’s own childhood. I’ve only published one YA, The Toonies Invade Silicon Valley, but I have three unsubmitted picture books that are partially illustrated by my granddaughter, Kristy Soza. I would so enjoy doing my own illustrations, but, unfortunately, don’t have the talent of a kindergartner. (laughs)

But changing the subject, you wrote somewhere: “I’m not your average girl.” What do you mean by that, Jessica?

Jessica tours Venice in a gondola.

Jessica Gilbert: Well, Betty, I’m not your average girl because I’ve lived a life that many people don’t get to experience. I’ve lived in three countries (USA, Spain and Canada) and traveled extensively throughout much of Canada, USA, Europe and the Dominican Republic. So I feel very fortunate to have experienced living in different countries and cultures. Also to have been able to do all the traveling I’ve done up to this point in my life.

Betty Dravis: You’re right about that, Jessica: You are fortunate. I’m about twice your age and have only been in two bordering countries and about twenty of our United States. (laughs)

I hear you just returned from Italy, which is one place I would love to visit. I’d enjoy going there now while filmmaker Tony Tarantino is directing Between the Olive Trees. I could kill three birds with one stone: meet Tony, actress Susan Kennington who has a prime role in that movie, and Antonia Tosini, talented author of the book the film is being made from. Now that would be a thrill.

Was your trip vacation or business? And did you meet any new artists while there?

Jessica Gilbert: Betty, my trip to Italy was a much-needed vacation. (smile) I had such a blast traveling throughout Italy and got to see so much in twelve days. The highlights of my trip were Venice and Capri. I love Italy, so hope to make it back there again soon. I didn’t meet any new artists while there, but finally got to meet one of my MySpace friends in person…a gifted photographer.


Jessica with parents Freda and Adrian Gilbert and sister Lauren in Spain.

Betty Dravis: I saw photographs of your trip, Jessica, and Italy’s as picturesque as you say. Breath-taking, in fact… I know you love to travel and get around much more than the “average girl,” so I’m sure your time there is a treasured memory.

But I’m the most curious about the promotion aspect of your life. I know that you promote a number of talented people: musicians, authors, singers, dancers, artists, etc. But from the sheer number of musicians you help, it’s obvious you prefer them. I know you promote singer/guitarist/lyricist MT Robison and The Messengers and are a huge fan. I met you through M.T. after he was featured in our first Dream Reachers book. He’s awesome and has some clever promotion going on himself. For instance, he calls his fans his “Street Angels” and a white feather is one of his trademarks. Like you, I’m a Street Angel, too, Jessica; I adore MT. He certainly has it all “going on”: the look, the voice, and the creativity—not to mention a huge stage presence. He can’t miss with a publicist like the talented Linda Shrader in his corner.

How many fan clubs have you founded and who else do you promote besides M.T.?

Jessica Gilbert: I do promote many musicians, but it isn’t that I prefer them over the others because I love all types of artists. I just end up connecting with more musicians simply because so many more come my way on the various social networking sites. Yes, I do promote MT and The Messengers. I adore MT so much…as both artist and person. Linda Shrader is amazing and he truly is lucky to have her as his publicist.

I’ve founded eight fan clubs for various musicians. To tell you about all the wonderful artists I promote would be a whole interview itself because there are so-ooo many of them. However, to name a few: Kashy Keegan, Wildon Ash, Michael J. Scott, Neil Barlow, David Blair, David Barreto, Kadesha, Lizann, Daz, Elena Vogt, Tima Montemayor, Olivia Gray, Tobiah and Orly Vardy. They are all amazing artists that can be found on MySpace and I highly recommend checking out their music.

Betty Dravis: That’s quite a roster, Jessica. I expect many of those to be big names in the future; you certainly have an eye and ear that’s attuned to the pulse of the world. You were even kind enough to start a Dream Reachers Fan Club on MySpace and on Facebook. My co-author Chase Von and I are humbled by that. Just to be included on the same page with all your talented friends is an honor. Thanks so much for your faith in us.

Speaking of MySpace, your MS page is incredible, chock-full of talented people and current bios and links. Each time I visit your page, the photos and art are so appealing that it boggles my mind. I feel like I felt the first time my mom took me to an ice-cream parlor. How could I choose just one flavor? I wanted them all… That must be how you feel when deciding who to promote. What’s the first thing that draws your attention to a promising artist, Jessica?

Jessica Gilbert: It was my pleasure to start a Dream Reachers Fan Club for you and Chase Von. It’s a wonderful and inspirational book that everyone would enjoy reading.

When I visit ice cream parlors I always have a hard time choosing flavors too. (laughs) Yes, I feel exactly the same way when deciding which artists to promote. It’s going to be really hard choosing who to interview for each issue of my magazine because I really do love so many artists. What draws my attention the most to a promising artist is how much they give of themselves, which leads to our connection. One of the qualities I value most of all, besides talent, is originality.

Betty Dravis: You probably don’t know this, Jessica, but originality is the first thing I notice when choosing a book to read and review, also.

Since you currently do the publicity and promotion as a labor of love, do you plan to make a career of it? If so, is your forthcoming magazine the first step towards making your dream come true? I know you “wear three hats” with the business: publisher/managing editor/freelance writer. As a former print newspaper owner myself, I can testify that there are many more hats than that. (laughs) But tell us more about Talent Spotlight Magazine, Jessica. When will you launch your debut edition? And can you give us a sneak peek at a few artists you’re interviewing for the first edition?

Jessica Gilbert: Betty, I would like to make a career in artist promotions (and possibly even in other aspects of the music or film industry) because I’m passionate about promoting and working with all types of artists. Perhaps I might work for a record company in the PR department.

Talent Spotlight Magazine came into creation as a result of my desire to participate in the creative process of talent. It is very fulfilling for me to offer artists a creative venue to promote their talent. As well, selfishly speaking, I hope this creative venue will be a good means to get myself out there as a promoter. I’ve thought about doing something like this for a while now and always wanted to work with a magazine. So, now I can…with my own. (smile)

TSM will be an online magazine that will come out bimonthly, starting this October. It will feature in-depth interviews with talent from all genres of the arts: music, photography, art, film, print and more. The magazine’s primary focus will be on new and emerging artists. However, it will feature more established ones as well. Each issue will also feature an organization or cause–there are so many wonderful causes and organizations out there that I feel it would be great to promote them too–reviews and more! It will have a whole variety of different artists in each issue, making it a more diverse magazine. Some of the artists that will be in the launch issue are two of your original “Dream Reachers”: Kashy Keegan and MT Robison. I will also be featuring April Star Davis, a jewelry designer whose designs have been featured in numerous fashion magazines and in various movies. Her jewelry has also been worn by many top celebrities.

Betty Dravis: Great minds think alike, Jessica: I thought about interviewing a famous jewelry designer for Dream Reachers: Vol. 2, but due to heavy demand for the available slots, I didn’t have time. I look forward to reading your story about April Star, and of course, dear Kashy and MT. As you know, they were interviewed by my Dream Reachers co-author Chase Von for that book. Your first edition sounds like a winner.

I understand that the talented writer Michelle Jackson will be working with you on the   magazine. Did you know that she wrote the following about you?:

I am wonderfully blessed to call Jessica my friend and to be on this great journey with her. She is extremely talented in the arts and has a heart of gold, reaching out to others who possess the same passion. She is motivated and driven to help artists of all genres to reach their dreams in this great Industry. I have great hope that she will succeed in achieving these goals

That’s high praise, Jessica, and “heart of gold” is how many of the artists describe you. Can you tell us a little more about Michelle and her duties with TSM?

Talent Spotlight Magazine Writer Michelle Jackson

Jessica Gilbert: Yes, Betty, I’m blessed to have Michelle Jackson working with me on the magazine. I connected with her instantly awhile back through a friend. We share a love for the arts, plus she’s also a wonderful writer. Michelle is a great singer too and I have told her she should put her music out there. Then I can promote her as well. (smile) I didn’t know what Michelle wrote about me until it was up on the TSM MySpace site. I’m infinitely grateful to her for her kind words and generosity. She will primarily be a contributing writer with interviews for the magazine.

Betty Dravis: Michelle sounds like a real “keeper.” You two have a lot of mutual respect and admiration for each other. I look forward to reading her articles too.

Talent Spotlight Magazine–that’s a perfect, self-descriptive name, Jessica, and your logo is very attractive. It’s all the buzz with many artists that I know. I’ve been hearing about TSM for months and months. We’re eager to see your first edition and wish you incredible good fortune.

Jessica Gilbert: Glad you like the magazine name and logo. (smile) I designed the logo myself and received positive feedback on it, so am pleased that people like it. Awhile back in Canada, I took an intensive graphic design course as I enjoy playing with graphics as well. I know that many people have been anxiously waiting for the launch of the magazine and I promise that wait will soon be over. Thank you, Betty, and to everyone else for your tremendous support for TSM.

Betty Dravis: The late promoter Bill Graham, who was the best in his day, had some incredible stories to tell about how he got started. After meeting the San Francisco Mime Troupe at a free concert in Golden Gate Park, he gave up a promising business career to manage the troupe in 1965. After Mime Troupe leader Ronny Davis was arrested on obscenity charges during an outdoor performance, Graham organized a benefit concert to cover the troupe’s legal fees. The concert was a success and Graham saw a business opportunity. He was an American impresario and rock concert promoter from the 1960s until his death in 1991. We wish you fame and good fortune, too, but hope your success begins with less public scrutiny than Graham’s. (laughs)

Jessica, being such a lovely, dynamic and active young woman, when do you find time for dating? Or is that something you’re postponing for the time being?

Jessica Gilbert: That’s interesting about Bill Graham, Betty. I bet he did have great stories about his work as a promoter! Perhaps after I have more experience, I’ll write a book about it someday.

But to answer the big “dating” question: While I am busy with all the work I do, I always have time for dating. (smile) Finding Mr. Right and settling down is high on my priority list.

Betty Dravis: I thought you’d say that, Jessica, but I’m glad to hear you confirm it. All work and no play makes Jessica…well, you know how that old saying goes. (laughs) Okay, now that your priorities are settled, let’s move on…

I hear that the very talented David Barreto, one of the musicians you promote, wrote a lovely song about you. Tell us about him and how that made you feel? I find that incredibly romantic. Do you have a link where our readers can hear the song and do you mind sharing the lyrics with us?

Jessica Gilbert: Yes, David Barreto did write a wonderful song about me titled “Jessica.” I was really honored and flattered he did this song for me and will cherish it forever. Friends who have heard it said he really captured the essence of me. I don’t have the lyrics, but people can hear the song on my “Jessica’s Artist Network” page. David truly is a talented and amazing musician, one I proudly promote. (smile) BTW, he also did a Talent Spotlight Magazine jingle for the website.

Betty Dravis: Oh, Jessica, I love that catchy jingle; the way David drags out the words (Talent…Spotlight…Magazine) is so cool. Makes me want to dance…

Since you’re multi-tasking now, Jessica, do I dare ask if you have a “day job?” If so, where do you work? If not, let us in on the secret of survival without working. Are you an heiress or some rich man’s daughter? (laughs)

Jessica Gilbert: LOL, Betty… I’ve been taking Spanish classes in the mornings to brush up on my speaking skills. The rest of the day is a combination of artist promotions, magazine work and painting/drawing. Recently, I got back into my art and would like to build up a body of work to sell (originals and prints). My background is in art, as I majored in studio art with an emphasis on painting/drawing at university. Soon I shall also be offering an official listing of my services and rates for online promotions and management.

Betty Dravis: I’m glad to hear you’ll soon be going professional with your promotions, Jessica, and the news about your art is welcome too. I would love to have an “original by Jessica,” so keep us posted about that too. Meanwhile, I invite our readers to view your online gallery (under Art in your Facebook photos) and if they see anything they like, to contact you.


Landscape Near Royal Victoria Hospital in Watercolor 1998 - My favorite painting in Jessica's gallery.

Since we all must prioritize our schedules, here’s a food-for-thought question that might be fun to answer: Can you name three things in your life that you couldn’t live without?

Jessica with Joshua Radin, American folk recording artist, songwriter and occasional actor.

Jessica Gilbert: That’s an easy one, Betty… I can’t live without my family/friends, travel and live music.

Betty Dravis: Well, that’s short and sweet, Jessica, but it says a lot for your character and values. Thanks.

Another question that usually brings out the humor in people is: What’s the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

Jessica Gilbert: You know, Betty, I really can’t think of an embarrassing thing that has happened to me. I’ll share a funny story with you instead. For my tenth birthday in Texas (it was also my last one there before I moved to Spain the first time around), my dad got a piñata. For people who don’t know what it is, it’s something made from either a clay container or a cardboard shape covered in paper mache. The tradition with a piñata is that you fill up the inside with sweets and goodies. Then everyone is blindfolded and hits it with a stick until it breaks and the sweets fall out. However, that didn’t quite work out the way it should have. My friends and I were hitting the piñata non-stop, waiting for all the sweets to come out–but no traces of any.

What my dad didn’t know was that he was supposed to fill the piñata with sweets himself. So, all the hard work hitting that piñata to get it open didn’t pay off with sweets. This was one of those occasions where you just had to be there. (laughs)

Betty Dravis: Oh, no-ooo, Jessica… That’s hilarious! You poor kids, but I feel sorry for your father too. I hope the kids didn’t get after him with those sticks… (laughs)

Now for another question: If you could spend an entire day with just one person (living or dead) who would you choose and why?


Jessica with Joss Stone, English soul and R&B singer–songwriter and actress.

Jessica Gilbert: This is a tough question, Betty, because I’d like to meet people from all walks of life who work in different fields because everything fascinates me and I can learn something from everyone I meet. But since I have to pick one, I’d choose to spend an entire day with Ellen DeGeneres because she has had all types of people on her show and must have many wonderful stories to share about her experiences meeting them all. An entire day would be needed to hear about much of them, plus I think she would just be so much fun to hang out with in person. (smile)

Some celebs I’d love to have an encounter with include: Julie Andrews, Wentworth Miller, Anthony Hopkins, Barbara Walters, Brad Pitt, Alec Baldwin, Robin Williams, Scott Wolf, Bette Midler, Adam Lambert, David Cook, James Blunt, Bon Jovi, Enrique Iglesias, Five For Fighting, INXS, Daughtry, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jewel, and lots of others.

There are so-ooo many celebs I’d love to meet. I’ve been fortunate to have already met some of them, including: Cyndi Lauper, Bryan Adams, Rob Thomas, Rosie O’Donnell, Gary Sinise, Kurt Browning, Joss Stone, Kelly Clarkson, Joshua Radin, David Usher, Suzie McNeil and some others.

I received a phone call from Alec Baldwin when he filmed the TV mini-series “Nuremberg” in Montreal and came close to meeting him. I would still love to meet him.


Jessica with Alexa Wilkinson, singer-songwriter, guitarist and trumpet player.

Betty Dravis: Wow, you’ve met a lot of celebs, Jessica. My daughter Allie used to adore Cyndi Lauper. In fact she resembled her so much that she dressed like her one Halloween; a dead ringer in that pink dress, black mesh hose and black-and-white, high-top sneakers. A wonderful memory…

As for meeting Alec Baldwin–you and me both… The funny thing about Alec is that I like him better today in his maturity than I did when he was younger. I often wonder why that’s true with certain actors. But you must share the story about how you came “close” to meeting Alec. I want to hear all the juicy details… (laughs)

Jessica Gilbert: Well, Betty, it was simpler than I thought it would be. I just sent Alec Baldwin a note expressing my appreciation for his work; included my number and also shared some pix of my art. So, one night I got an unexpected call from him. That took me by complete surprise since this doesn’t happen often–at least not between a celeb and fan. When we spoke, he expressed interest in meeting and seeing my art work, saying that he would get in touch with me again if it were possible. I never heard back from him, so that’s why the meeting never took place.

However, a couple months later I did receive a lovely, personal note from him mentioning how much he admired my work and one day hoped to own one of my pieces. So, I actually sent him a small painting as a gift and got a nice thank you note from him.

Anyway, he’s not the only celeb I’ve received mail from; I used to enjoy sending letters of appreciation to many of my favorite celebs. I have over a hundred autographs. Some I did write to through the film’s production office when they filmed movies in Montreal (at one time they were filming tons of movies there).

However, with Gary Sinise and Nicolas Cage, I left letters for them with assistants on the movie set. I was actually one of the thousands of extras in that movie; you can’t see me though. I had an awesome day, watching the filming in action under the direction of Brian de Palma, and also had a free lunch and t-shirts imprinted with the name of the movie and cast.

In response to my letter to Gary Sinise, his personal assistant called, inviting me to the wrap party.  I went, of course, and met Gary there. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a pic with him. His sweet, pretty assistant told me he was overwhelmed with pictures. But I received two signed pix in the mail later on. It was also unfortunate that Nicolas Cage and de Palma weren’t present at the wrap party; they had already left town. Nicolas Cage also responded back to me, signing and writing a short message on the pic I had enclosed. I want to share this story about Cage and Sinise with you, too, since it’s a nice story.

Betty Dravis: You’re right, Jessica, those are heart-warming stories, reinforcing my opinion that high-ranking people are not much different than you and me. The majority of them are hard-working, sincere, down-to-earth and friendly. I’ve seen that same caring quality in many of the celebs I’ve interviewed. It’s good to know that about Alec, Gary and Nicholas; thanks for sharing.

Well, Jessica, we’re nearing the end of the interview, so this is a good time to mention anything that I might have missed. I’ll post your links in closing, so your fans and friends can find anything else they might wish to know about you.

Jessica Gilbert: You didn’t miss much, Betty, but I’d also like to add that I have a children’s page dedicated to all causes and organizations related to children. People can check that out on my Artist Network page. It’s called “Jessica’s Precious Treasures of Hope.” At some point in the near future, I’d like to create some kind of fundraiser project to raise money for some of those that I strongly support. If anyone would be interested in working with me on something, please get in touch with me.

Betty Dravis: That’s an important point to mention, Jessica. Children are our future and I’m pleased to know you have plans to help them also. Now, so that our readers can keep track of you and your many projects, I’m going to post your main websites:

It’s been delightful chatting with you, Jessica, but the time flew and I must bid you a fond farewell. We learned a lot more about you today and definitely look forward to reading and becoming a fan of Talent Spotlight Magazine. It will be cool to follow the careers of you and your clients…your awesome artists!

Thanks for sharing your dreams with us. You’re a caring, dynamic woman with a heart of gold, as you have heard many times before. May all your dreams come true, and keep rocking to the beat of your own drummer! I’m so happy to add you to the growing list of our Dream Reachers.

Jessica Gilbert: Betty, thank you so much for inviting me to be here, and I will keep you posted on everything! Love and Blessings xo


by Betty Dravis

Betty Dravis: Welcome to Dames of Dialogue, Jackie. It’s not every day I interview a woman with your special mission in life. In fact, I never met anyone who does what you do… With millions of blogs and websites on the internet, I never even thought of interviewing a site owner–until I stumbled across Pacino Worldwide and wondered who was behind the fascinating site.

I did a little research and the more I learned about you and your dedication to the fabulous actor, Al Pacino, the more intrigued I became. You have a dream and are working hard to make it happen. You are a Dream Reacher and qualify as a celebrity to me and my co-author Chase Von.

Jackie Krudop: Thanks for inviting me here, Betty. I’m pleased with the kindness you’ve shown towards my dream. Some people may consider it silly, but to me it’s a labor of love. I know your Dream Reachers books are all about celebrities achieving their dreams, so I get a laugh from that… I am far from a celebrity! But when I learned that you and Chase consider everyone’s life worthy of celebration and all it takes to be a celebrity is to have a dream and fulfill it, that’s when I began to celebrate my own “celebrity” status. (laughs)

Jackie's Treasure

In a lot of ways I feel like a celebrity to Al’s fans because I get emails and tons of compliments on things I have posted on Facebook, such as photos from events, appearances and such. Maybe I post something that they may not have had the chance to see in their part of the world because of press or what not… That word “celebrity” is still a little new to me, but secretly, it makes the old ego feel realllyy good! (laughs) In fact, Betty, this interview makes me feel very confident right now. I thank you.

Betty Dravis: It’s our pleasure, Jackie, and you got it right! Life is as fun as you make it… But now please tell us what your website is all about. I know you adore Al Pacino and your website states: Maintaining the integrity of an artist at a level deserving of the man it honors. Just what does that mean to you?

Jackie Krudop: Wow, just seeing our mission statement in print takes me back to the very beginning. I guess that it means that at all costs, we will bring to Al’s fans the facts–not the rumor mill “b.s.” and nothing that will exploit him, his family, his children or anything in his personal life.

I mean, when we first started this, you wouldn’t believe how many questions we got about who he’s dating, what church he goes to, who he votes for president …just silly stuff like that. It sort of angers me that people claim to admire someone, but then they invade their personal life as if there is truly no respect at all. I don’t know…

Sometimes I get a little overly protective of Al, but it’s not in a possessive or obsessive way; it’s in a humane way. But I wouldn’t want all those questions answered by anyone but me, and if Al hasn’t answered them, then perhaps no one needs to know. Make sense? (shrugs shoulders)

In short, what that means to me is that when you come to Pacino Worldwide, you get facts about Al’s art and his works–past, present and future–nothing else. And you will make a friend or two along the way…guaranteed!

Betty Dravis: It’s an admirable mission statement, Jackie. No one could expect more from you than honesty and good information; I’m sure Al Pacino would respect that in you, also. In the eyes of the world, that must make you Al’s number one fan! How do you feel about that?

Jackie Krudop: I think about half the fan base of Pacino Worldwide would call me more than just a “fan.” I used to hate that word because it sounded so “stalker-ish,” so I’d rather be thought of as a respectful admirer. Either way, I hope my tribute is known by at least Al himself. I hope that he knows of my dedication to keeping his other admirers in the loop. That’s a nice thought…

In fact, my website vice-president and co-owner, Iris Frank, recently said, “In more ways than one, it’s Al’s name that gets the fans to Pacino Worldwide, but it’s you, Jackie, that keeps them there!”

I appreciate Iris pointing that out because it is a lot of work… If there is one thing I have learned by being a “fan” and someone who looks “in” from the “outside,” there is a constant need to know as much as I can without seeming like some psycho stalker. I started this site as a way to keep fans informed of everything I can with the resources that are available to me that may not be available to them. And along the way, friendships are made. That’s the cream.

Betty Dravis: Jackie, as a former career journalist, I can understand that in gathering information for the site yourself, you might appear to be stalking. That’s the way journalists are often perceived, even the most ethical ones. But everyone who knows you knows you are respectful of Al and always put his interests first.

I like that term “respectful admirer,” Jackie. It has class, like you. But hasn’t Al or anyone from his entourage ever contacted you to acknowledge the website? If not, perhaps they might read this and get in touch. I hope that someday you get to meet him. That would be another dream-come-true. How do you feel about that?

Jackie Krudop: Well, I certainly wouldn’t know the first words to say to the man…really. Honestly, we have had no one from Al’s “people” ever acknowledge the site at any time. However, we have written to comment on a few newspaper articles…just to let them know our side of a situation. If they would read this, perchance, and happen to want to get in touch, well, I’m sure they’d know how to find me. (laughs)

As far as my next dream, it would be to not only meet Al, but to see him perform in a live play. I’m a bit of a nut for Shakespeare since high school; but thanks to Al, it seems more educated and more passionate… So to see him perform onstage would be a nice dream too. If that happened to be a current Shakespeare play in New York, then all the better.

Al Pacino as Shylock Onstage in Shakespeare.Photo courtesy of & Pacino Worldwide

Betty Dravis: I know how you feel, Jackie, and I hope that dream comes true. Don’t forget to grab the opportunity with both hands when it comes your way. That’s the message we hope to inspire with our Dream Reachers books.

Even though it’s been forty years since I interviewed Clint Eastwood, I would dearly love to see him again. In fact, I would like to have a photo taken with him in the identical pose of the one taken then. We were both young and “pretty” in those days, but we’ve fared well and a photo like that would be a blast. Oddly, I think he’d get a kick out of it, too, if I could get past his “people” to request it. I guess I will have to try harder. (laughs)

But moving on, Jackie, when did you first see Al Pacino? In what movie?

Jackie Krudop: My first movie was Scarface, but I barely remember seeing it because I had to sneak in the drive-in theater to see it. I hadn’t reached the age of eighteen yet (1983), but I saw it, anyway. I just remember feeling so bad when hearing all those “f” bombs being dropped in one movie. (A bit of trivia Betty: Did you know that Al has said in an interview a long time ago that there were 182 “f***s” in that movie? That’s more than some people get in a lifetime!)

Betty Dravis: I never liked too much profanity in movies, either; I suppose they did it to make their characters seem tougher…but whatever, it was never in good taste and was unnecessary, in my opinion. Bruce Willis is one of my favorite actors and I cringed during many of his movies when that word came up too often. I notice they don’t use that word as much as they once did. That is a good thing…

But back to your first encounter seeing Al, at that point, did you succumb to his dark, swarthy looks or to his acting ability?

Jackie Krudop: The movie that actually “did it” for me was Scent of a Woman. It still remains my favorite of his movies. I must have seen it too many times to count. You know, there is just something about his “charm” that just escapes me now (sigh), but the thing about that movie was that I found myself wanting to take care of him or to tell the character to “snap out of it!” Then, of course, the famous tango scene…. Aaahhh…my favorite… Now there’s the dream! You just have to see it to know what I’m talking about.

Famous Tango Scene from "Scent of a Woman." Photo Courtesy of Pacino Worldwide & Photofest

I “succumbed,” as you say, more so after reading his first bio Life On the Wire. This book was something of a project I gave myself when I was pregnant with my twin boys. I had nothing better to do with my time off work than to take my other two kids to school and read, so I read a bio from the library every week. I went by alpha order and, needless to say, I stopped at the “Ps.” That got me to the internet and the rest is history!

Betty Dravis: I, personally, got hooked on Al when I saw him in the first Godfather; he was absolute dynamite in that movie, and so good-looking. I’m surprised you never mentioned any of the star-making Godfather movies, but you were probably too young when the first two were filmed. It sounds like you were really “hooked” after reading his bio. Did you go on to see all his movies after that? Or have you seen them all?

Jackie Krudop: You know, I’m not sure if it was before I created the website or during the process of it all that I decided I better see some of these films. (laughs) I mean, here I am trying to entice people to see the Al that I see and to come to this website, but if I don’t know his films, how can I offer opinion or shed light, right? So yes, at this point in my “Pacino life” I have seen all but one…and that is Me, Natalie. It was from the 70s and it’s not out on DVD, so I’m not sure when I’ll see it, but I will see it!

Betty Dravis: You’re right, Jackie, you have to have seen his films in order to talk and write about them. His stepmother, Katherin Kovin Pacino, told me he said that “Scent of a Woman” was his personal favorite movie. Have you heard that? And what’s your favorite movie starring Pacino?

Jackie Krudop: Isn’t Kat just wonderful? Kat has been very good to me. Yes, I have heard that about Al and I know that he is also fond of the work in Scarface too. But Scent of a Woman was his Oscar winner, so I can see how that would be his favorite. It just so happens that it’s my favorite movie of his too. As I said earlier, it was this film that really got to me. His charm and his tenacity as the blind retired Colonel Frank Slade just brought so much to the film. The film was about strengths and weaknesses, family and self… I just loved it! I watch it about once a month to just hear a big WHHOOHAH!! (Yes, I can actually recite the end speech too.)

Betty Dravis: I liked that movie myself, Jackie. That tango scene and his amazing speech were awesome, but that “Whhoohah” cracked me up. But did the great Al ever make a film you didn’t like? If so, why didn’t you enjoy it?

Jackie Krudop: Honestly? At first I wasn’t crazy about Donnie Brasco, but after watching it for the third time, it took on a different meaning… I think the reason I strayed from it at first viewing was because of the stereotypical “gangster” side of things and the over-acting and over-used accents of some of the actors (not from Al). But the story and the meat of the movie holds plenty to see… I mean, look… It’s Johnny Depp and Al Pacino! What’s not to love? (laughs)

Al Pacino & Johnny Depp in "Donnie Brasco." Photo Courtesy of Pacino Worldwide.

Betty Dravis: Which of his leading ladies do you like best? I, personally, love Diane Keaton who played his wife in the first Godfather, but I also like Michelle Pfeiffer who starred opposite him in Scarface. She’s a gorgeous woman.

Jackie Krudop: While I do agree with you about Diane Keaton, playing Kay in The Godfather, I’d have to say that my favorite is the great Meryl Streep in her role with Al in the Emmy-winning HBO movie, Angels In America. She (as Ethel Rosenberg) and Al (as Roy Cohn) just have that “something” that is needed on screen to make it work. They feed off each other’s lines as if it were a match in acting Heaven.

Betty, I believe the rapport comes from the paths they have taken in their personal lives (Meryl was in a relationship with Al’s dear friend John Cazale who played Fredo in Godfather and Sal in Dog Day Afternoon. Cazale had passed away.) He speaks of his own admiration of Meryl in a movie recently released called I Knew It Was You: The John Cazale Story. It’s currently showing on most Cable channels. Their on-screen chemistry just worked wonders. It was real from-the-gut acting.

Al Pacino & Meryl Streep in "Angels in America." Photo Courtesy of Pacino Worldwide.

Betty Dravis: I haven’t met one person who doesn’t admire Meryl Streep. Sorry to say, I never saw Angels in America

Well, Jackie, Al Pacino is a major talent and has won numerous acting awards, so I can understand the attraction. I’m very devoted to actor Clint Eastwood, but never once thought of honoring him in this way. I met and interviewed him years ago, as everyone in ear-shot must know by now. I’m not shy in bragging about it, but I simply honor him by trying to follow my dreams with as much diligence and creativity as he’s always shown.

Since you have a devoted husband and four children, how do you find the time to maintain the site in such a professional way? Does your family support you in this endeavor and if they help you, tell us what they do.

Jackie, Husband John, Daughter Katrina at Her Graduation.2010

Jackie Krudop: Well, Betty, while they do support me and my endeavors (no matter what I want to do) they pretty much leave Mom to her “computer time,” and then she’ll come back and be “mom” again soon. As far as my husband, he is very devoted to his family. He sometimes works more than ten hours a day in a hot stinkin’ factory. He has been there for over twenty-five years this July and I have to tell you, there is not one time that he comes home to a dirty home or a meal not cooked or at least planned. My children all do their daily chores and make sure that they are all contributing members. So thanks for pointing that out and I’m sorry if I strayed from the actual question. I guess that’s how this “well-oiled machine” works. (laughs)

Betty Dravis: I’m glad your family is so supportive of you and of each other, Jackie. Family is what it’s all about. So tell me about your daily work routine. Do you have a regular “day job?” And how many hours do you devote to Pacino Worldwide?

Jackie Working on Pacino Worldwide Website

Jackie Krudop: Hmmm, Betty…my daily routine? I guess I do have one; I do have a day job. I am the office-everything girl for a small, family-owned construction company that shall remain nameless as I promised myself not to talk about bosses or work on the internet.

I’m not sure how many hours you could calculate that I work on the site and on the Facebook page. I am “online” daily because my day job is not that busy, so I take the time to answer questions and connect to fans via Facebook. I guess it’s a good thing Al doesn’t have me on the payroll then, huh? (laughs) There are some days I work on the site for at least four hours and then there are days I don’t hardly touch the computer. Working on the site, updating it and connecting with the fans on Facebook is a “get-away” for me…therapy of sorts. While others turn to vices such as gambling or alcohol, I turn to web design and “facebooking.”

Betty Dravis: Good for you, Jackie. It’s easy to see you’re enjoying it.

You are the president of Pacino Worldwide and Iris Frank is the co-founder and vice-president. This might come as a surprise to you, but following is a note she wrote telling about how you met. I hope you don’t mind my sharing it.

I can’t tell you the exact date I met Jackie. I can tell you I was in my forties. I am no longer in my forties. In fact, I am deep into my fifties. I can, however, tell you how I met her. I was hungrily seeking a ticket to see the screening of “Chinese Coffee” at the first Tribeca Film Festival in New York after 9/11. I put out a web-wide email to various Pacino fan groups (never have I taken such a risk!) asking if anyone had an extra ticket. I did, in fact, find a ticket. I also found Jackie, or should I say, she found me. Although ticketless, she responded to the search of a Pacino fan.

Al Pacino’s talent and love of his craft are the reasons Pacino Worldwide exists but also the reasons Jackie and Iris exist. That is a blessed irony… But what you also have when you sign onto Facebook is the wit, drive and dedication of Jackie Krudop. She reminds us that as payback for her effort and her talent we are required to enjoy her handiwork. Her website is here to relax with. She insists you do just that.

Many years, many tears, many arguments and many, many phone calls have passed between us, but our love and admiration for each other remain constant. Take your bow Jackie.

Wow, Jackie, Iris thinks the world of you. It’s interesting how you met and it’s heartening to know you became such good friends. Have you ever met Iris in person?

Pacino Co-founder Iris Frank with first grandchild Jacob Ryan Frank

Jackie Krudop: Have I ever! Iris comes to visit me here in my humble abode (in the Midwest) every Labor Day weekend for what we call our “board of directors meeting,” but really it’s nothing else but good old girl time. We have become the best of friends, knowing one another better than we do our own selves. Knowing Iris is a true treasure; we not only share a “Pacino-thing” but so much more. We share so much…tears, laughter… My kids have even grown to call her “Auntie Iris,” so what does that say? I just simply love her! I call her “sister” all the time, but right now you can call her “Grandma.” She’s busy enjoying her first grandchild, Jacob Ryan Frank, who was born June 30, 2010.

Betty Dravis: I’m happy for Iris and her family, Jackie. Please congratulate “Grandma” for me and express my best wishes. (laughs)

What legalities were involved in starting Pacino Worldwide? How many members do you have? How many countries are represented in your fan base? And who supplies the fabulous photos and movie stills of Al?

Jackie Krudop: As far as legalities are concerned, the only promise I made to Al’s lawyers years ago (as the president of Pacino Worldwide) was to never make money from his name. So therefore, we are a non-profit, tribute-for-entertainment-purposes website. Yes, his lawyer contacted me as to a response to a very “ballsy” proposal we sent regarding the start up of perhaps a “fan club.” Not knowing what was in store, he just wanted to make sure of our intentions.

That is when I decided it should be something that all can enjoy and get use from; a resource, if you will. That way when fans who have never seen a particular film research that film, they will go to us, hopefully.

Members consist of fans from all around the world. We are up to 496 fans on Facebook and it continues to grow daily. Only Iris and I “run” the website. It may be “my baby,” as Iris called it once, but we both manage it. The photos on the site are mostly photos that we have access to from various sources upon release: Reuters, Corbis, Zimbio… They’re available to most–but not to everyone–so as soon as we get them, we pass them on. And trust me, there are fans out there who count on us to send these photos. We are constantly researching the web for new pictures and get press releases from Google and Yahoo daily anytime Al’s name shows up in the news. Right now–that’s a lot!

Al Pacino won Emmy for "Angels in America"

Betty Dravis: That’s interesting, Jackie, and you’re right about Al: He’s a hot commodity now and has been for a long while. He has become a living legend…

Iris mentioned your page on Facebook, so I think she met the Pacino Worldwide Facebook page. Your personal Facebook page is where I met you (indirectly through Katherin Kovin Pacino). I notice you post trivia questions and other information about Pacino and your page seems to be where many people first learn of Pacino Worldwide. You also talk about your day-to-day life and your children on Facebook. Did you set up that page for social networking or as another means of getting the word out about your favorite star?

Jackie Krudop: Well, to be honest Betty, the personal Facebook page is my own little way of connecting to old friends and family I don’t see all the time. The Pacino Worldwide Facebook page is a bit of a “coming of age” thing for the little boost I thought that the website needed. It has, indeed, worked! Iris does the marketing and watches our site’s numbers/visitors constantly. She says that since the onset of the Facebook page, our “hits” (numbers) increased instantly! We’ve gone from 20,000 to 30,000 “hits” a month to over 60,000 just this past June. Now, the numbers get larger once Al is busier, so keep working Al… (laughs)

Betty Dravis: Wow, those are fabulous numbers, Jackie. I’ll post the link on my sites around the internet and, hopefully, send more “hits” your way. (laughs)

I mentioned Al’s stepmother, Katherin Kovin Pacino, several times above. I also interviewed her for Dream Reachers: Vol. 2. She’s a fabulous, good-hearted, lovely woman and a noted actress. I notice she’s your friend on Facebook and approves your website. How did you meet her and is she a help with Pacino Worldwide? Also, you call her Katherin the Great… Why is that?

Jackie Krudop: I call her Katherin the Great because I picked it up out of a Facebook post when you called her that in a joking manner. I thought it really fit her–she truly is great! We met over ten years ago as I was searching for “ideas” and found myself joining “blogs” and various other Pacino groups in my quest to know all I could about the man and the actor. Well, I had casually mentioned to Kat that I’d love to start my own website, but that it was probably impossible and that no one would even like it, etc…all the negative stuff you could say.

It was Kat who encouraged me. Because of my age and my “experiences” in life, she knew I’d have a more mature side to Al’s fan-based sites. I had pretty much given up when one day she and I exchanged emails about Tribeca tickets and such and she said something about all the fans from other countries… That’s when I realized that I could and I would do the site and I’d call it “worldwide” because of how many countries his fans are from. I think, personally, that the name worldwide makes people pause to think…like, hmmm, maybe…

Betty Dravis: I noticed that side of Kat, too; she’s forever encouraging people…a fascinating, caring woman.

Since Al Pacino has won many awards in his outstanding career, I can’t go into all of them, but I’d like to run a quote he made in 2003. His words make me smile, affirming that he has a good sense of humor and has remained down-to-earth and humble.

“I’d like to be remembered as the only man who lived to be 250 years old! (laughs) And someone who had a chance to do what he always wanted to do. I like to think I’m a guy who wasn’t going to make it, and I did. So it’s good to buck the odds. If that means anything to anyone, I will be grateful from the beyond!” – Al Pacino (from Interview by Ken Burns for USA Weekend, Issue Date: January 26, 2003)

Jackie, do you have a favorite quote of Al’s…or an anecdote you’d like to share?

Jackie Krudop: My favorite quote of Al’s comes from his Oscar-winning movie Scent of a Woman: “There isn’t nothin’ like the sight of an amputated spirit, there is no prosthetic for that.”

This quote came at the climatic ending to that wonderful film. It had everything to do with the character, Charlie, and the demise he was facing. I think I have chosen this quote because of the depth of it. It says that there is no way to “fake” a spirit. Once someone’s spirit is broken, it’s hard to build back up and no one has that right to take your dreams and break the spirit that you were born with.

Al Pacino in "Scent of a Woman." Photo Courtesy of Pacino Worldwide & Photofest.

Betty Dravis: I agree that those are powerful words, Jackie; a lot of truth in so few words too. Thanks for sharing that. That was a fantastic movie and Al certainly won that Oscar, fair and square.

On a less serious note, have you had any embarrassing moments in your life that stem from having this website?

Jackie Krudop: Well…I’m not sure if it’s embarrassing, but it sure made me aware of what I was in store for by building this website. When Iris and I first got the idea to have a website, I dubbed it Pacino Worldwide. So, naturally, at family functions and times with friends we liked to pass on our “good news” by giving them the domain name and web address: Simple…right? Or so you’d think…. Well, when some friends of Iris looked up the address, a slip or misunderstanding of the words and all of sudden, up on the screen comes “Pacino’s *****” which is not our site. In fact, it has nothing to do with Al. It’s Porn! You can imagine the looks on her friends’ faces as they stands there in awe or shock or whatever… Iris corrected her friends and they had a great laugh, but this is how a simple switcheroo can really make for an awkward moment.

Betty Dravis: Oh, that’s really funny, Jackie, and that would sure embarrass me. (laughs) But at this point in the interview, I usually ask my guests this question: If you could spend an entire day with anyone in the world (living or dead) who would you choose and why? Since we already know the answer to that, who would be your second choice? (laughs)

Jackie Krudop: (Giggles)… Honestly Betty, I’d love to spend an entire day with Al with all the knowledge and life experiences he has, but truthfully, I’d give anything to spend a day (again) with my departed grandmother. This woman raised me when my own mom worked full time at a factory and when we were in hard times as a child. She raised me from birth to about high-school age. I’m happy that she was able to live long enough to see me married and witness all four of my children. She passed away the summer my twin boys turned a year old. They’re now sixteen, so while it has been a long time ago, I long for dinners and prayers at her table and her good old southern hospitality.

Betty Dravis: I don’t blame you, Jackie. Your grandmother was undoubtedly a strong, wonderful woman and must have been an inspiration to you. Thanks for sharing that touching story.

What other famous actors do you admire?

Jackie Krudop: Yes…there are other actors out there, huh, Betty? (winks) Well, let’s see…I admire Meryl Streep for her “real” acting methods and being able to also transform perspectives (such as Al). I also adore the singer/artist Billy Joel. I have only seen him once in concert and love the way he brings such soul to his songs… You know, “It’s All About Soul” and all his songs, actually. I don’t really get a chance to know the names of many of the current celebs. I stick to movies with the people that I’ve been watching awhile, like Tom Hanks, Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson, Jennifer Lopez (for her acting ability, not singing) and Bonnie Hunt.

Betty Dravis: You wrote the following on your Facebook page: “Love my husband, my kids and my God…what else is there?” Dare I answer the question by quipping: “There is Al Pacino?” (laughs)

What ages are your children and what do you like to do on family outings?

Jackie's Son Matt Krudop

Jackie Krudop: Thanks for asking about my kids, Betty. I have four wonderful kids, but what Mom doesn’t say that…right? They really are, though; they start with my son Matt, age twenty-three, who is taking college courses for interior design, and then my daughter Katrina who is eighteen, just graduated from high school and is bound for cosmetology school in the fall, and last, but not least, are my twin boys, Jerod and Jordan, who turned sixteen on July 19, 2010. Look out, world… (laughs)

My husband John and I have been married for a little over twenty-three years and mostly spend our “family outings” doing whatever the kids want. We like to take our two dogs for walks or play volleyball in the backyard or just go catch a movie! It’s all about them, and we’ve found that just doing that and having our own “date night” once in a while, works for us.

Jackie's Twin Sons Jerod & Jordan

Betty Dravis: That sounds like a winning combination to me, Jackie. Your family seems to be tight-knit and close, which is how it should be…

Before ending this interview, I’d like to know if you have any plans to expand Pacino Worldwide. And what’s in the near future for Jackie Krudop?

Jackie Krudop: The only plans I have for Pacino Worldwide, I’m already doing. I opened up the Facebook Page to fans that had already been with our little forty-member Yahoo Group and now we have 415 fans! I love it! The reason I love it is because I get to see how many folks from all ages, all walks of life, and all parts of the globe have the same great sense of awe and admiration for Al. And as they said about Elvis: forty million fans can’t be wrong! And as I say: 415 fans—and growing– can’t be wrong! (laughs)

As for Jackie Krudop, I’m not sure what’s next for me… My kid is going to college, so I think I’ll stick around home for a while and keep running the website and Facebook page! How’s that?

Betty Dravis: Sounds good to me, Jackie. Well, we could talk all day about Al Pacino and his fabulous body of works, but instead I’ll refer our readers to your websites:

Facebook link:!/pages/Pacino-Worldwide/166961768603?v=wall

Pacino Worldwide website:

Your Personal Facebook link:!/profile.php?id=100000275299595&ref=ts

Now before closing, Jackie, this is the perfect place to share the good news about Al’s HBO movie You Don’t Know Jack! And this is your last chance to mention anything we may have missed, so feel free to do so.

Jackie Krudop: As you know, Betty, in You Don’t Know Jack, Al plays the role of Dr. Jack Kevorkian (1928 –) who in the 1990s defied Michigan law by assisting the suicide of terminally-ill persons. It’s an HBO presentation, directed by Barry Levinson. Critics and fans are raving over Al’s accurate portrayal of the controversial, single-minded and often antic Kevorkian.

Movie Poster from "You Don't Know Jack." Courtesy of Pacino Worldwide.

I’m pleased to announce that Al has been nominated for an Emmy in August, 2010! We predicted as such and are so ready to see Al receive the Emmy once again. He already received an Emmy for the HBO movie, Angels In America. We happen to think that Al and HBO make a pretty good team!

Currently, Al is performing as Shylock in William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice in New York’s beautiful Delacorte Theater for the summer months’ Shakespeare in the Park. This is a very big deal at Pacino Worldwide and we are even more excited to have gotten news recently that says that there are “talks” of this very show going to Broadway. We hope! Any other Pacino news and happenings can be found on our site’s “Future Features” page.

Betty Dravis: I saw You Don’t Know Jack and was mesmerized by Al’s performance; he was fabulous. He not only played the part, he was Dr. Kevorkian in that film. That’s how great he is! He certainly deserves an Emmy. Thanks for the good news!

In parting, I wish to thank you for sharing your life and your dreams with our readers, Jackie. It’s been great fun talking with you. Please keep us in the loop about Al, and I want to be first to know when you finally meet this living legend who has millions of fans all around the world. Dare I call him the “Man of Your Dreams?” (laughs)

Sweet dreams, Jackie.

Jackie Krudop: Thanks, Betty. I’m happy to have this chance to share my thoughts about Al Pacino and to talk about Pacino Worldwide. My husband comes first, but in a way, Al is “The Man of My Dreams” because I admire him and his legendary acting. Sweet dreams to you all. It’s been fun…

Pacino lungo Vivo! (Long live Pacino!)

Jackie's Daughter Katrina's Graduation Photo-Shoot. Photography by Tim Perroud

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