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by Betty Dravis

Dr. Linda Salvin.KLSX 97.1 FM final night on the air.2009

Betty Dravis: Dr. Salvin, you are a first for me! I have never interviewed anyone with your special skills before, so I hope that we both learn from this interview. Since I am a devout Christian, I’m somewhat of a skeptic–but a skeptic with an open mind…at least during the course of this interview (laughs). I know that you believe in God, too, so am eager to see how your psychic skills fit in with His plan for your life.

As you know, my co-author and I write books called Dream Reachers and they’re all about high-achieving people and the problems they encounter in reaching their dreams. I chose to interview you because you definitely fit that category. As well as being on popular websites like Dames of Dialogue and Student Operated Press, your interview will also be included in Dream Reachers: Vol. 2.

I met you through Facebook and you come highly recommended by actress Katherin Kovin Pacino who is one of your best friends. Tell us how you met Kat and exactly what it is you do. I read that you had been a successful public health official and that you got started on your new path through a series of traumatic accidents. Can you share about that? I realize your life reads like a book, so please share the highlights.

That said, let me welcome you to Dames of Dialogue with open arms. It’s always fun talking about the “unknown,” so I suspect we will have fun. I know our readers enjoy reading about interesting people and you, Dr. Salvin, are that and more.

Dr. Linda Salvin: Hi, Betty… and please call me Linda. We have chatted enough on Facebook to be on a first-name basis. I prefer the informality of places like Facebook, as I know you do.

First off, let me thank you for inviting me to participate with your Dream Reachers, Vol. 2 publication as well as the Dames of Dialogue and Student Operated Press. I am honored to be considered a high-achiever among your other featured people. You have such an impressive catalogue of celebrities you have interviewed throughout the decades, I cannot see how I got so lucky to be included in your collection. Again, my heart-felt appreciation…

To answer your first question, my background is Health Education and Epidemiology, the study of epidemics. Many people thought it was skin, which is dermatology. (laughs) Although I will discuss my educational background in depth below, once out of school, many strange events began to take place in my life. The first occurred in the fall of 1977 after I returned from Europe. I had just been offered a position at General Dynamics in Pomona for an Industrial Hygienist. The job entailed creating a program to ensure the health and well-being of the manufacturing plant from chemical and toxic exposures. The weekend following the interview, I had a bizarre fall in the bathroom where I passed out, was rushed to the hospital and found I had sustained a concussion when my head hit the toilet and broke a chunk of porcelain. I was laid up for about ten days, called the company and asked if they could hold the job for me.

All the while, something inside me told me not to take it. I ignored that little voice and worked there for two-and-a-half years. I established the Industrial Hygiene program just as OSHA was coming of age in the late ’70s. I was one of four professional women in a very male-dominated industry of many ex-military personnel; certainly not the place for someone like me who once walked moratoriums for the Vietnam War in high school!

During my years in the health field, among other things, at USC I did brain tumor research as well as research on Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange, developed the drug abuse program for Cal State Northridge, taught AIDS education to kids on parole in the California Youth Authority. But the funny thing was, I just could not figure out how I ended up working at a gray metal desk with my window looking out at barbed wire fences. I quit my job without having another to go to. My spiritual journey was about to begin…

Betty Dravis: Sorry you had the accident, Linda, but perhaps that ended up for the better since it probably had a great deal to do with your rethinking your job situation…even if you did go on to work over two years in that program. (laughs) And NO, I can’t picture you behind a “gray metal desk,” but it’s heartening to know that you were helping people in both phases of your career. But please continue. I’m eager to learn all about your spiritual journey and everything you do now. I know you’re a popular radio host with a big following, but other than that… Hmmmm…

Linda Salvin with President Gerald R. Ford at University of Michigan Dinner.March. 1977

Dr. Linda Salvin: Well, Betty, I’m just as eager to tell my story. Talking it out is cathartic, in a way. OK, after leaving General Dynamics in early 1980, a friend from San Francisco asked if I wanted to house-sit their home while she and her husband traveled through Europe. (I had actually known my friend in high school and ran into her in a college class in San Francisco.) Her offer came at an opportune time for me, so I took advantage of the offer to partly decide if I would want to relocate to the Bay Area again and partly to escape many of the conflicts I was facing.

Not sure what I was going to pursue at the time, I decided to return to what I have termed, “the scene of my crime” to figure out what happened to me along the way. I moved back to San Francisco for two months, but loved it so much that I stayed five–until deciding to return home to Los Angeles where I planned to enter the music industry once and for all.

I had begun my spiritual trek a year or two before, seeking out what God and the universe really meant to me, had in store for me and what spirituality might mean to me. I went on unemployment, taking time off after six straight years of college followed by a few years of work. It was time to think things through.

While there, I interviewed at UC Berkeley for an Epidemiology appointment, was flown down to Long Beach for an Industrial Hygiene position. I was offered both and rejected both.

While in San Francisco, I took what was then called est training, a popular self-awareness workshop. After that experience, staying with friends and finally getting ready to make a commitment again, I packed up my car, drove down the coast and landed in my parents’ home in Beverly Hills. It was also their 30th wedding anniversary party and I wanted to be there to celebrate with them.

In December, 1980, I interviewed with an insurance company for an Environmental Health Specialist position which I was offered. I was in training just two months when I received my first out-of-town assignment; it was in San Jose, California. I drove to Newport Beach to meet my partner and then to John Wayne Airport to catch a plane to San Jose. We were to test ethylene oxide exposure in an autoclave to determine chemical exposure levels in a hospital. We needed to determine the safety and toxicity levels to insure health standards were in effect. An autoclave is where surgical instruments are sterilized. We instructed the staff not to open the autoclave door during the next four hours. At the two-hour-check mark, we discovered someone had tampered with our sampling and invalidated our entire day’s work.

We decided to pack up and head back to the airport. While sitting in the coffee shop, I turned to look at the parked plane and said, “Doesn’t it look like it could crack there?” When my partner turned, he did not see the exhaust or settlement line that I did, which seemed to appear beyond the wing of the plane. An hour-and-a-half later, our plane crash-landed to avoid collision with another plane taking off on the same runway. Statistically, the probability of all of us surviving was about two billion to one. But we did! I guess you could say that was my first premonition.

My life changed forever that day, February 17, 1981.

Linda with Musician/Producer George Brown, founding member of Kool & the Gang

I spent many years confused, frightened, spiritually challenged, alone and trying to figure out what had happened to me. When I say alone, I mean few people could identify with my challenges, feelings or sensations. I didn’t know I had become so God-conscious and psychic at the same time. I did not know where to turn, who to talk to. Even therapists could not identify with me. I was in conflict for at least six years, to say the least.

However, during that time, I had a number of “wake-up calls”: my car was hit by a fire-truck; in 1984, I totaled a car; and had the white-light experience and was given a choice to live or die. Had I not experienced all of this, I would not believe it either…

Yes, there is a God in my life! Although raised Jewish, my awareness of God broadened. Yes, I believe there is something out there directing us all on our journey–especially when we veer from our truth–or to encourage us to move more toward our higher and ultimate purpose if the soul’s yearning to grow is such. I know I had a thirst for knowledge I did not understand in high school but was philosophical in my own right. Yet, as an adult, I entered the world of science and was less creative than I had been.

We all change through our decisions. What I have learned is that if we get off the path, by opening spiritually, we can return to our God-given self and become who we were intended to be…

The plane crash opened my eyes, as did all the other accidents. I was going toward music but then psychic abilities took over and although I ran for eleven years–while attempting to work in public health, health education at a local university, working as an epidemiologist in cancer research, etc.–things still did not sit right within me. I became restless and uncomfortable within my own skin and did not know why. It was as if a surge of energy was pushing me. Intelligence, attractiveness, education, a nice salary and gee, something still wasn’t right.

Betty Dravis: Frightening accidents and experiences like that would make anyone sit up and take notice, Linda. Yours was a hard path to get where God wanted you to be. Thanks for sharing your San Francisco college years. What other colleges did you attend? Since your parents lived in Beverly Hills, is that where you were born? A so-called Valley Girl at that time? (laughs)

Linda Salvin, relaxing at home

Dr. Linda Salvin: I grew up in Sherman Oaks, Betty; my parents moved to Beverly Hills when I was in grad school.  My college education extends beyond San Francisco State University. I began undergraduate work at Los Angeles Valley College in Van Nuys, California and left in my sophomore year, February, 1973. This is where I made a very big mistake in my life that now is just a chunk of time for learning a big lesson–a painful one at that! I followed a boyfriend up to college even though we had just broken up. I did not have the courage to say I no longer wanted to attend that school, so I left home and went anyway. Not a good experience for me but I did earn my BA in Health Science in May, 1975. I can still hear my mother asking if I wanted to come home and my reply of “No!” How many times do I wish I had said, “Yes?”

That summer after I graduated, I was working as a camp counselor at a Girl Scout camp when I received a phone call from my mother, saying I had been accepted to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor for my Master’s in Public Health Epidemiology. I really liked studying disease and thought it would be exciting to do and I considered becoming a doctor. I quit camp, went to visit friends in the Bay Area, returned to LA and prepared for grad school.

Four years after grad school was the life-altering plane crash. Gee, did my life change!

In 1989, I was working for a private organization where we taught AIDS education to kids on parole in the California Youth Authority. On a weekend night, I was hit in my car by another car that jumped the lane, spun out on the Hollywood freeway. I was so frightened, I just said, “Oh, God, help me!” as I scrambled for the brake pedal. Like the Red Sea parting, all eight lanes heading north into the San Fernando Valley that night came to a halt and somehow, by the grace of God, I was able to turn my car around and drive over to the right shoulder where there were a few other cars who had been involved in the accident. I was not at fault. I had to get all the information from the other people. I knew I had a headache but did not know the extent of it at that time.

Each accident I had been in damaged my back, neck and arms, but they also took me out of my body and closer to God. After the last accident, I had such agonizing headaches that the neurologist told me it would take at least two years of treatment before I felt better. But after what I had been through since 1981, there was no way I’d spend two more years healing.

I was determined to get well fast, so I found a wonderful chiropractor who was able to unlock the pinched nerve and assist me. Thank God for chiropractors.

Betty Dravis: Those headaches must have been awful to endure, Linda, and I’m so glad you found help from a chiropractor. That’s a wonderful testimony to their skills. My son-in-law Nick Rodriguez is a chiropractor. He and my daughter Allison own O’Hara Chiropractic in San Jose. He sure was a blessing to me when I suffered a pinched sciatic nerve. But please go on, your story is gripping.

Linda with actor Rodney Allen Rippy at Katherin Kovin Pacino's Birthday Party.2010

Dr. Linda Salvin: Your son-in-law and daughter are healing people, too, Betty. I’m pleased to hear that. God’s blessings on them…

The odd thing is that after that accident, I became more psychic, but due to the headaches, I quit my job, took on odd jobs and played music around town. But fate stepped in again: In 1991, I fell ill and needed emergency surgery. My gynecologist explained that as a result of tumors, if I didn’t have surgery, I would end up dying. I remember him asking how important having children was to me. Having already by-passed a few of the relationships I had ever considered having children with, I knew the decision to surrender my child-bearing abilities for my life was my next challenge. So there I was, facing another very difficult and upsetting time…again.

The upside was that shortly after I began to heal, the energy from my hands began to flow from me and the healing gift I have today emerged. I did stand-up comedy for awhile and the joke was that they took out my uterus and I became a healer. Go figure… (laughs)

Betty Dravis: You’ve certainly had a lot of pain in your life, Linda, but you are such a giving, caring woman, I know you would suffer it all over again in exchange for the gift of healing and helping others. You’re an amazing woman; a less strong woman wouldn’t be able to endure what you did and then joke about it in your comedy routine. Wow! Tell us more… I’m eager to hear how you got started in radio, and I bet our readers are, also.

Dr. Linda Salvin: Well, Betty, I do have more to say, but I’m not used to talking in-depth about myself, so stop me if I go too far. (laughs) On the other hand, I could talk all night about my career. I love explaining the spiritual and metaphysical sides of life.

But first, I’ll respond to your radio question: I got started in radio in1994. I worked for Psychic Friends Network, was in their Infomercial with Dionne Warwick for two seasons (1992-93), worked awhile as a psychic and then went out on my own. Shortly after the 1994 earthquake here in Los Angeles, I was selected out of 365 people to be the night-time psychic on Los Angeles’s KBIG 104 FM radio. The station was one of the largest rock stations in town.

By that summer, I had built a following and was known as the radio psychic. The creative director there, who is still a great friend today, suggested I start my own show. I took his advice and after sixteen years, I have been nationally syndicated on AM/FM, cable and now I have my own Internet station. I hope to grow over time… as word gets out.

Linda Salvin & Famous Singer Dionne by Barry Slobin

Betty Dravis: Congratulations on going national, Linda. That’s a huge leap in the right direction. By stretching to reach your dreams, as we urge in our Dream Reachers books, you have fulfilled dream after dream. I’m sure your following will reach the stratosphere. I’m familiar with your show from your website and on Facebook and I got a taste of just how popular you are: When you and I started conversing there, I suddenly started receiving friendship requests from quite a few people who are huge fans of yours..and from your competitors, as well. (laughs) It was obvious, because they mentioned you in requesting my friendship. You can’t keep any secrets on Facebook, can you?

Dr. Linda Salvin: I didn’t know that, Betty, but you’re right… (laughs) I love Facebook. It’s a wonderful way to network, to meet people and, hopefully, help them with their everyday and health problems. Thanks for sharing that about my “fans” who contacted you. However, fans is such a presumptuous word… I like to think of them as clients…even friends.

But you asked about “all” I do, so I will start with metaphysics which is a combination of religion, psychology and esoteric beliefs. After all I had experienced and how I had grown, changed and evolved, I felt it best to validate my educational and professional side with the top degree to complement my previous academic degrees. I returned to school and received my PhD in 2008 from the American Institute of Holistic Theology

In the late ‘90s, I developed a candle line called Wicks of Wisdom® which are “…like a prescription for your soul.”® These candles include three per set with essential oils, herbs and powders to assist spiritually to increase finances, love, health, luck, win legal cases, balance dysfunctional relationships and much more. For years, I have received testimonial after testimonial from my clients and that–along with the readings, healings and channelings–gives me great satisfaction. Knowing I have been able to help others achieve something on their journey through life makes it all worthwhile. People can see the candles on TV and our website as well as

Linda by Jody Frank Photography.2006

I mentioned channeling, Betty, and most people are interested in that. Here is the odd, painful way I came to learn I could channel: After the hysterectomy and the healing work, I discovered my body was developing more and more benign tumors. At one point I had about forty tumors removed from hips and thighs. They needed to come out as they each had their own independent blood supply, called angiolipomas.

I eventually discovered I was placing the energy from healing people back into my body. One day after surgery, I was wearing shorts, slapped my hands down on my lap and saw it: many of the scars of the various tumors that had been removed were in the perfect shape of my eight fingers and two thumbs. That’s when I realized I had to change the way I dealt with energy.

I had three more surgeries for tumors by 1999 and each surgery seemed to elevate my gift. I have learned that since anesthesia is the closest thing to death, it may also have had something to do with the spiritual changes I went through while removing the negative masses of energy I had accumulated in my body (which are considered tumors).

After the first surgery to remove the tumors, I had a client come to see me. He asked about his wife who was deceased. I began to speak as if she were coming through me. He said I was just like her. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I was given the gift of transmediumship after that surgery. All in all, the accidents led to opening up, finding God, knowing there is a force out there guiding me, you and the rest of the planet.

It appears that the first surgery took me to a new level and the following surgeries opened me up to yet a different world to help people, read, explore and comprehend the different dimensions of life.

I do not have enough time (or space here) to write a complete dissertation of my ideas of what this all means, Betty. I do know there is spirit; I do know there is something outside of ourselves and not just within ourselves that directs us. I feel that aligning and integrating is the key for the true life’s happiness and purpose. Love, work, fulfillment, happiness, contentment come when doing God’s will. There are challenges, decisions, choices and free will. I have learned how my will caused me upset and by becoming aware of spiritual laws, life’s flow and synchronicity timing of people, places and things, life took on an entirely new meaning and path for my purpose and fulfillment.

Even while in therapy for treatment of the post anxiety stress disorder I suffered following the plane crash, I could not heal or recover properly. I had difficulty sleeping and awakening. The only way I began to feel comfortable was when I found God in my life. I began to trust the universe, the energy, and the messages of the universe. I began to see that everything happens in time for a reason; that God’s rejection is God’s protection; and a coincidence is God acting anonymously. I began to understand the synchronicity of life.

Linda Salvin with Bill Pascali, Author & Keyboardist/Lead Singer for The New Rascals, Vanilla Fudge & other bands.Photo by Sue Michelson, Soul Gallery Productions.2010

As I said above, a year after the plane crash, I was hit by a fire-truck and in 1984 had totaled a car and experienced the white light, where I was given the choice to live or die. Regarding the white light experience, I was driving home on a rainy night. The street lights were out. I was heading north as a car entered the intersection going west. I broadsided the car. I said to myself, “They’re going so fast! I want to go home.” Next thing I knew, my car spun out and as I was spinning and came to a halt, and–as God is my witness–a white light went from the top of my head, through the ceiling of my Camaro and into the heavens. I heard a loud voice say, “You can come with us now or stay and do…” and I was given a message I choose not to share at this time.

Freaking out, I chose to stay. Paramedics pried me out of my car. When I stood on the street, I cried, “They want me off the planet! They want me off the planet!” I was rushed to UCLA for observation. After all the accidents from 1981 to this one in 1984, I felt like something was out to get me, change me and finally, redirect me. I know, many people say they would never drive with me. The truth is, I have been through so many different events that most people never go through…or perhaps only once. But I’ve been through many which continued to alter my life and perspectives. After a while, I began to feel like I had a connection to the “other side,” like a bumper car is connected by a metal rod to the electrical system above to drive around and bump other cars.

My first clients were through the Psychic Friends Network, even though after the plane crash my friends kept saying that everything I told them kept coming true. I knew I had become psychic but ran for eleven years before I embraced it and surrendered to using the gift for a career. The calls on the network helped me gain the confidence to read for people accurately.

Within months of my readings, I had several repeat callers telling me I was one of the few who knew what they were talking about, whose predictions actually came true and that I could help them. Six months into this, I received a call from the Psychic Friends Network office asking if I would be interested in being in their upcoming infomercial. I agreed and from there my psychic career took off. I worked the line a couple of years, was invited to do a few TV interviews like CNN-FN, Hard Copy, John & Leeza, etc. and one thing led to another. I had no idea what I was doing other than I created a business for myself using faith…with one foot in front of the other. Word got out on and off the radio, my client base grew to include celebrities and now, sixteen years later, I have read, healed and/or channeled for close to 18,000 – 20,000 people.

At the beginning of this interview you asked how I had met actress Katherin Kovin Pacino. Well, Betty, Kat and I met via my radio show. She was a listener, then a client. I read her a few times; she had already lost her husband Sal Pacino and I remember she had just met her current husband, Bill Lashbrook…or had just married him. We eventually became friends. She is a very down to earth, lovely person who I trust completely. That is difficult in the “Hollywood” scene. She is one of my friends who does not abuse my gifts and we understand each other. I do offer to assist her, to guide her. One of the sad things about my career is that there are people who want me only for my gift, but Bill and Kat see me as the person I am, as I see them for who they are, not what they do.

Linda Salvin with Katherin Kovin Pacino & David Oman

Betty Dravis: Twenty thousand people! Oh, my, that’s impressive to think you’ve touched so many lives… Thanks for sharing how you met the gracious, charming Kat. I met her on Facebook and I’m grateful she led me to you. I agree, she’s a lovely woman…inside and out. I was fortunate to meet her and Bill during the course of an interview for Dream Reachers, Vol. 2. My son Robert, his girlfriend Patty Carrillo and her mother Roma Vargas accompanied us to a fine Mexican restaurant in San Rafael. We had a wonderful time and it delights me that you both will be featured in our new book.

Dr. Linda Salvin: I heard about that from Kat, Betty, but I’d better get back to the question of how I got started in radio…before you get impatient with me. (laughs) I know you have a deadline: In 1994, after experiencing all I had in the ‘80s during that lost decade of mine–when all my friends were becoming yuppies and I was becoming psychic and spiritual with three near-death experiences–I had toyed with my music career again, but it never went anywhere. (Some news on that front is happening now, but I’ll share that below.)

When I was accepted into the radio gig, I saw immediate financial results and opted to concentrate on radio and psychic work to help people (instead of my music).  I gave up music for radio.

But my big news for today is that in February (2010), I just signed a new contract where I am being branded by a company for the new Dr. Linda Salvin Psychic & Astrology Network which is going to be a terrific new psychic and astrology line with great readers. I will be heard on national radio doing daily commercials for astrology and returning to terrestrial radio (AM/FM) with my two-hour broadcast, in addition to what I do currently online at We will be on hundreds of radio and TV stations advertising the line. The line will also upsell Wicks of Wisdom and the company will be airing my Infomercial. Therefore, everything I have done on my own until now (these past sixteen years) is being integrated and elevated to a new and grander level. Hopefully, we will go global.

Betty Dravis: OMG, Linda, your life story is mesmerizing. That white light experience would send the average person around the bend, but by that time you were deep into understanding your gifts, so were able to infiltrate them into your growing awareness of yourself and what you hope to achieve with your life. More power to you! And going national! All I can say is that you served a severe apprenticeship and are ready for it… Now, we have reached the point where you must share your other good news with us—your music news! I bet you are happy to finally be able to use your lifelong love of music as well as your psychic gifts. The future must look very rosy at the moment.

Linda Salvin on the Red Carpet.Donald Carraway Photography.2009

Dr. Linda Salvin: Gee, Betty, I thought music would simply be a form of pleasure and relaxation for me in my downtime at home. But as God and the universe would see it, after you asked me to write this, my dear friend George Brown (of Kool & the Gang) has offered to produce my music. We are meeting to discuss my songs which are quite spiritual and folksy. I began playing guitar at age nine and have never been able to evolve my style. I always sound like me, a folk singer, no matter what style I try to cover. I am most comfortable as a folkie, but was embarrassed by my style for many years. But now in the digital age, with online opportunities, it seems all genres are acceptable and music, which is the language of soul, is as unique as each of us. I have recorded demos of songs I’ve written and play rhythm acoustic guitar and am happy to finally be returning to the studio.

The future does, indeed, look rosy…very rosy! I am excited about the national syndication and the possibility of having my songs produced. I can’t wait to see what develops.

Betty Dravis: That’s encouraging, Linda. Music is a big part of who you are, also, and this opportunity will give you a healthy balance between the serious Linda and the fun-loving Linda. Go for it! But now, since we all love chocolate, I want to hear about this “heavenly healing, body-fortifying” chocolate you have on your website. I want some…and I want it now! (laughs)

Dr. Linda Salvin: Oh, I couldn’t forget that, Betty! (laughs) Well, as I began working for myself, incorporating the spiritual trek I had been on–the numerous accidents, setbacks, career choices, the search for God and healing and what to do with myself–I reflected upon my education and realized what we need out there. As an undergrad in health education, I remember one professor pounding the definition of health into our heads: “Health is the state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and not merely the absence of disease.” Ok… Well, after the accidents, I found that physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, psychotherapy, and other treatments I sought to calm my fears and suffering were not as helpful as seeking spiritual guidance with God and energy. So it dawned on me to incorporate my experiences and help others understand spirituality, spiritual health and integrate with my new gifts of sight and healing. So, I’m a spiritual psychic, metaphysical healer and medium.

Now here’s where the chocolate comes in: I find products that work to help others, much like the healthy chocolate on my website. I have a very severe sugar sensitivity which I have battled most of my life but only in recent years have begun to understand and cope with. The smallest drop of sugar offsets my insulin levels so severely that my moods change drastically. I can become depressed, angry or weepy for a few days. Not a pretty sight… Remove the sugar and I’m fine. The same occurs with white flour products. Most of us do not understand that we really are what we eat.

Linda Salvin at post-Oscar by Sue Michelson, Soul Gallery Productions.2010

While in New York in February, 2009, some friends introduced me to the product. I was nervous about trying it as I had not had sugar for nearly eighteen months. This was different, made for diabetics–which I am not. I am the opposite; my pancreas overproduces sugar. I guess I’m just so-ooo sweet! (laughs) Anyway, the product is full of antioxidants which destroy the free radicals in our body–which of course can cause our disease–so I decided to see what would happen. I had spoken to others and read miraculous health benefits from cardiovascular to diabetic.

The product is Xocai. The link is on my website. If any of your readers are interested, I would suggest they watch the video then contact me directly before purchasing so I can fully explain the product, health benefit and marketing abilities to make an income, too. If it works for me, it will work for you. Here is the link to the site. The video is amazing. Again, please contact me directly before ordering:

In nine months on the chocolate, my cholesterol dropped forty-seven points; I visited the chiropractor twice in a year and not weekly as a result of the decrease in pain, an increase in flexibility and movement with synovial fluid; my arthritic pain and inflammation disappeared and I now have full range of motion in my neck where before I had about sixty percent from all the trauma in my past. The product works! The company says three or more a day is equivalent to eating a pound of broccoli. Which way would you prefer to ingest your antioxidants?

Betty Dravis: You don’t have to be psychic to know the answer to that, Linda, so bring on the chocolate. I have nothing against broccoli, but much prefer the yummy taste of chocolate. (laughs) But now tell us, was your family behind you in your new calling? I know that most people don’t deal well with change, so are there any humorous incidents from the time you switched careers that you’d like to share with us?

Dr. Linda Salvin: It pains me to say, Betty, but NO, my family has been very unsupportive about my chosen field as it is not something they understand, approve or respect. They were happy when I had my scientific title, and would have been more supportive if I had remained in the public health field. It has further isolated me from them with the additional challenges I have faced in building my business. No one could understand why I would be a psychic, let alone believe I am a psychic. I suffered quite a bit of ridicule from my family and even some friends, but when the infomercial ran and my parents’ friends commented about seeing me on air, I got a little respect.

Unfortunately, there are the gypsies and fortune tellers who give us bad names and there are skeptics for whom I love to prove my psychic abilities.

No one could understand! I couldn’t understand! All I knew was that I had developed a gift and after running from it for eleven years, I had to embrace it. I began my psychic career at age thirty-eight, radio at forty, received my PhD and launched the infomercial at fifty-four and here at fifty-six, I have an entirely new opportunity again.

Many people misunderstand the work, so there is no humor involved until I begin to ramble-off all the things that had happened to me. Before I reach the end, people do tend to grin a little…at the preposterousness of it all. And believe it or not, there are some things I haven’t even mentioned. For one, I failed to mention that the City of Los Angeles denied the fire-truck accident… well, enough is enough, I’m sure… (laughs)

OK, how many lives have I had? I’m still here and wondering what all of this means and why me? I have scars inside and out, but I am how I am. If I can’t find the humor past my own pain, how can I help others? I read, heal and channel with laughter even though many people do not understand my personality.

Laughter is natural medicine for the soul. I cry, I laugh. I heal, I love. I teach, help, heal.

Missy Wilson, Radio Consultant, Dr. Linda Salvin, Heidi Hamilton, Talk Show Host.Photo by Sue Michelson, Soul Gallery Productions.2010

Betty Dravis: Linda, I must say I don’t know anyone else who has had that many bad things happen to them, but even I can see the humor in the way you describe them… all lumped together that way. Sort of a Divine Comedy up close and personal…or is it just the Inferno part of that classic? (laughs) But I admire your positive attitude and I, too, believe laughter is a natural medicine. Is that an additional reason for how you survived it all?

Dr. Linda Salvin: Well, most of the time it did feel like an inferno, Betty. (laughs) And I do believe that laughter, perseverance and God helped me survive…and it does to this day! I have fallen down, scraped my knees, cried my eyes out and yet, look outside on a beautiful day to see the trees, dogs, cats, flowers, birds and know that in the end, there is a reason for all of this and I do not give up. Now, as I mentioned, I have a company behind me when a year ago I thought it was dead for good. It was simply a trying transition.

The infomercial call center was not converting our sales, the radio station I had been on for three years went off the air and my mother passed away unexpectedly. All the plates I had been twirling–from radio, infomercial production, PhD, private clients, and whatever else I was doing–crashed….hit bottom. We can only do so much.

The universe will only give us as much as we can handle and allow us to see, heal and then start up again if you do not give up. Meeting the face of adversity is scary, painful and discouraging. I am not married (YET!) and have no one to fall back on except myself. And when I fail, I have nowhere to go but to God. Of course, I have friends, mentors, associates, family, etc. but when confronting some of the deepest and most spiritual transitions and experiences of my psychic gifts, accidents, surgeries and ascensions, I really had nowhere to turn, Betty. I just learned to go day-by-day and trust, believe and develop faith at such a level that people, places and things were put in my life for a reason. Most of the time I was right…

Sometimes we are forced to reinvent, redesign, rediscover and recreate ourselves. Not everyone is handed life on a silver platter with opportunities without hard work. Some people seem to have an easier time than others, true. I feel a lot is timing, chance and preparedness as well as the ability to create what you want and be willing to seek the opportunities as they present themselves. I know I have by-passed opportunities I regret in hindsight and I wonder what I will tackle next for the future. Each decision leads to another on the journey.

Betty Dravis: I have not had an easy journey, either, Linda, and I admire your ways of coping. I, too, trust in my faith in God and his son Jesus to see me through. But now I’m curious about something else: Most people in your line of work notice—or someone in their family notices—that the person has some psychic ability at an early age. Did you have any special abilities or did it all evolve after your accidents? And have your skills heightened as you inter-relate with more clients with special needs

Linda with Legendary Rocker Edgar Winter, Monique Winter & Other Friends

Dr. Linda Salvin: As a child, I remember certain déjà vu experiences and a few past life experiences. I did not understand them at the time, but once I opened up, I began to remember. I recall something that occurred when I was about four years old: My father was showing me the sky in our backyard and I remember thinking to myself, Here I am again… meaning, I recognized that I had been here before. I know I am not of the earth plane. I did not understand it at the time.

I thought I had a pretty average childhood except I saw two planes collide in midair at age four. I began working for my parents at age ten, was a girl scout and sold cookies too. (laughs) Even then I knew that I was sensitive and intuitive, but I would not say I was psychic until after the plane crash awakened it and brought it all to light, so to speak. When I slid down the ramp from the plane, I noticed I was standing five feet, eight inches on the right side of my body and about fifty feet outside of my body on the left. That feeling (of being split in half) lasted about three or four months. I later learned I became what is known as a “walk-in,” where someone is close to death and a new soul enters. Ruth Montgomery wrote a book called Strangers Among Us around 1979. She describes the theory of walk-ins and referred me to the book. I had no idea what it meant until a psychic explained the concept to me a month after the plane crash when she herself said, “You’re a walk-in” and I asked what that meant.

Working with clients over time certainly helped me to hone in on skills, accuracy levels and my ability to immediately diagnose a situation with a client. I work quickly when I hear a person’s problem.

As for clients with special needs, I have healed people from schizophrenia to heart pain and hives… I have lists of what I have done for people that traditional doctors or therapists have not been able to do. It is part of my spiritual gift. I just need to get it out to the universe on a grander level to reach more people. Your interview will also help me do that, Betty. Thanks again for this opportunity. Unfortunately, I cannot perform any techniques on myself, just as a psychic cannot read themselves! (laughs)

Betty Dravis: Your website lists many things that you do for your clients–readings, channelings, healings—and it also tells of your Wicks of Wisdom Candles and special healing chocolate. I admit that the idea of channeling and reincarnation is not in my belief system, but at the same time I believe you are the genuine thing…that you do have the gifts.

Thanks for explaining all that to us; people can visit your website to find out more and to read testimonials of how you helped so many others. But now will you please touch on a few downsides of your gifts?

Dr. Linda Salvin: One of the downsides, Betty, is that I am so sensitive that being in a mall can drive me nuts due to the various lights, sounds, voices. I tune in quickly in restaurants, can often read people at a distant table and feel their discomfort, lies and joys. I have learned over the years to turn it down and monitor my wave-lengths, so to speak.

Another upsetting factor is that many people abuse the fact I am psychic; they phone me as my friend when, in reality, they want help and are far from my “friend.” When I shut down or put my boundaries up and state they need to pay, their attitude changes; they feel I owe it to them. I make a living professionally at this work, which is draining, tiring and often disturbing. But, people feel they deserve answers whenever they want, forgetting I am human, have a life, outside interests and try to work a schedule. The abuse that takes place is unbelievable and I really tire of it. My true friends do not cross that line. They pay me if they need me. Otherwise, we are friends and can enjoy life, love and fun outings together…without my reading for them. The biggest downside can be loneliness and being misunderstood.

Betty Dravis: You must have anticipated this question because you touched on it briefly above: I read somewhere that a lot of what a psychic does is a drain on his or her own system. Since you have experienced it, how do you prepare for a client session or for a radio show? And how do you unwind afterwards…with a glass of wine, as many people do when returning home from a hard day’s work? (laughs)

Linda Salvin Hamming it Up at Universal Studio with Friend Tracy Snow

Dr. Linda Salvin: Psychic, healing and channeling work is extremely draining. Many people do not understand the type of energy it takes to truly read. I pull energy from people. I am clairsentient, so I pick up emotions and practically get inside the other person or become them. I often hear people say, “He said that…” or “That’s what I told my boyfriend…” or “How did you know I felt that…” and I simply say, “I’m psychic.” Some people are more difficult to read than others as they are not as spiritual or psychically aware. Others test or play “stump the psychic” to see how I do and then I have to work twice as hard.

Many times I became angry as I pull their anger and give it back to them. My spirit mirrors them and the answers are revealed. In healing I absorb their negative and have to release it properly so I do not get ill. Channeling is a very different process. There are times I have been nauseous all night and when a client called for her appointment I explained I may not be able to read due to feeling so ill. Her response was, “Oh, you have Sally, she died of stomach cancer.”

On another occasion, I did not sleep for two nights prior to a session; turned out the channeling was for a woman’s deceased husband who died of sleep apnea. Another time I had an excruciating headache, only to find the client’s friend passed of a brain tumor.

Channeling is draining, the energy comes in on the right side of my brain; I bring in one voice or spirit only; I am not good with party lines, as I call them, with more than one spirit. I translate what I hear and convey the messages. People are stunned at messages that come in about their childhood, clothing, food, events, cars, places they went, etc. Those are confirmations that their loved ones are around. There is a fine line between the physical and spiritual world. I communicate to give comfort and closure with love.

Despite the drain on my emotions, the letters of gratitude, emails, and testimonials on the radio over the years have made the work more than worthwhile. To know I have somehow touched the lives of others during grieving periods, painful periods, healed where doctors failed and eliminated frustrations…or a prediction about a sale of a home, getting a new job, meeting a new mate came true is gratifying. The excitement in a person’s voice is overwhelming and pleasant.

As to how I prepare… Well, Betty, I prepare with a bit of meditation and protective shielding and sometimes with prayer to protect against negativity. I know I have protection, but when some negative spirit enters me it will throw me off balance even for a few days before I realize I am not myself; that an entity is attached to me or is in me. Many times, standing under a hot shower for awhile is the most healing and cleansing I can do for myself. There are essential oils and salts I bathe with at times to prevent the spirits from harming me, as well. This work can be damaging, which I do not even understand.

I do not drink alcohol. Lots of water, tea, and coffee are my liquids of choice. I try to drink a lot of water more than anything and flush my system of toxicity. I relax by looking at the sky at sundown as the colors of the day change. God paints a different sky each night, you know? The night sky is fascinating to me. I love the constellations, the Milky Way, watching the moon rise and shift in the sky. I observe certain planets and stars. Sometimes I look up and wonder why I’m here and whisper, “I want to go home,” but I know I’m not done yet. I usually go out to dinner with friends in the evening, catch a movie or listen to live music. That is how I relax.

Betty, I could write a book on the channelings I have conducted and that would take up too much space for your interview, LOL. If I had not experienced psychic abilities, metaphysical healings or channeling the spirits with such great effectiveness, I would be skeptical. I have lived it, so I know it is real. I do not know why me or how I was chosen, but I was. It is not what I thought of as a good time when I was growing up. I did not seek this, it came to me as a result of surrendering my path to God’s will and allowing the universe to use me as I was to become…a vessel of information to help others on a spiritual level.

Betty Dravis: I am amazed at how much you love people, Linda. To be willing to open yourself like that is extremely loving and caring. You are a very strong person and I admire you so much. In fact, your life story is mesmerizing. I especially enjoyed hearing a few of your success stories and if our readers want to know more, they are welcome to visit your website.

Now for a lighter question: Since you reside and work in the LA area, do you have any famous clients besides actress Katherin Kovin Pacino (who is also the stepmother of the living legend, actor Al Pacino)?

Linda with Dear Friend, Popular Soap Star Elaine Princi.1999

Dr. Linda Salvin: Some of the famous people I have worked with include movie producer Christine Peters; actresses such as soap stars Elaine Princi and Jasmine Blythe; singers Dionne Warwick, George Brown (Kool & the Gang), Chuck Negron (Three Dog Night), Vince Neil (Motley Crue) and Chris Poulson (Superficial Saints); actors Courtney Cox, Shadow Stevens, Rick Dees, Caroline Rhea, Cheech Marin (first known for Cheech & Chong, but who became a respected performer in his own right); Reality TV star Chad Rogers; author & infomercial king Kevin Trudeau; and an ESPN reporter when I predicted a world series in 2000…and many, many others. The list is on my website.

Betty Dravis: Wow—that’s an impressive list, Linda. Now I’m curious to know if you’ve ever met a real, live ghost…er, make that a real, dead ghost? (laughs) Or been in a haunted house?

Dr. Linda Salvin: Betty, paranormal is not my thing. I prefer light to dark. It is fascinating to record sounds, voices and observe sightings, but it is not my specialty. But since you asked, yes, I have seen ghosts and I’ll relate a few experiences for you: I had been on TV for a local show in Los Angeles called “9 on the Town” which is not on anymore. I was asked to visit the Queen Mary in Long Beach to identify all the haunted areas on the ship. In the show, you see me on tour with a staff member of the ship and I accurately identify the spirits, ghosts and locations of deaths on the docked Queen Mary.

Another incident: In 1992, a rock star passed away. He attended my high school, although I had never met him. He began channeling through me three days after his death. I have had messages from him for several years and effectively bring him through on the Ouija board. Yes, Betty, there are ways to effectively communicate with spirits safely with the Ouija board…and it can also be very dangerous. Anyway, on two occasions, he made himself present in my homes. The first time I saw him, he was standing in the doorway of my bedroom and hallway of an apartment in 1993. I was not scared; I was comforted, actually. The second apparition occurred when I rented a small home in the canyons. I had a fire going in the fireplace and he was sitting on the ledge of the fireplace. I just stared at him and he stared right back.

I’ve also seen shadows of my deceased animals walk by. I have not seen my mom who passed last March, 2009, but my father saw her in his new condo recently… Spirits and ghosts are real.

I felt spirits in a haunted hotel once and in a cemetery, I literally could hear voices of the deceased speaking to me in a certain row, yelling, screaming and requesting that I take them with me, get them out of there, release them from the grave, etc. I thought I was nuts but then I remembered what I do, who I am, why I was there, and I’d be ok. Two rows over, it was quiet. Go figure… Yes, spirits are alive in the graveyard too.

Betty Dravis: I might be a big sissy, Linda, but that gives me the creeps, but then I love horror movies, so go figure that oxymoron.

Now what do you think of Sylvia Brown, the psychic that TV personality Montel Williams presents on his show so frequently? And John Edward (McGee), famous for his TV show Crossing Over… Do you believe his claims of communicating with the spirits of the audience members’ deceased relatives?

Dr. Linda Salvin: In 1994, prior to the earthquake, I was given Sylvia Brown’s book My Guide, My Self. It is the only one of her books I have ever read. She has “ghost’ writers,” of course, speaking of ghosts. (laughs) Her book was fascinating and I related to it. I will not condone or condemn her work. I known that no psychic is one-hundred percent accurate and I do not believe any psychic should charge $750.00 for thirty minutes. There was a time when I received many of her clients, as well as James von Praagh’s… As for John, I really do not know his work. I know people who have been to his seminars and simply adore him. I am sure he is extremely talented as a medium.

Betty Dravis: On the lighter side–and I do have a lighter side, Linda (laughs)—what is the best advice you ever received from your mother? Your father?

Linda's Parents Honored at Anti-Defamation League Dinner.1996

Dr. Linda Salvin: My mom used to say, “Always finish what you start.” God knows, there are projects left undone, paths yet to be traveled. She would warn me not to get involved with certain guys, so of course I did. And, I paid the price later.

My dad would say, “Don’t worry what others think, worry about yourself,” but I was too insecure to understand for a long time. He would always want me to “give it the ol’ college try” when I was down. When I complained that the good guys are either married or gay, he’d say two things: “They broke the mold when I was born,” and “Linda, there’s an ass for every chair that’s built.” My parents’ advice served me well, but the one thing my dad said that is most helpful in my business is: “Get it in writing.”

That’s my dad! Just so you know, my parents built a company when I was young that was number fifty-eight on the NASDAQ. It went international and they travelled more than any rock band ever did. They were married fifty-eight and a-fourth years when my mother died. It was a soul-mate love affair. They were very happy and great parents. I still have my dad, thankfully.

Betty Dravis: I’m sorry to learn of your mother passing; belated condolences. But I’m glad you still have your father and it’s wonderful to hear of successful marriages. I never tire of soul-mate stories. You were blessed to have such warm, loving parents. Even though they didn’t understand your gifts, at least they raised you properly and gave you a great start in life; truths to fall back on.

But you can breathe a sigh of relief soon, Linda… I’m nearing the end of your grilling, but first I want to put you on the spot. Since you do telephone readings and answer on-air questions from your many followers–even on an international level–have you been able to “read” me through our Facebook and email correspondence. Please share what you have “picked up” about me…but be gentle. (laughs) I don’t want to be a fair-weather friend, always seeking free answers and taking advantage of you, so I promise this will be a one-time thing…for the sake of the story.

Dr. Linda Salvin: OK, here goes, Betty… I feel you are jovial, fun, light-hearted and have a zest for life. You take each day as it comes, but with the strife we all do. You were brave in your day and are even braver and more carefree today. You are in excellent health, love your family, are down to earth and have three to five more publications still unwritten and yet to be published. Another contract is offered this summer/early fall for you. You also have a trip coming up this summer. October appears to be significant with publishing and family, so we will see what that brings. People love you and you love people, but you are selective as to who really gets to know you. You do have your boundaries… The person who crosses you will be sorry. You have a legend to leave the planet down the road. Country and nature are very important to you.

How’s that for starters?

Betty Dravis: That’s a fine start, Linda, and it intrigues me. It’s odd to hear anyone tell me about my future. Since it is all positive, of course I love it, especially the part about my publishing and a new contract offer. There is, actually, something in the works; I’ll let you know how and when it works out. And you are spot on: I do love people and am selective about who really gets to know me. I certainly hope no one crosses me because I truly don’t want to make anyone sorry. (laughs)

But speaking of love, your love of people comes across in your on-air delivery and on your various internet sites. It has been said of you: “Her love of people is a beacon in the darkness.” That description reminds me of a lighthouse, a fitting metaphor for you, IMO. You are warm, cozy and light the path…

I haven’t seen you on TV, but your dear friend and client, actress Katherin Kovin Pacino, tells me that you positively shine on camera—and I believe it! Even your internet personality is endearing. You glow…

Before ending this interview, is there anything else in your immediate future… in addition to the fantastic news about your show being syndicated and going national and that your music may soon be produced?

Linda Salvin looking glam

Dr. Linda Salvin: I’m most excited about the new Dr. Linda Salvin Psychic & Astrology Network, of course. We discussed that above, but going national is a dream come true! As for other projects, in addition to the TV shows I mentioned above, I have a resume of shows on my website, but another exciting thing is that I recently did a pilot for a new psychic show. If it is picked up, I will be featured in thirteen episodes. I also have a few treatments and a script for a sitcom, talk show and movie, but so far have had no luck in selling them; all are based on my experiences as a psychic. And I’m also working on my autobiography.

Also, I would like to mention that I’m published in a book called Chopped Liver for the Family Spirit that consists of stories of overcoming adversity with people like Peter Marshall, Shelley Berman and the late Lloyd Thaxson.

Betty Dravis: That is certainly a full plate, Linda. I wish you the best of luck with all your projects. Now, if you will, please share three things that you couldn’t live without.

Dr. Linda Salvin: Betty, I have to mention four things I couldn’t live without: First are my father and friends. And it’s obvious that I couldn’t live without being able to help people, so my abilities are extremely important to me. I also love to travel and have been through most of the US, Europe, Japan, Thailand, parts of Mexico and Canada. And last but not least, I need my music in my life. I am beginning to return to music again. I’m playing guitar and re-writing songs. I have met new collaborators. Where I had once given up, doors seem to be opening.

Betty Dravis: I’m so happy for you, Linda. You are already a star in the LA area, but with your show going national, I hope you will soon be a household name…recognized by everyone. I wish you much success with your new show. That’s awesome! I think we’ve established that you, Dr. Linda Salvin, are a dynamo…a regular whirlwind of energy who finds great satisfaction in helping others reach their goals and dreams…to live happier, healthier, more productive lives. And that’s why we selected you to be in our Dream Reachers book: because you are a phenomenal Dream Reacher!

Before departing, Linda, please share with us how interested parties can reach you. A list of your internet links, radio call letters, phone numbers, etc. will be very helpful. Of course, you don’t have to repeat the ones mentioned above.

Dr. Linda Salvin: People interested in a private, paid consultation for a reading, healing, channeling session or to purchase Wicks of Wisdom can call my office at 818-788-6077 direct or leave a message at 888-509-1077. The website is which also has my internet radio station. I play several pre-recorded radio shows 24/7 as well as do a live show on Saturdays at eleven am PDT, which you have called in and spoken with me. I will be returning to KABC and that show will be syndicated. There will be astrology spots on sixty-five stations nationally soon. People will soon hear about the Dr Linda Salvin Psychic & Astrology Network where they can call fabulous readers for spiritual and psychic advice.

Betty Dravis: Thanks so much for sharing your goals and dreams with us today, Linda. I truly enjoyed visiting with you. Keep us posted on your future achievements and I’ll let you know when your predictions for me come true.

Dr. Linda Salvin: I would love to continue keeping you posted with future events, phone numbers and releases as I evolve into the next phase of my life. The activities are multi-faceted because I love so many things. Ultimately, though, I hope to find the love of my life and partner with my twin. I feel I recently met him. Let’s see if I’m right…if things turn out the way I hope…

Before I leave, Betty, I forgot to add something about how my faith and trust in the universe helped me overcome all the adversity and somehow it is leading me back to some of my original goals and passions, as well. Therefore, God has a plan and we never know what it is. Everything happens for a reason! There are no accidents. We just have to become willing to surrender and follow His will, which may not be ours.

OK, that’s it! I promise…no more! (laughs) Thanks to you, your co-author Chase Von and the other Dames of Dialogue for letting me express myself so openly. Keep up the great Press and please keep in touch.


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